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Economics and Financial Management for Nurses and Nurse Leaders, Third Edition

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New Edition

Economics and Financial Management for Nurses and Nurse Leaders, Third Edition

SKU# 9780826160010

Author: Susan J. Penner RN, MN, MPA, DrPH, CNL

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Written by and for nurses, this key foundational text helps to build the fundamental economics and financial management skills nurses and nurse leaders need for daily use. This third edition delivers several new features, adding to its value as the only timely and relevant text written for the full spectrum of RN-to-BSN, BSN, and MSN students. It has been significantly revised to simplify content, to address the vast changes in and increasing complexity of U.S. health care financing, and to be useful in both traditional in-class format and hybrid and online programs. Two new and refocused chapters address assessing financial health and nurse entrepreneurship and practice management, and new material illuminates recent research findings and statistics. Chapters feature worksheets such as business plan checklists and text boxes expanding on key chapter content.

The book is distinguished by its provision of case examples based on nurse-run clinic and inpatient nursing unit financial issues. It provides multiple opportunities for experiential learning, such as writing business plans and health program grant proposals. It delivers cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses, discusses budget preparation, offers strategies for controlling budget costs, and updates relevant health policies and statistics. The text’s engaging format promotes the synthesis of economics and finance across the nursing curriculum through the use of end-of-chapter exercises, discussion questions, and games based on concepts within the text. Additionally, tips throughout the book alert students about the need to apply concepts from other aspects of their education to economic and financial situations. Also included are online supplemental materials for teachers and students, including Excel spreadsheets, grant proposals, a test bank, and PowerPoint slides.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Updates health reform, health care spending, and other relevant policies and statistics
  • Includes two new and refocused chapters that address assessing the financial health of a business and nurse entrepreneurship and practice management
  • Highlights recent research findings and key concepts in text boxes
  • Provides blank and completed worksheets, such as business plan checklists, so nurses can apply financial concepts in their clinical settings
  • Fosters understanding of key concepts with enhanced explanations and samples of business plans and other reports

Key Features:

  • Aligned with AACN and AONE guidelines, the CNL certification exam, and QSEN competencies
  • Serves as a primary financial management text for multiple nursing academic programs
  • Facilitates experiential learning through end-of-chapter exercises, games, tips for synthesizing knowledge, worksheets, and case examples
  • Designed for use in traditional classrooms and in hybrid and online learning programs
  • Includes a chapter on measuring nursing care with indicators for capacity, staffing, patient acuity, performance, and patient flow
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Product Details 

  • Publication Date August 25, 2016
  • Page Count 446
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826160010
  • EISBN 9780826160027

About The Author(s) 

Susan J. Penner, DrPH, MN, MPA, RN, CNL, is adjunct faculty, School of Nursing and Health Professions, University of San Francisco, where she teaches courses on health care economics and financial management both on campus and online. She has experience teaching in traditional BSN programs (California State University East Bay), and RN-BSN and online/distance nursing programs (California State University East Bay; California State University Fullerton, Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, and Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA), along with other teaching posts. Dr. Penner has 16 peer-reviewed publications to her credit. In addition to publishing the first edition of Introduction to Health Care Economics and Financial Management (2004) and the 2nd edition of this textbook, Dr. Penner has contributed chapters to five textbooks.

