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Listening to Patients

SKU# 9780826114679

A Phenomenological Approach to Nursing Research and Practice

Author: Sandra P. Thomas PhD, RN, FAAN, Howard R. Pollio PhD


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Named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2002 by Choice!

Thomas and Pollio, authors of numerous publications, have written a must-read book for nurses and other health care providers who want to understand and engage in the human experiences of patients. The authors provide wonderful insights for students, researchers, and clinicians into the world of existential phenomenology and share, through the use of this research methodological approach, the personal stories of patients as they lived their experiences. As thought-provoking as the research examples are, the chapters explaining philosophy and methods of existential phenomenology are essential reading for all nursing students...Thomas and Pollio write clearly and simply without the usual academic jargon, a welcome change for college students, clinicians, and researchers alike. This book fills a void in the nursing research literature and will be welcome to nursing researchers, practitioners, and lower-division undergraduates through graduate students.


This book fills not only a gap but a wide cavern....I can not think of a better way for neophyte nurses to engage the human experiences and perspectives of their patients, nor can I think of a more relevant and comprehensive explanation of the philosophy and methods of existential phenomenology for seasoned researchers, scientists, and theoreticians."--Jacquelyn H. Flaskerud, PhD, RN, FAAN, UCLA School of Nursing

While addressing a wide readership, this book focuses particularly on the nurse clinician and student, demonstrating how a humanistic philosophy and research methodology has the potential to illuminate the deeper meanings of health crises and universal human experiences like pain and spiritual distress.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date January 01, 2004
  • Page Count 312
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826114679
  • EISBN 9780826197191

Table of Contents 

    I. Phenomenology and Nursing
  1. The Patient, the Nurse, and the Philosopher: Seeing Rose Through the Eyes of Merleau-Ponty
  2. If a Lion Could Talk: Phenomenological Interviewing and Interpretation

  3. II. Nursing and the Human Experience of the Human Body
  4. The Human Experience of the Human Body
  5. "It's Like Getting Kicked by a Mule": Living With an Implanted Defibrillator
  6. "Now It's Me and This Pain": Living With Chronic Pain

  7. III. Nursing and the Human Experience of Other People
  8. The Human Experience of the World of Others
  9. "We All Became Diabetics": The Experience of Living With a Diabetic Sibling
  10. "Walking in the Dark": The Experience of Living With a Daughter Who Has an Eating Disorder
  11. "She Became an Alien": The Father's Experience of Living with Postpartum Depression

  12. IV. Nursing and the Human Experience of Time
  13. The Human Experience of Time
  14. "One Day You're Working and the Next Day You're an Invalid": Recovering After a Stroke
  15. "The Point of No Return": Formerly Abused Women's Experience of Staying Out of the Abusive Relationship
  16. "It Was the Dark Night of the Soul": Wresting Meaning From a Time of Spiritual Distress

  17. V. Nursing and the Human Experience of the World
  18. The Human Experience of the non-Human World
  19. "Eventually It'll Be Over": The Dialectic Between Confinement and Freedom in the World of the Hospitalized Patient
  20. "Like a Bunch of Cattle": The Patient's Experience of the Outpatient Health Care Environment

  21. Epilogue