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The Mentor Connection in Nursing

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The Mentor Connection in Nursing

SKU# 9780826111746


  • Connie Vance EdD, RN, FAAN
  • Roberta Olson PhD, RN

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Success. Job satisfaction. Leadership. How are these developed and nurtured in a nursing career? Can mentors make a difference? They can and do, according to this book---edited by two pioneering researchers in the field of nursing mentorship. Here they explore the conceptual and practical aspects of mentorship and what it means in nursing. They are joined by more than a hundred nurses, including nurse leaders such as Beverly Malone, Marla Salmon, and Joyce Fitzpatrick, who contribute stories, essays, and personal reflections on mentorship. Their voices, in addition to the editor's research, suggest that nurses are inventing a new, evolving, and very meaningful paradigm, which reaps mentorship's classic benefits: career success and advancement personal and professional satisfaction, enhanced self-esteem and confidence, preparation for leadership roles and succession, and strengthening of the profession.

The book describes the dynamics of both informal mentor relationships and structured mentorship programs, such as those used in schools of nursing to help disadvantaged students. In addition to looking at education, the book describes how mentorship plays a role in the practice setting, in professional organizations, and with peers and groups, and how it promotes international and cross-cultural understanding.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date February 28, 1998
  • Page Count 264
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826111746
  • EISBN 9780826117281

Table of Contents 

    PART I: The Mentor Connection
  1. Mentorship and Nursing
  2. Mentoring for Career and Self-Development

  3. Mentor Remembered, Anonymous
    Mentoring for Succession, Margery Adams and Edward Beard, Jr.
    Reflections on Mentoring and Networks, Geraldine Felton
  4. Women Mentoring Women: Nurse to Nurse

  5. My Story about Women's and Nurses' Mentor Relationships, Caroline M. Wright
    PART II: Perspectives on Mentorship
  6. Living the Mentor Connection: Personal Reflections and Stories

  7. Mentoring: A Song of Power, Beverly Malone
    Interview of a Teacher-Mentor and Student-Protégé: Jane K. Bruker and Melissa L. Charlie
    Mentorship: A Personal Perspective, Marla E. Salmon
    On Mentoring: A Skeptic's View, Barbara Stevens Barnum
    A Memorable Mentorship, Virginia Trotter Betts
    Tapping into Uncommon Wisdom through Mentorship, JoEllen Koerner
    A Leader's Mentors, Clara L. Adams-Ender
    Mentoring: An Interactive Process, Ruth Watson Lubic
    Full Circle: Peer Mentorship, Caroline Erni and Susanne Greenblatt
    The Privilege and Responsibility of Mentoring, Hattie Bessent
    Mentoring and Nursing's Relational Capacities, Julie MacDonald
  8. Mentoring Behaviors versus Mentoring Relationships: A Dissenter's Perspective, Sandra K. Hanneman

  9. PART III: The Process Of Mentorship
  10. Negotiating the Mentor Relationship

  11. The "Unintentional" Mentor, Marty A. Cooke
    Mentorship in a Magnet Nursing Department, Toni Fiore and Laura Cima
    PART IV: Contexts For Mentoring
  12. Mentoring in the Academic Setting

  13. Mentoring a Student--Growing a Leader, Cynthia J. Rich Schmus
    The Mentor Connection for Student Leaders, Robert V. Piemonte
    Mentoring Graduate Nursing Students in Home Health Nursing, Felicitas A. dela Cruz, Lyvia M. Villegas, and Angeline M. Jacobs
    Group as Mentor: Creating Academic Communities of Scholarly Caring, Kathleen T. Heinrich
    My Mentor, Dianna P. Ross
    My Role as Mentor, Ventryce Thomas
    The Mentor Program, Lucia M. Rusty
    Caring for Each Other: The Student and Alumni Mentor Connection, Penny Bamford, Russell Hullstrung, and Mary Plitsas
    A Model for Mentoring Junior Nursing Faculty, Regina M. Sallee Williams
    Reflections of Mentors: Nurse Leaders in Academe, Mary Boose Walker
  14. Mentoring in the Practice Setting

  15. The Head Nurse, Mentorship, Leadership, and Change, Jane O'Malley
  16. Mentoring for Scholarship and Research Development

  17. Mentors and Advances in Nursing Science, Jacqueline Fawcett and Ruth McCorkle,

    A Mentoring Circle: Facilitating Nursing Research with Staff Nurses, Savina Schoenhofer and Mariamma Pyngolil
  18. Group and Collective Mentorship

  19. Community and Health Professional Mentor Relationships, Patricia Castiglia
    The Good Ol' Girls and Collective Mentoring, Judith Kline Leavitt and Diana J. Mason
    Executive Development and Mentorship, Rachel Z. Booth, Geraldine (Polly) Bednash, and Michelle F. Pratt
    Creating a Legacy of Leadership in the South, Jean A. Kelley and Eula Aiken
    PART V: Expanding the Mentor Connection
  20. Global and Cross-Cultural Mentoring: Voices from the Field

  21. Mentoring for International Educational Program Development, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
    Global Mentoring: A Collaborative Process, Carol Picard
    The Hunter-Shanghai Project: An International Cross-Cultural Experience in Research Mentorship, Evelynn C. Gioiella, Janet N. Natapoff, and Mary Anne N. McDermott
    The New Zealand Midwifery Mentor Partnership, Karen Guilliland
    The Philippine Nurses' Network, Marie F. Santiago
    Mentoring Experiences at the Academy for Nursing Studies in India, M. Prakasamma
    A Study of Mentoring and Career Development of Directors of Nursing in South Australia, Grant Sharples
    Mentorship in Italy, Renzo Zanotti
    A Russian-American Tale of Mentoring, Irina Ivancovich
    References and Bibliography