Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis

SKU# 9781888799804

The History of a Disease

Author: T. Jock Murray MS


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Multiple Sclerosis: The History of a Disease won a 2005 ForeWord Book of the Year Silver Medal!

The basic facts about multiple sclerosis are well known: it is the most common neurologic disease of young adults, usually beginning with episodic attacks of neurologic symptoms, then entering a progressive phase some years later. Its onset has an average age of 30, and occurs in about 1 in 500 individuals of European ancestry living primarily in temperate climates. There appears to be a complex interaction between a genetic predisposition and an environmental trigger that initiates the disease.

But these facts do not convey the impact of the disease on the people whose lives it affects. In this elegantly written and comprehensive history, we meet individuals who suffered with MS in the centuries before the disease had a name, including blessed Lidwina of Holland, who took joy from her misery, believing that she was sent to accept suffering for the sins of others Augustus d'Est, grandson of George III and cousin of Queen Victoria, whose case shows how someone with access to the best of medical care of the age was understood and managed and Heinrich Heine, the great German poet, who also had access to all medical services that were available, but who progressed into his mattress grave in two decades, aware of the loss of physical ability while still able to compose great poetry to the end.

From these early cases the author demonstrates how progress in diagnosing and managing multiple sclerosis has paralleled the development of medical science, from the early developments in modern studies of anatomy and pathology, to the framing of the disease in the nineteenth century, and eventually to modern diagnosis and treatment.

From beginning to end, Dr. Murray takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery, in the process showing how the evolution of our understanding of multiple sclerosis has been part of the greater history of medical knowledge."

Product Details 

  • Publication Date December 01, 2004
  • Page Count 580
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781888799804
  • EISBN 9781934559277

Table of Contents 

"Foreword by Professor WI McDonald
Terminology and Disease Description
The Framing of Multiple Sclerosis
The Palsy Without a Name: Suffering with Paraplegia 1395-1868
The Steps Towards a Recovery: The Early Medical Reports
The Building Blocks of a Discovery
The Contribution of J.M. Charcot 1868
The Medical Reports After Charcot
Clarifying The Pathology: James Dawson
The Journal of A Disappointed Man
Experimentation, Meetings, Reviews and Symposia, 1920-1960
Searching for a Cause of MS
Classifying and Measuring MS
The Nature of the MS Plaque
Searching for Therapy
MS and the Public: Societies
Narratives and the Media
A Chronology of Events in the History of MS

Editorial Review(s) 

"Unlikely to be surpassed for some time, this engaging and scholarly book is a goldmine of previously inaccessible information."--Journal of the American Medical Association

"Murray has crafted a rich and detailed history of multiple sclerosis, replete with figures and wonderful quotations that form a tapestry of the events that have led to the current view that this condition is an autoimmune disease."--New England Journal of Medicine

"A fascinating and monumental work, a pleasure to read. The contents should be accessible to a wide audience, and provide an excellent understanding of multiple sclerosis, the history of neurology, and the philosophy of science... [the book] shows depth and breadth of understanding and a passion for the subject; moreover, the style of presentation makes it an easy and addictive read, enhanced by well annotated illustrations." -- Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

"With a light and erudite hand [Murray] shows how developments in knowledge about multiple sclerosis have mirrored developments in medical science...Murray's handling of detail is admirable, and helps make sense of this disease history." --The Lancet

"Murray is a well-published authority, and his history of the disease is clearly written and well documented...Heavily illustrated with photographs of practitioners who have contributed to MS research and treatment, neurological diagrams, and epidemiological maps...Recommended." -- Choice

"Jock Murray provides an excellent guide to how eminent physicians, scientists and patients have viewed multiple sclerosis down the years, both as an interesting disease and a personal affliction... With this monumental book, [he] has proved himself to be a teacher of the history of multiple sclerosis that sets a new standard [that] is unlikely to be surpassed..." -- Brain

"A 'must' for any serious health collection." -- The Bookwatch

"The narrative is highly readable, provides an outstanding overview of recent medical history and medical philosophy, and is enhanced by the author's viewpoint and clinical experience."--Mayo Clinic Proceedings