Table of Contents 






1 Economics of Health Care

Historical Context of Health Care and Nursing Economics

Health Care Costs

Health Care Economics Concepts

Economics and the Nursing Workforce

Crossword: Economics of Health Care

2 Health Insurance and Reimbursement

Health Care Coverage and the Uninsured

Health Insurance History and the ACA

ACA Timeline

Reimbursement Mechanisms

Principles of Health Insurance

Government Health Insurance Programs

Crossword: Health Insurance and Reimbursement

3 Managed Care and ACOs

Historic Foundations of Managed Care

Principles of Managed Care

Provider Reimbursement Mechanisms

Problems With Managed Care

ACOs Compared With MCOs

CMS and ACA Financing Innovations

Primary Care Utilization and Financial Measures

Performance Measures for Inpatient and Ambulatory Care

Comparing and Trending Indicators

Crossword: Managed Care and ACOs


4 Measuring Nursing Care

Rules and Conventions for Reporting Indicators

Categories of Indicators

Measuring Nursing Care in a Nurse-Managed Health Center

Measuring Nursing Care in an Inpatient Nursing Unit

Crossword: Measuring Nursing Care

5 Reporting and Managing Budgets

Reporting Operating Budgets

Managing Operating Budgets

Health Center and Inpatient Unit Budgets

Crossword: Reporting and Managing Budgets


6 Budget Planning

Budget Planning and the Nurse’s Role

Strategic Planning and Budget Linkage

Budget Forecasting

Planning the Operating Budget

Closing a Program

Crossword: Budget Planning


7 Special Purpose, Capital, and Other Budgets

Special Purpose Budget

Product Line Budget

Evidence-Informed Case Rate

Capital Budget

Cash Flow Budget

Budget Relationships and Linkage

Crossword: Special Purpose, Capital, and Other Budgets



8 Cost Finding, Break Even, and Charges

Cost Finding

Cost Allocation

Break-Even Analysis

Contribution Margin

Prices and Pricing

Classification and Coding Systems

Crossword: Cost Finding, Break Even, and Charges


9 Comparing Costs and Benefits

Cost–Benefit Analysis

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Cost–Utility Analysis

Program Evaluation

Limitations of CBA, CEA, and CUA

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Crossword: Comparing Costs and Benefits

Appendix 9A Worksheets

Appendix 9B A Cost–Benefit Analysis Evaluating Adult Outpatient Asthma Education

Appendix 9C A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Proposed Alternative Interventions to Postprocedure Surgical Pain Reduction

Appendix 9D A Cost–Utility Analysis Evaluating Adult Outpatient Asthma Education

10 Writing a Business Plan

Writing Skills for Business Plans

Business Plan Sections

Crossword: Writing a Business Plan and Health Program Grant Writing

Appendix 10A Business Plan Feasibility Checklist

Appendix 10B A Business Plan: To Initiate the Cleaning of Hospital Privacy Curtains to Reduce Nosocomial Infections at Bay General Hospital’s 4B Progressive Care Unit

Corinne M. Allen, Whitney E. Bralye, Madeira A. Macedo, Alysia D. Porter, and Heather N. Rothhammer

Appendix 10C Respiratory Project Committee, Fairfield County Hospital

Samanthika T. De Alwis, Jasmine B. Erguiza, Candace Fleming, and Jennifer N. Ma

Appendix 10D Increasing Patient Volume at the Bay General Hospital Cardiac Clinic

Yonatan G. Breiter, Seth M. Cloues, Caitlin O. Flanagan, Alex Guevarra, and Hector E. Solano

Appendix 10E Business Plan: Probiotic Use With Antibiotics

Natalie Bower, Gehrig Y. Ertle, Emily M. Finzen, Lindsey F. Reardon, and Cassen E. Uphold

11 Health Program Grant Writing

Business Plans and Grant Proposals

Grant Proposal Sections

After the Application Is Submitted

Crossword: Writing a Business Plan and Health Program Grant Writing

Appendix 11A Worksheets

Appendix 11B Dental Care Van Grant Proposal

Angelica Holguin, Christina M. Nardi, Diane Trinh, Paige M. Weisbrod, and Sara E. Moschetto

Appendix 11C Grant Proposal: Decreasing High Utilizers of the Emergency Department

Alexandra Carr, Caramia O. Perlas, Deborah B. Rosenberg, and Asja Serdarevic

Appendix 11D Incorporating Massage and Healing Touch Therapies on a Specialized Nursing Unit at Seaview Hospital: A Grant Application

Janet A. Giachello and Jennifer A. Schmid


12 Assessing Financial Health

Hospital-Wide Indicators

Accounting Concepts

Financial Statements

Crossword: Assessing Financial Health, and Entrepreneurship and Practice Management


13 Entrepreneurship and Practice Management

Starting a Nurse-Run Business

Principles for Practice Management

Nurse Entrepreneur Resources

Crossword: Assessing Financial Health, and Entrepreneurship and Practice Management


14 Ethical Issues and International Health Care Systems

Bioethics and Health Economics

International Health Economics and Financing

Crossword: Ethical Issues and International Health Care Systems, and Health Policy and Future Trends


15 Health Policy and Future Trends

Health Policy Questions

Future Trends

Keeping Up to Date

Crossword: Ethical Issues and International Health Care Systems, and Health Policy and Future Trends




Crossword Puzzle Answer Key


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