Movement Disorders

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Movement Disorders

SKU# 9781936287284

Unforgettable Cases and Lessons from the Bedside


  • Hubert H. Fernandez MD
  • Marcelo Merello MD
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Clinical case studies have long been recognized as a useful adjunct to problem-based learning and continuing professional development. Movement Disorders collects over 90 of the most memorable and challenging movement disorder cases from the worldís leading authorities in this specialty. Compelling vignettes covering the entire phenomenology of movement disorders are presented succinctly but descriptively to walk the reader through the diagnostic processómuch like being in the examining room with a master clinician. Each case follows a set format consisting of four sections: The Case The Approach The Lesson Reference and Suggested Readings. Imaging findings and other illustrations amplify the discussion where pertinent.

Movement Disorders features:

  • Collection of over 90 compelling cases covering standard movement disorders phenomenology
  • Cases are vividly described, well-illustrated, and authoritatively written with a section on ìlessons learnedî at the end of each vignette
  • Captures the ìhuman elementî in medicineófirst-person narratives simulate the experience of sitting at the elbow of a master clinician interviewing and examining the patient
  • Designed to help hone diagnostic skills and inform treatment decisions for the full spectrum of movement disorders
  • Vignette titles serve as a reference index for clinicians to easily search similar cases they may have encountered (i.e. An Elderly Man with Dystonia Chorea in a Young Athlete)

Product Details 

  • Publication Date July 18, 2012
  • Page Count 344
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781936287284
  • EISBN 9781617050589

