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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

SKU# 9780826107145


  • Chad A. Noggle PhD, ABN
  • Raymond S. Dean PhD, ABPP, ABN, ABPdN
  • Mark Barisa Ph.D, ABPP

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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation provides useful introductory material and background information on various disorders, assessments, and rehabilitative interventions for adult and geriatric populations...This book is essential for psychologists or clinical neuropsychologists who have a strong interest in understanding the current medical aspects of neuropsychological rehabilitation."--PsycCRITIQUES

This volume disseminates knowledge about the most advanced practices and techniques in the rehabilitation of neuropsychological deficits, covering both specific neuropsychological domains and approaches in neurorehabilitation. It adheres to the philosophy that it is not enough to identify a deficit or diagnose a disease unless doing so helps to direct rehabilitation efforts to improve function. Intended to advance clinical skills, the book goes beyond surface diagnostic practice to foster rehabilitative efforts in response to residual deficits and disease.

The volume begins by addressing the foundations of neuropsychology in rehabilitation and discussing, in depth, domain-specific rehabilitation practices, with a focus on functioning. This is followed by a discussion of supplemental applications and practices that go beyond function-specific methodology including neuroimaging and pharmacological agents. Also covered is the role of system/environmental manipulation and transitioning strategies. The final section attends to those presentations/groupings most commonly seen in rehabilitation practice for which there is no prototypical form.

Key Features:

  • Presents in depth the most advanced clinical applications for neuropsychological rehabilitation
  • Covers neuropsychological rehabilitation in terms of specific cognitive domains (attention, language, memory) and approaches to and practices in neurorehabilitation (neuroimaging, vocational rehabilitation, pharmacological rehabilitation)
  • Written by the foremost scholars in the field

Product Details 

  • Publication Date April 26, 2013
  • Page Count 376
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826107145
  • EISBN 9780826107152

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Table of Contents 



Section I: Biological Components, Medical Care, and Special Considerations

Chapter 1: Neuropsychology and Cancer: An Emerging Focus

Chad A. Noggle and Rayomnd S. Dean

Chapter 2: Urological Cancers: Functional & Neuropsychological Outcomes

Thomas Frye, Joe Miller, and Thomas Tarter

Chapter 3: Neuropsychological Sequelae of Breast Cancer

Elizabeth Peralta

Chapter 4: Neurocognitive Impact of Gynecologic Cancers

Lisa M. Hess and Jeannie Schilder

Chapter 5: Neuropsychological Outcomes in Colorectal Cancers

Imran Hassan, Vriti Advani, and Asha M. Alex

Chapter 6: The Neuropsychological Aspects of Head and Neck Cancer

Sandra Ettema, Sheryl Reminger, and K. Thomas Robbins

Chapter 7: Neuropsychological Correlates of Lung Cancer

Chad A Noggle and Christopher McCormick

Chapter 8: Neuropsychological Implications of Skin Cancer

Daniel Combs and Lee D. Cranmer

Chapter 9: Neuropsychological Sequelae of Hematological Cancers

Christopher M. McCormick and Chad A. Noggle

Chapter 10: Cancers of Childhood: Biology and Forms

Neelam Jain, Lana Harder, Brian Potter, and Kevin R. Krull

Chapter 11: Brain Metastases and Tumors

Joachim Baehring

Chapter 12: Neuroimaging in Cancer and Oncology

Susan K. Conroy, Brenna C. McDonald, Darren P. O’Neill, and Andrew J. Saykin

Section II: Neuropsychological Impact

Chapter 13: Attention and Executive Functions in Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Amy L. Swier-Vosnos

Chapter 14: Effects of cancer and cancer treatment on learning and memory

Martin Klein

Chapter 15: Language Functioning in Cancer and Oncology

Michelle R. Pagoria

Chapter 16: Impact of Cancer and Oncology on Visuospatial and Visuoperceptual Functioning

Amy R. Steiner, Chad A. Noggle, and Amanda R. W. Steiner

Chapter 17: Sensory-Motor Functioning in Cancer and Oncology

Raymond S. Dean and Chad A. Noggle

Chapter 18: Psychosocial Functioning in Cancer

Joel Marcus

Chapter 19: Childhood Cancers: Neurological Development and Integrity

Deborah G. Dwelle, Corey D. Anderson, and Robert W. Butler

Section III. Neuropsychological and Behavioral-Health Interventions

Chapter 20: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation & Habituation

Susan Walsh and Margaret Primeau

Chapter 21: Pharmacological Interventions: Addressing Residuals and Outcomes of


Linda M. Sutton and Ivy Altomare

Chapter 22: Complimentary Practices: Fatigue, Stress, Exercise, and Diet Practices

Sandra Vicari & Phil Anton

Chapter 23: Survivorship & Quality of Life

Rhonda Johnson

Chapter 24: Psycho-Oncology: A Specialty Practice

Teresa Deshields


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