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Jonas and Kovner's
Health Care Delivery in the United States, 12th Edition

Edited by James R. Knickman, PHD and Brian Elbel PHD, MPH


Digital Access to the eBook Featuring Extra eChapters for Students and Instructors

  • Springer Publishing Company’s annual
    The Affordable Care Act: An Update for 2019 featuring discussion of legislative and administrative decisions affecting U.S. health policy and their potential effects on the health care environment for 2019.
  • Formerly Chapter 2 in the 11th edition, A Visual Overview of Health Care Delivery has been updated with latest data and pertinent U.S. Health statistics and now appears as an eChapter.

Expanded Supplemental Materials

Qualified instructors can receive access to an Instructor’s Manual including a Transition Guide to the 12th Edition, PowerPoint Slides, Sample Syllabus, Test Bank, and Image Bank.

Audio Podcasts for Each Chapter

Providing a quick dive introduction to themes found in the chapter, these chapter podcasts discuss real-world issues featured in the news and a quick summary of what to expect in the chapter.

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Discussion Questions and Case Exercises

Each chapter ends with a case exercise and series of discussion questions to provoke conversation both in and out of the classroom.

Case Exercises for Nurses

Includes a nursing case exercise for each of the 15 chapters that provides nursing instructors and students with a unique discussion of key topics from the chapter.

Population Health and Public Health

Renewed focus on population and public health from new editor Brian Elbel, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Health.

Health Workforce and Population Health Challenges

Contributions by leading scholars, practitioners, and educators present the most up-to-date evidence-based information on health inequity, vulnerable populations, immigrant health, and health care workforce challenges.

Health Information Technologies Update

A completely revamped chapter outlines the challenges and opportunities of health information technology (HIT) and also provides case exercises to show how real-life patients have benefited from HIT.

The Affordable Care Act

Woven throughout the book are the challenges and responses to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and many new models of care designed to replace outmoded systems. The book also includes the online eChapter supplements “The Affordable Care Act: An Update 2019” and “The Affordable Care Act: A Brief History, Assessment, and Future Challenges, Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010”.

Discussion of the Triple Aim

This new edition continues to expand on the realities that impact our nation’s achievement of the so-called Triple Aim: better health and better care at a lower cost. Also discussed are increasing incentives for efficiency and better quality of care, value-based care, as well as emerging societal efforts toward creating healthy environments, illness prevention to achieve better population health and health equity outcomes.

Written by Leading Experts

Edited by noted health policy experts James Knickman and Brian Elbel, the 12th edition features the writings of such luminaries as John Marchica, Carolyn Clancy, Rogan Kersh, James Morone, Karen DeSalvo, Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, and Christy LeMak, among others.

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“Readers and instructors looking for an up-to-date, broad-based overview of US health policy should strongly consider using the book.”

–The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) –

About the Book

Designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students of Health Care Management and Administration, Public Health, Nursing, and other programs dealing with the health care system. This book creates a comprehensive understanding of the complicated, expensive, and ever-changing U.S. health care delivery system and the public health system.

Organized into four parts, this book begins with an overview of the U.S. health system and how public policy influences operations, set in the context of health care delivery systems around the world. The text then addresses the two main challenges of health care systems: keeping people healthy (Part II) and providing quality care for those with an illness, chronic disease, and/or injury (Part III). Finally, it looks to the future of health care delivery in the U.S., considering what could happen to our health system in the coming decades (Part IV).

The 28 authors who contributed to the 12th Edition are some of the leading thinkers and “doers” in the health sector. They provide unique perspectives that encourage classroom discussion and engagement. They not only present the facts of health care in the U.S. but also provide ideas for how health professionals can contribute to the process of strengthening our system to make sure it works efficiently and effectively at the task of keeping all of us healthy.

Dr. Zachary Pruitt, Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida, discusses the exciting new 12th edition

Appeal for Different Programs

Public Health

  • Emphasizes public health services and their role in improving health outcomes
  • Discusses Health Care Access and how the ACA has improved access for vulnerable populations
  • A focus on population health and population health management
  • Integrates the social, economic, and political forces that are transforming public health throughout the text
  • Describes how the public health system in the United States interacts with Health Care Delivery

Health Care Administration and Management

  • Provides an overview of the factors contributing to a rise in health care costs from over the past 60 years
  • Context for what ‘value’ is in health care and the challenges of employing value-based care principles
  • Explores how money moves through the healthcare system and factors contributing to good health care management
  • Discusses challenges of evidence-based health care management
  • Describes the factors that contribute to health care quality and how to incentivize quality care


  • Includes Case Exercises for Nurses, a new Instructor ancillary
  • Provides an in-depth analysis of health workforce challenges and the importance of interprofessional education
  • Addresses obstacles in health IT, including interoperability
  • Describes why prevention, health behavior change, and primary care interventions are so important to national health care
  • Highlights how health policy impacts nurses and other health care providers

Meet the Editors

James R. Knickman, PhD, is the Robert Derzon Chair in Public and Health Affairs at New York University with joint appointments at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service and at NYU Langone Medical School’s Department of Population Health. His has played many roles both as a researcher and a leader in philanthropy to advance the use of public policy to improve the American health care system. He was a Vice President at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and President of the New York State Health Foundation. He has a PhD in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania and did his undergraduate work at Fordham University. He serves on the Board of Directors at three non-profit organizations.

Brian Elbel, PhD, MPH, is an Associate Professor of Population Health and Health Policy at the New York University School of Medicine, where he heads the Section on Health Choice, Policy and Evaluation, and at the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. He is the Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Science and Research of NYU Langone Health and the Director of the NYU Langone Comprehensive Program on Obesity. His work uses behavioral economics to understand health decision-making among vulnerable groups, and the role and influence of public policy on these decisions. Dr. Elbel earned his bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin and his master’s and doctorate in Health Policy/Health Economics from Yale University.

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