Table of Contents 

"Contributors ; Preface ; Acknowledgments ; ; I. Parkinsonís Disease ; ; 1. Levodopaís Dark Side: The Remarkable Story of Dr B ; ; 2. Peanut Butter and Lottery: Two Impulse Control Disorders in an Elderly Parkinson Patient ; ; 3. The Man Who Was Addicted to Levodopa: An Unforgettable Case Illustrating Dopamine Dysregulation Syndrome ; ; ; 4. The Most Horrific Tactile Hallucination Described by a 78-Year-Old Colombian Man With Parkinsonís Disease ; ; 5. Can a Research Subject Be Too Enthusiastic An Important Lesson on Parkinson Trials From a 65-Year-Old Banker ; ; 6. Parkinsonís Disease Never Presents With FreezingóExcept When It Does! ; ; 7. From Hero to Villain: Walking the Tightrope in Impulse Control Disorders; ; ; 8. Our Unforgettable Case of Malignant Motor Fluctuations in a Parkinson Patient ; ; 9. Gaining Movement but Losing Speech: The Unexpected Side Effects of DBS Surgery ; ; 10. Strength (and Fun) in Numbers: Lessons From an ìExtended Familyî of Parkinson Patients and Their Spouses ; ; 11. Help! My Spouse Is Out of Control! Three Cases of Dopamine Dysregulation in Parkinsonís Disease ; ; 12. De Novo Parkinsonism Versus Depression: What to Treat First ; ; 13. How a Wifeís Insomnia Led to Her Husbandís Parkinson Diagnosis: The First Warning From REM Sleep Behavior Disorder ; ; II. Other Parkinsonian Disorders ; ; 14. Severe Hypophonia and Parkinsonism With Hepatitis C and Elevated ; Mn: Lessons From a Drug Abuser ; ; 15. Ironing Out the Details: Two Sisters With Progressive Parkinsonism and Ataxia ; ; 16. Acute Onset of Akinetic Mutism With Rigidity in an Elderly Psychiatric Patient: A Reminder on Catatonia ; ; 17. Acute Onset Parkinsonism in a Middle-Aged Alcoholic: A ìGreat Caseî ; ; 18. A 38-Year-Old Brazilian Woman Presenting With Reversible Parkinsonism ; Associated With Neurocysticercosis ; ; 19. An Apparent Case of Early Onset Parkinsonism: A Lesson on Huntingtonís Disease From a Bus Driver in Italy ; ; 20. A Vasculopathic Man With ìVascular Parkinsonismî Without Vasculopathy: My Humbling Case of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus ; ; 21. Too Young for Parkinsonís Disease Levodopa-Responsive Parkinsonism ; in an 8-Year-Old Boy ; ; 22. The Misleading Phenotypes of PD and Parkinson-Plus Syndromes: Lessons I Learned From a 59-Year-Old Woman ; ; 23. Atypical Parkinsonism With a Twist: My Memorable Case of an Indian Woman With Levodopa-Responsive Parkinsonism With Motor Fluctuations ; ; 24. A Patient With Rapidly Progressive Dementia and Supranuclear Gaze Palsy: A Memorable Lesson on Prion Disorders ; ; 25. A Lesson on Following Oneís Instincts: A Case of a Paraneoplastic Disorder Posing as PSP ; ; 26. A Sudden, Static, Supranuclear Syndrome After Surgical Repair of an Aortic Aneurysm in a Young Man From Thailand ; ; 27. Asymmetric Parkinsonism With Autonomic Dysfunction and Abnormal Sphincter EMG in a 63-Year-Old English Woman: Why Not PSP ; ; 28. Tremor Dominant Parkinsonism: Lesion or Deep Brain Stimulation ; ; ; 29. The Miracle of Disappearance of Dyskinesias: The Case of an Elderly Italian Woman Who Benefited From a Stroke; ; 30. Unforgettable Lessons From a Forgetful Museum Attendant With a Supranuclear Gaze Palsy ; ; 31. Reversible Unilateral Parkinsonism Associated With Bipolar Affective Disorder in a ; 59-Year-Old Spanish Woman ; ; 32. Sudden-Onset Mutism and Parkinsonism in a Psychiatric Patient: An Unusual Case of ; ìCentral Pontine Myelinolysisî ; ; 33. Acute Confusion and Rapidly Progressive Dementia in Diffuse Lewy Body Disease ; 34. Stereotypic Movements in a Nurse Referred for the Evaluation of Parkinsonís Disease ; ; 35. Familial Albers-Schonbergís Disease (Osteopetrosis) Complicated by Dystonia and ; Dopa-Resistant Parkinsonism ; ; ; III. Tremors ; ; 36. Not ìXî-actly a Simple Tremor ; ; 37. The Tremulous Driver Who Could Not Find His Way Home ; ; ; 38. The Shaky Professor: A Tale of Tremors ; ; ; 39. Early-Onset Hand Tremor and Later Adult Progression Without Speech Involvement: An Unusual DYT6 Presentation ; ; ; 40. Untwisting a Double-Twist: Severe Tremors in a Factory Worker With a Melanoma History ; ; 41. Disabling Postural and Resting Tremor: What Should One Aim to Treat ; ; 42. Pseudopsychogenic Tremors and Parkinsonism: Two Presentations of Multiple ; Sclerosis That Almost Fooled Us ; ; IV. Chorea ; ; 43. The Clumsy Piano Teacher Unable to Play the Organ in Church ; ; ; 44. Chorea in a Man With Peripheral Neuropathy and Hepatomegaly: ; The Diagnosis Can Make a Difference! ; ; ; 45. When the HD Gene Test Is ìNegativeî: Our Memorable Case of a Nursing Assistant Fired From Her Job for Making Mistakes ; ; 46. Late-Onset Sydenhamís Chorea in a Middle-Aged