Practical Epilepsy

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Practical Epilepsy

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  • Aatif Husain MD
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"I believe this book is a trusted resource for any health care professional in daily practice dealing with patients with epilepsy. I highly recommend this book to practitioners at any level, from trainees to more experienced clinicians who are working on epilepsy... It may also serve as a valuable review tool for self-study and/or preparation for the Board certification and recertification examinations."

--Jin Jun Luo, MD, PhD, Temple University, Neurological Cases

Written for busy practitioners and trainees, Practical Epilepsy is the only concise yet exhaustive reference encompassing the broad scope of clinical epilepsy. It contains core information for professionals who wish to gain a breadth and depth of knowledge about epilepsy in a shorter amount of time than is required to read large reference books, and is a valuable review tool for self-assessment or exam preparation.

Designed to be read cover-to-cover, this highly practical reference covers basic science, assessment, and treatment and uses clear, succinct narratives, lists, tables, and illustrations to present the essential information needed to understand all aspects of epilepsy. The first section of the book introduces the clinical aspects of the science of epileptology with chapters on pathophysiology, genetics, classification, syndromes, epidemiology, etiology, and differential diagnosis. The second section is devoted to diagnostic evaluation, including instrumentation, normal and abnormal EEG, ICU EEG monitoring, scalp and intracranial video EEG monitoring, brain mapping, seizure semiology, neuroimaging, and other techniques. Section three covers treatment with a thorough review of basic principles, all classes of antiepileptic drugs, stimulation therapy, surgery, and dietary and alternative therapies. The final section focuses on special situations and associated concerns, ranging from status epilepticus and psychogenic nonepileptic events to migraines and reproductive issues.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a concise yet thorough review of the clinical science and current practice of epilepsy medicine
  • Chapter contributions come from a wide array of specialists
  • Presents information in crisp, formatted chapters that distill must-know information for maximum utility
  • Useful for practitioners at any level, from trainees to more experienced clinicians
  • Illustrated with over 100 figures, including EEG readouts and other clinical images
  • Serves as a valuable review tool for self-study or exam preparation

Product Details 

  • Publication Date September 11, 2015
  • Page Count 480
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781620700297
  • EISBN 9781617051876

Table of Contents 





1. Pathophysiology

Cheolsu Shin

2. Genetics

Elizabeth K. Ruzzo, Rodney A. Radtke, David B. Goldstein, and Erin L. Heinzen

3. Epileptic Seizures

Matthew W. Luedke and Rodney A. Radtke

4. Epilepsy Syndromes

Richard P. Morse

5. Neonatal Seizures

William B. Gallentine

6. Epidemiology

Sanjeev V. Kothare

7. Etiology

Amit Verma

8. Differential Diagnosis

Pradeep Sahota


9. Clinical Evaluation

Aatif M. Husain and Abeer J. Hani

10. EEG Instrumentation

Saurabh R. Sinha

11. Normal EEG

Aatif M. Husain

12. EEG of Epilepsy

Rajdeep Singh

13. Ambulatory EEG

Robbie D. Buechler

14. ICU Continuous EEG Monitoring

Keith E. Dombrowski

15. Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation

Tung T. Tran

16. Seizure Semiology

Dinesh V. Raju and Mohamad A. Mikati

17. Scalp Video EEG Monitoring

Abeer J. Hani and Aatif M. Husain

18. Intracranial EEG Monitoring

Saurabh R. Sinha

19. Brain Mapping and Monitoring

Sandra Serafini, Merlise Clyde, Aatif M. Husain, and Michael Haglund

20. Structural Neuroimaging

Matthew W. Luedke and William B. Gallentine

21. Functional Neuroimaging

Jorge Oldan, Terence Wong, and Jeffrey Petrella

22. Wada Test

Adriana Palade

23. Neuropsychological Evaluation

Phillip D. Ruppert and Sarah E. Cook

24. Other Techniques

Saurabh R. Sinha


25. Principles of Treatment

Christa B. Swisher and Rodney A. Radtke

26. First-Generation Antiepileptic Drugs

José E. Cavazos

27. Second-Generation Antiepileptic Drugs

Kathryn Idol Xixis, Roha Khalid, and Mohamad A. Mikati

28. Third-Generation Antiepileptic Drugs

Cesar C. Santos

29. Newest Antiepileptic Drugs and Drugs in Development

K. Nicole Mims and Aatif M. Husain

30. Stimulation Therapy

William B. Gallentine

31. Epilepsy Surgery

Edgar Perez and Gerald Grant

32. Dietary Therapy

Candace Richardson and William B. Gallentine

33. Alternative Therapies

William L. Bell


34. Status Epilepticus and Frequent Nonconvulsive Seizures

Keith E. Dombrowski

35. Reproductive Issues

Lynn Liu

36. Bone Health

Christa B. Swisher and Aatif M. Husain

37. Psychogenic Nonepileptic Events

Jonathan J. Halford

38. Psychiatric Comorbidities

Sarah K. Rivelli

39. Social Issues

David M. Labiner

40. Metabolic Epilepsies

Abeer J. Hani and Mohamad A. Mikati

41. Epilepsy and Headaches

Timothy A. Collins

42. Epilepsy and Sleep

Erick N. Viorritto and Sujay M. Kansagra

43. Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

Abeer J. Hani and Rodney A. Radtke

44. EMU Safety Concerns

Susan Hollar and Deborah LaBelle-Scarfo