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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Cross-Sectional Anatomy

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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Cross-Sectional Anatomy

SKU# 9781620700624

Author: John C. Cianca MD, Shounuck I. Patel DO


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This spectacular cross-sectional atlas provides a roadmap of normal sonographic anatomy of the musculoskeletal system with optimized images that emphasize spatial relationships and three-dimensional orientation. The book is designed to help novices acquire pattern recognition skills to resolve images into their anatomic components by pairing ultrasound scans with cross-sectional drawings. It will enhance familiarity with musculoskeletal anatomy as it appears on ultrasound imaging for practitioners at any level. Using a sectioned approach, the authors present a visual baseline for evaluating tendon, muscle, ligament, and nerve problems in the upper extremity, lower extremity, and cervical regions. Multiple high resolution views of each structure are accompanied by original illustrations that document the structures in the sonograph and serve as a reference to decipher the image and foster understanding of anatomic relationships and ultrasound appearances.

The atlas is an indispensable tool for clinicians learning diagnostic ultrasound, as they can use the anatomical images for comparisons with their own scans. For the seasoned practitioner, the organized format with high-resolution examples makes this an essential reference for confirming exam findings.


  • Orients users to anatomical relationships best seen in cross section and necessary to effective utilization of diagnostic ultrasound
  • Over 150 ultrasound images cover musculoskeletal anatomy from the shoulder to the foot
  • Each ultrasound image has a correlative drawing in cross-sectional or regional format with the scanned area depicted within a highlighted frame to enhance understanding of the scanned anatomy
  • Each image is accompanied by a body icon illustrating the level of the scan for each region
  • Brief text points and legends emphasize key features and landmarks and offer technical tips for obtaining and interpreting scans

Product Details 

  • Publication Date October 19, 2017
  • Page Count 352
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9781620700624
  • EISBN 9781617052279

