Transcultural Nursing Education Strategies

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Transcultural Nursing Education Strategies

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  • Priscilla Limbo Sagar EdD, RN, ACNS-BC, CTN-A
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...[written by one of] the world's foremost experts in transcultural nursing. This...much-anticipated comprehensive compendium of evidence-based and best practices...contains exceptionally useful...material for nurse educators in academic and staff development settings and...their students.

ó Margaret M. Andrews, PhD, RN, FAAN, CTN
Director and Professor of Nursing
School of Health Professions and Studies
University of MichiganñFlint
Editor, Online Journal of Cultural Competence in Nursing and Healthcare

...a valuable new resource to support provide high-quality care that is culturally appropriate... gives the professional nurse a road map for engaging in culturally appropriate, patient-centered, and high-quality care."

óGeraldine (Polly) Bednash, PhD, RN, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
American Association of Colleges of Nursing

This ambitious book is a must-read synthesis of the existing knowledge related to transcultural nursing education... builds cultural competence in individuals and in organizations...Dr. Sagar makes an exceptional contribution to...the delivery of culturally competent care in all settings."

óPatti Ludwig-Beymer, PhD, RN, CTN, NEA-BC, FAAN
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Edward Hospital and Health Services, Naperville, IL
Associate Editor, Journal of Transcultural Nursing

This comprehensive guide to integrating transcultural nursing education (TCN) strategies in academic and in-service institutions is the only text to fulfill the NLN and AACN mandates for promoting cultural diversity and competencies in these settings. Incorporating evidence-based, best-practice protocols, it provides course syllabi and a wealth of additional teaching aids for all education arenas from foundation classes through in-service domains.

The text provides a variety of creative strategies for integrating TCN into academia and practice as a separate course or across existing courses (foundation and life span courses, mental health, pharmacology, nutrition, research, community health, critical care, and transcultural concepts in simulation). Pedagogical tools include cultural assessment instruments, self-learning modules, role plays, unfolding case scenarios, continuing education, lesson plans, course syllabi, critical thinking exercises, and evidence-based practice information. The book will be of value to nursing students, faculty, educators in staff development settings, and all other professional nurses who wish to provide culturally competent care for their patients. It is a companion volume to the author's text Transcultural Health Care Models: Application in Nursing Education, Practice, and Administration.

Key Features:

  • Comprises the first text to fulfill NLN/AACN mandates on cultural competencies in education and practice
  • Presents a wealth of pedagogical strategies and teaching aids for academic and in-service settings
  • Includes self-learning modules, case studies, role-playing scenarios, critical thinking exercises, continuing education lesson plans, and course syllabi
  • Incorporates evidence-based, best-practice protocols
  • Covers international partnerships and collaborations

Product Details 

  • Publication Date May 12, 2014
  • Page Count 456
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826195937
  • EISBN 9780826195944

Table of Contents 

Forewords by:

Dr. Margaret Andrews

Dr. Margaret (Polly) Bednash

Dr. Patti Ludwig- Beymer



Part I. Nursing Education and Transcultural Nursing

Chapter 1. Nursing Education and Transcultural Nursing : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 2. Integrating Transcultural Nursing in Education: Academia and Staff

Development: Priscilla L. Sagar

Reflections: Independent Study: Filipino Americans and Filipino Nurse

Migration to the United States: Mollie Bowman

Chapter 3. Transcultural Nursing in Modules: Academic and Staff Development

Settings -Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 4. Transcultural Nursing As A Separate Course in Nursing Programs:

Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 5. Integrating TCN Concepts in the National Council Licensing Examination

Priscilla L. Sagar

Part II. Integrating TCN Concepts in Foundation Courses

Chapter 6. Introductory Nursing Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar & Ann D. Corcoran

Chapter 7. Nursing Skills : Priscilla L. Sagar & Teresa V. Hurley

Chapter 8. Health History and Physical Assessment : Drew Y. Sagar & Priscilla L. Sagar

Part III. Integrating TCN Concepts Across the LifeSpan

Chapter 9. TCN Concepts in Child-Bearing Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar & Debra A. Hrelic

Chapter 10. TCN Concepts in Child-Rearing Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar,

An Orthodox Jewish Child with Athma: An Unfolding Case Scenario: Barbara J. Joslyn

Chapter 11. TCN Concepts in Adult Health Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar & Drew Y. Sagar

Chapter 12. TCN Concepts in Older Adult Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar

Part IV. Integrating TCN Concepts in Specialty Area Courses

Chapter 13. TCN Concepts in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Courses : Drew Y.

Sagar & Priscilla L. Sagar

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Women: A Self-Learning Module: Toni Ann


Chapter 14. TCN Concepts in Pharmacology : Priscilla L. Sagar,

Chapter 15. TCN Concepts in Nutrition Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter16. TCN Concepts in Nursing Research Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 17. TCN Concepts in Community Health Nursing Courses : Priscilla L. Sagar,

Nancy Spear Owen, & Elizabeth Simon

Chapter 18. Professional Nursing Transition Course : Priscilla L. Sagar

A Migrant Worker with Chagas Disease: An Unfolding Case Scenario: Elizabeth Simon

Chapter 19 . TCN Concepts in Simulation : Priscilla L. Sagar

Part V. Integrating TCN Concepts Across Nursing Programs

Chapter 20. TCN Concepts in Undergraduate Nursing Programs : Priscilla L. Sagar & Julie


Chapter 21. TCN Concepts in Graduate Nursing Programs : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 22. TCN Concepts in Faculty Orientation and Mentoring : Priscilla L. Sagar

Part VI. Integrating TCN Concepts in Staff Development

Chapter 23. Staff Orientation and Professional Development : Priscilla L. Sagar,

Chapter 24. Continuing Competence for Nursing : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 25. Preparing Policies and Procedure Guidelines : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 26. Preparing for Credentialing : Priscilla L. Sagar

Chapter 27. Recruitment and Retention of Foreign Educated Nurses : Priscilla L. Sagar

Part VII. Concluding Chapter: Visions in Transcultural Nursing

Chapter 28. Then, Now, and Beyond: Quo Vadis, TCN ? Priscilla L. Sagar, Caroline

Camuñas & Sheila O’Shea Melli

Poem: Tell Me Your Story Drew Yates Sagar