Stress Management

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Stress Management

SKU# 9780826149473

A Comprehensive Handbook Of Techniques And Strategies

Author: Jonathan C. Smith PhD


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Here is a comprehensive clinical manual focused on stress management and relaxation. It contains detailed descriptions of tactics for training the user in the methods of relaxation, positive thinking, time management, and more. Features validated self-tests (normed on over 1000 individuals), and first-time ever stress management motivations and irrational beliefs inventories.

This hands-on resource is essential for practitioners introducing stress management techniques into their practice; students who are learning how to cope with stress; practitioners-in-training, and clinicians looking for a refresher course.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date August 13, 2002
  • Page Count 280
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826149473
  • EISBN 9780826149480

Table of Contents 

    Part I: Stress Basics
  1. Stress Competency and the Smith Stress Management Skills Inventory
  2. Stress Concepts, Exercises
  3. Crises, Catastrophes, and Acute Stress Disorder

  4. Part II: The Four Pillars of Stress Management
  5. ABC Relaxation,
    1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Autogenic Training
    2. Breathing and Stretching Exercises
    3. Sense Imagery and Meditation
    4. How to Make a Relaxation Recording: ABC Relaxation Scripting
    5. Mini-Relaxation
    6. Relaxation, Centering, and Stress Management, Exercises
  6. Problem-Solving
    1. Productive Problem Orientation
    2. Initial Distress: Identifying Clear and Concrete Problem Cues
    3. Defining the Problem in a Way Most Likely to be Solved
    4. Generating Alternative Solutions, When Solutions Do Not Work, Exercises
  7. Thinking Realistically and Productively: The Smith Irrational Beliefs Inventory,
    1. Understanding the Role of Distorted Thinking
    2. Catching Thoughts
    3. Reality Checking
    4. The “Big Five” Cognitive Distortions and the Smith Irrational Beliefs Inventory
    5. A Three Step System for Changing Distorted Thinking
    6. Cognitive Approaches and Cue-Response-Consequences
    7. Stop Worry, Exercises
  8. Review and Rehearsal
    1. Exposure
    2. Desensitization
    3. Stress Inoculation and Relapse Prevention
    4. Processes Underlying Review and Rehearsal
    5. When to Choose Exposure, Desensitization, or Stress Inoculation Training, Exercises
  9. Part III: Interpersonal Skills: Relationships and Stress Management
  10. Assertiveness, Exercises
  11. Empathic Listening
    1. Empathy and Assertive Coping
    2. Goals and Priorities
    3. Scheduling
    4. An Alternative Time Management Technique: Schedule-Reward-Do
    Conclusion, Exercises
  12. Relaxation Beliefs, Active Coping Beliefs, and Philosophy of Life

  13. References