What do we know about aging and the way that it affects our society? In this video interview, Michael Faber and Drs. Robert Riekse and Henry Holstege discuss Introduction to Aging: A Positive, Interdisciplinary Approach, and some important trends, narratives, and research that should be considered in understanding gerontology.

Older Adults and Work

On Aging: With Drs. Robert Riekse and Henry Holstege

Death & Dying: Dr. Henry Holstege and Michael Faber

About the Book

The volume dispels many of the myths about aging through careful reporting of facts, issues, and trends. It sheds a positive light on getting older by viewing the elderly and near old as a diverse, capable subset of our population. A discussion of roles in the family, workplace, and greater society along with physical changes, health, sexuality, living environment, work, retirement, and cultural considerations reveal the challenges and opportunities faced by our rapidly aging population.

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