Brazilian Woman ; ; ; 47. A Case of Calcium-Induced Marital Stress ; ; 48. Discrepancy in CAG Repeat Lengths in a Case of Clinically Manifest Huntingtonís Disease: The Pyschological Ordeal of My 24-Year-Old Patient ; ; 49. Evolving Movement Disorder in a 13-Year-Old Girl From the Philippines ; Presenting Initially With Joint Pains ; ; 50. ìDefiant and Rebelliousî Behavior in a Canadian Teenager: Sarahís Difficult Journey ; ; 51. The Challenging Case of Progressive Cognitive Decline in a Student: History in the Making ; ; ; 52. Multiple Involuntary Movements in a Young Male Patient With Nephrocalcinosis: A ìGold Medalî Story ; ; V. Dystonia ; ; 53. Seemingly ìProgressive Postanoxic Dystoniaî Finally Diagnosed 26 Years After Symptom Onset ; ; 54. Dystonia, Ataxia, Dementia, and a Family History of ìHuntington Diseaseî ; ; 55. Friedreichís Ataxia Presenting With Childhood Onset Progressive Dystonia and Spasticity ; ; ; 56. Dysarthria, Dystonia, and Cerebellar Ataxia: The Tale of Four Sisters ; ; 57. Early-Onset Generalized Dystonia With Short Stature and Skeletal Dysplasia ; ; 58. The Highs and Lows of Deep Brain Stimulation in Dystonia: The Story of a Canadian Boy ; ; ; 59. The Opera Singer Who Cannot Hit the High Notes: Is It Always Spasmodic Dysphonia ; ; 60. An 18-Year-Old Woman Who Attacked a Policeman With a Knife: Our Memorable Lesson on Treatable Causes of Dystonia ; ; 61. Rapidly Progressive Dystonia in a 52-Year-Old Thai Woman With SCA Type 2 ; ; 62. A Young Girl With Presumed Cerebral Palsy and Her Grandfather With Depression, Dystonia, and Daytime Sleepiness: As Always, Family Is the Clue ; ; 63. I Cannot Eat, Even Though I Want To: An Illustrative Case From Mr A on the Consequences of Dystonia ; ; 64. Painful Muscle Spasms, Twisting, and Loose Stools: What a Combination in an Adolescent Girl! ; ; 65. Why Did a Competitive Rower Lose His Skill An Unusual Case of Task-Specific Action Dystonia ; ; 66. ìTremorsî and Gait Difficulties in an 18-Year-Old Hispanic Teenager: An Illustrative Case on the Power of Levodopa ; ; 67. A Tendon Transfer That Could Have Been Avoided: My Memorable Case of a College Student With Dopa-Responsive Dystonia; ; 68. The Serendipitous Discovery of the Beneficial Effect of Zolpidem on Dystonia ; ; 69. An Unusual Cause of Cervical Dystonia: Porencephalic Cyst, Putaminal, Pallidal, and Cerebellar Atrophy, Aqueductal Stenosis, and Obstructive Hydrocephalus ; ; VI. Ataxia; ; 70. The ABC of Ataxia Should Also Include the E ; ; 71. Speech and Gait Problems in a Patient Being Treated for Schizophrenia: A Lesson on Psychiatric Comorbidity From an Afro-Caribbean Man ; ; 72. How Wiggling Movements in a 13-Year-Old Girl Helped Diagnose a Longstanding Ataxia ; ; 73. Acquired Cerebellar Ataxia Associated With Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase in a ; 52-Year-Old Brazilian Woman ; ; ; 74. Ataxia With Oculomotor Apraxia Type 2 in a 58-Year-Old Computer Programmer ; Without Oculomotor Apraxia ; ; 75. A Patient With a Progressive Ataxia and Brain Iron Accumulation 252; Elisabeth Wolf and Werner Poewe ; ; 76. Evaluating Ataxia: The Eyes Have ItóOr Do They ; ; ; 77. A Zebra Can Change Its Stripes: A Case of Inherited Ataxia ; ; ; 78. Abrupt Onset ìOn Stage Ballerina-Likeî Stair Descent in an Art Student ; ; ; VII. Tics and Stereotypies ; ; 79.Hereditary Syndrome With Multiple Tics: A Lesson on the Phenotypic ; Variability of Huntingtonís Disease ; ; 80. Affective Changes and Involuntary Movements in a 29-Year-Old Man: Do Not Forget to Review the Medication List! ; ; ; 81. Hereditary Stereotypies From a Family in Canada ; ; ; 82.Tics From a Church Choir: A Unique Case Illustrating the Challenge of ; Distinguishing Organic From Psychogenic Tics ; ; ; VIII. Myoclonus and Startle Syndromes ; ; 83. The Challenging Case of a Man With Paroxysmal Irregular Jerking of the Right Arm ; ; 84. A Stiff and Jerky Person: How Useful Is a DAT Scan in the Differential Diagnosis ; ; 85. The Torture of Tortuosity: Lessons From a 45-Year-Old Woman With Myoclonus, Dystonia, Chorea, and Ataxia ; ; 86. On the Priority of Clinical Diagnosis: A Complex Case With Myoclonus ; ; IX. Psychogenic Movement Disorder Presentations ; 87. Walking Out of the Psychogenic ìBizarre-Gaitî Pigeonhole: A Lesson From the ; Psychiatry Ward ; ; 88. My Unforgettable Parkinson Patient With Psychogenic Tremors 292; Kelvin L. Chou ; ; 89. Bizarre ìExorcist-Likeî Movements and Behavioral Change in an Adolescent Filipino: ; A Mystery Case ; ; 90. Intermittent Tunnel Vision in a Patient With Multiple Drug Abuse History ; ; 91. ìPsychogenic Tremorî in a 32-Year-Old Factory Worker: The Eyes Do Not Lie! ; ; ; About the Editors; ; Index ; ; ; "