Table of Contents 

Foreword Jay Smith, MD




1. Shoulder

Superior and Anterior Shoulder

1.1 Superior Shoulder

1.2 Coracoacromial Arch

1.3 Superior Rotator Interval

1.4 Rotator Interval Middle

1.5 Rotator Interval Distal

1.6 Rotator Interval at the Intertubercular Sulcus

1.7 Biceps Musculotendinous Junction

1.8 Biceps Musculotendinous Junction

Posterior Shoulder

1.9 Medial Scapula Sagittal Plane

1.10 Lateral Scapula Sagittal Plane

1.11 Far Lateral Scapula Sagittal Plane

1.12 Posterior Rotator Cuff Sagittal Plane

Rotator Cuff

1.13 Rotator Cuff Tendons

1.14 Supraspinatus/Infraspinatus Tendons

1.15 Greater Tuberosity Facets

1.16 Infraspinatus

1.17 Supraspinatus

1.18 Infraspinatus Insertion

1.19 Subscapularis

1.20 Long Head of Biceps

2. Arm

Anterior Compartment

2.1 Biceps Tendons

2.2 Biceps Brachii

2.3 Brachialis Origin

2.4 Mid Arm

2.5 Biceps and Brachialis

2.6 Distal Arm

2.7 Neurovascular Bundle Proximal

2.8 Neurovascular Bundle Mid Humerus

2.9 Neurovascular Bundle Distal

Posterior Compartment

2.10 Triceps Origin

2.11 Spiral Groove

2.12 Triceps Common Aponeurosis

2.13 Radial Nerve and Deep Brachial Artery

2.14 Supracondylar Ridge

2.15 Distal Triceps

2.16 Olecranon Fossa

3. Elbow

Anterior Elbow

3.1 Distal Arm

3.2 Elbow Articular Surface

3.3 Proximal Forearm

3.4 Supinator

Posterior Elbow

3.5 Distal Triceps and Fat Pad

3.6 Posterior Articular Surface

3.7 Radial Head

4. Forearm

Volar Forearm

4.1 Mobile Wad and Flexors

4.2 Superficial and Deep Flexors

4.3 Mid Forearm

4.4 Transverse Flexor Septum

Dorsal Forearm

4.5 Extensor Compartments

4.6 Interosseous Membrane

4.7 Extensor Muscles

4.8 Mobile Wad

4.9 Supinator and Extensors

4.10 Biceps Insertion

5. Wrist

Volar Wrist

5.1 Pronator Quadratus

5.2 Radio Ulnar Joint

5.3 Scapholunate

5.4 Proximal Carpal Tunnel

5.5 Transverse Carpal Ligament

5.6 Distal Carpal Tunnel

Dorsal Wrist

5.7 Extensor Compartments

5.8 3rd Compartment Variant

5.9 1st Carpal Row

5.10 2nd Carpal Row

5.11 Radial Wrist Sagittal Plane

5.12 Ulnar Wrist Sagittal Plane

5.13 Volar Digit


6. Hip

Anterior Hip

6.1 Anterior Hip

6.2 Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine

6.3 Rectus Femoris Origin

6.4 Femoral Head

6.5 Femoral Neck

6.6 Tensor Fascia Lata

6.7 Rectus Femoris

6.8 Psoas Sagittal and Rectus Femoris Sagittal

6.9 Rectus Femoris Sagittal

Lateral Hip

6.10 Iliotibial Band

6.11 Anterior Facet

6.12 Gluteus Maximus

6.13 Gluteus Medius

6.14 Middle Ileum

6.15 Proximal Ileum

6.16 Gluteal Muscles Sagittal Plane

6.17 Gluteus Medius and Minimus Sagittal Plane

6.18 Gluteus Medius Sagittal Plane

Posterior Hip

6.19 Gluteal Muscles Long Axis

6.20 Piriformis and Sciatic Foramen

6.21 Piriformis and Superior Gemellus

6.22 Superior Gemellus

6.23 Obturator Internus

6.24 Inferior Gemellus

6.25 Quadratus Femoris

6.26 Hamstring Origin Sagittal Plane and Sciatic Nerve Sagittal Plane

6.27 External Rotators Medial and External Rotators Lateral

7. Thigh

Anterior Thigh

7.1 Anterior and Medial Thigh

7.2 Femoral and Saphenous Nerves

7.3 Quadriceps Proximal

7.4 Quadriceps Middle

7.5 Quadriceps Distal

7.6 Rectus Femoris Tendon

Medial Thigh

7.7 Pectineus and Obturator Nerve

7.8 Adductors

7.9 Neurovascular Bundle

7.10 Adductor Longus

7.11 Adductor Longus and Adductor Magnus

7.12 Adductor Magnus

7.13 Adductor Hiatus

Posterior Thigh

7.14 Ischial Tuberosity

7.15 Hyperechoic Triangle

7.16 Conjoint Tendon and Sciatic Nerve

7.17 Mid Posterior Thigh

7.18 Hamstring Group

7.19 Sciatic Nerve

7.20 Femoral Artery and Adductor Hiatus

8. Knee

Anterior Knee

8.1: Extensor Mechanism Sagittal Plane and Extensor Mechanism With Effusion

8.2: Superior Knee Sagittal Plane

8.3: Superior Knee Cross Section

8.4: Dry Knee Cross Section

8.5: Effusion Cross Section

8.6: Very Large Effusion

8.7: Anterior Medial Knee

Posterior Knee

8.8: Superior Popliteal Fossa

8.9: Mid Popliteal Fossa

8.10: Posterior Femoral Condyles

8.11: Tibial Plateaus

8.12: Popliteus

9. Leg

Anterior Leg

9.1: Common Fibular Nerve

9.2: Common Fibular Nerve Bifurcation

9.3: Extensor Hallucis Longus Origin

9.4: Superficial Fibular Nerve

9.5: Distal Anterior Leg

Posterior Leg

9.6: Proximal Posterior Leg

9.7: Flexor Hallucis Longus Origin

9.8: Mid Posterior Leg

9.9: Intermuscular Membrane

9.10: Distal Posterior Leg

9.11: Posterior Leg Sagittal Plane

9.12: Plantaris Tendon

9.13: Ruptured Popliteal Cyst

9.14: Partial Gastrocnemius Tear

9.15: Dissecting Hematoma

10. Ankle

Anterior Lateral Ankle

10.1: Anterior Lateral Muscles

10.2: Extensor Tendons

10.3: Dorsalis Pedis Artery

10.4: Talar Dome

10.5: Extensor Hallucis Longus

10.6: Tibialis Anterior

10.7: Extensor Digitorum Longus

Medial Posterior Ankle

10.8: Medial Posterior Ankle

10.9: Tarsal Tunnel

10.10: Flexor Retinaculum

10.11: Sustentaculum Tali

Posterior Ankle

10.12: Posterior Ankle Sagittal Plane