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Trauma Counseling

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Trauma Counseling

SKU# 9780826106834

Theories and Interventions

Author: Lisa Lopez Levers PhD, LPCC-S, LPC, CRC, NCC

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...[A] worthy addition to [a] graduate training bookshelf... I was a bit daunted by the large, almost 600-page book that landed on my desk, but once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down!"--Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin, PhD, Penn State, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation

Trauma Counseling is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary guide to the theory and treatment of survivors of a broad spectrum of traumatic events, including interpersonal violence, hate crimes, school violence, community violence, natural disasters, and war and terrorism. It is written by a Fulbright scholar who is internationally recognized for her work with traumatized populations in Rwanda, several southern African countries, Russia, and the United States. It also includes the contributions of researchers from the United States, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

The book discusses evidence-based trauma assessment and intervention techniques and integrates the latest findings from neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. It focuses on issues of loss and grief, survivorship and disability, genocide, natural disasters, the impact of war on civilians and veterans, and the distinct effects of trauma in early childhood, childhood, and adolescence. Also addressed are ethical perspectives and methods of self-care for counselors who work with this population. The text will be of value to graduate counseling students and professional counselors as well as social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and other human service providers, who will be able to attend to trauma survivors with a depth of knowledge and confidence. The contents of Trauma Counseling not only fulfill but exceed the requirements of The Council of Accreditation and Counseling and Related Educational Program (CACREP) standards.

Key Features:

  • Addresses the theory and treatment of trauma survivors of interpersonal violence, hate crimes, school violence, community violence, natural disasters, and war and terrorism
  • Provides a multidisciplinary approach to treatment that integrates findings from neuropsychology and psychopharmacology.
  • Includes evidence-based counseling techniques
  • Illuminates the intersections of trauma, crisis, and disaster issues, exceeding related requirements of CACREP standards
  • Examines ethical dimensions and the need for self-care among trauma counselors
  • Emphasizes the relevance of clinical supervision in trauma care
  • Offers topic-relevant resources at the end of each chapter

Product Details 

  • Publication Date March 15, 2012
  • Page Count 624
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826106834
  • EISBN 9780826106841

Table of Contents 



Section I: Trauma and Context

    Chapter 1: An Introduction to Counseling Survivors of Trauma: Beginning to Understand the Context of Trauma

    Chapter 2: Historical Contexts of Trauma

    Chapter 3: Theoretical Contexts of Trauma Counseling

    Chapter 4: Neurobiological Effects of Trauma and Psychopharmacology

Section II: Trauma of Loss, Vulnerability, and Interpersonal Violence

    Chapter 5: Issues of Loss and Grief

    Chapter 6: Trauma Survivorship and Disability

    Chapter 7: Sexual Trauma: An Ecological Approach to Conceptualization and Treatment

    Chapter 8: Trauma Experienced in Early Childhood

    Chapter 9: Trauma Experienced in Adolescence

    Chapter 10: Treating Adult Trauma Survivors

    Chapter 11: Intimate Partner Violence

    Chapter 12: Elder Abuse

    Chapter 13: Addictions and Psychological Trauma: Implications for Counseling Strategies

    Chapter 14: Criminal Victimization

    Chapter 15: Traumatic Aftermath of Homicide and Suicide

Section III: Intolerance and the Trauma of Hate

    Chapter 16: Existential Perspectives on the Psychology of Evil

    . Chapter 17: Racial and Ethnic Intolerance: A Framework for Violence and Trauma

    Chapter 18: Understanding and Responding to Sexual and Gender Prejudice and Victimization

Section IV: Community Violence, Crisis Intervention, and Large-Scale Disaster

    Chapter 19: Contextual Issues of Community-based Violence and of Crisis and Disaster in Institutional Settings

    Chapter 20: School Violence and Trauma

    Chapter 21: Workplace and Campus Violence

    Chapter 22: Natural Disasters and First Responder Mental Health

    Chapter 23: Genocide, Ethnic Conflict, and Political Violence

    Chapter 24: The Impact of War on Civilians

    Chapter 25: The Impact of War on Military Veterans

    Chapter 26: Disaster Behavioral Health: Counselors Responding to Terrorism

? Section V: Clinical Assessment and Treatment Issues

    Chapter 27: Assessment in Psychological Trauma: Methods and Intervention

    Chapter 28: Models for Trauma Intervention: Integrative Approaches to Therapy

    Chapter 29: Strategies and Techniques for Counseling Survivors of Trauma

Section VI: Collaborative Work in the Area of Trauma Counseling

    Chapter 30: Ethical Perspectives on Trauma Work

    Chapter 31: Vicarious Traumatization

    Chapter 32: Therapist Self-Care: Being a Healing Counselor Rather Than a Wounded Healer

    Chapter 33: Trauma and Supervision

    Chapter 34: Conclusion: The Continued Need for Developing Integrative and Systemic Approaches to Trauma

Editorial Review(s) 

"...[A] worthy addition to [a] graduate training bookshelf... I was a bit daunted by the large, almost 600-page book that landed on my desk, but once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down!""

-- Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin, PhD

"[This book is] heavy in weight and heavy in substance...It may be that you will not read this book from cover to cover, but it is likely that you will jump in and out, and often.""

-- Illness, Crisis, And Loss

"[Lisa Lopez Levers's] work delivers an important contribution to enable beginning professionals to be familiarised with the basics of trauma and to provide specialists with her hidden gems of insight. Her decision to cover trauma, in its broadest sense, allows her textbook to provide innovative insights into real-world concepts such as: hate, racism, oppression and evil, in respect to trauma.""

-- Intervention

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