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IQ Testing 101

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IQ Testing 101

SKU# 9780826106292

Author: Alan S. Kaufman PhD


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Alan Kaufman's informal, accessible writing style never sacrifices precision. In ten short chapters, he provides an astonishing depth and breadth of information, including engaging personal anecdotes that offer fresh and revealing insights even for a very experienced professional in the field..."

--John O. Willis, EdD
Rivier College

Alan Kaufman has a knack for teaching complicated psychological constructs in a way that is simultaneously sophisticated and easily understood. In IQ Testing 101, he applies this gift masterfully to the complex, controversial field of intelligence testing....If you want to know about intelligence testing-real IQ testing, not pop culture tests from the web or magazines, this is the book to read.

-Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD
Texas A&M University

  • Does your IQ really measure your intelligence?
  • Is IQ genetic?
  • Can your IQ vary?
  • Do we get smarter or dumber as we get older?
  • How will IQ tests be different in the future?

Dr. Kaufman, a leading expert on the development of IQ tests, explores these critical questions and many more in IQ Testing 101. This book provides a brief, compelling introduction to the topic of IQ testing-its mysteries, misconceptions, and truths.

This newest edition to the popular Psych 101 Series presents a common-sense approach to what IQ is and what it is not. In lucid, engaging prose, Kaufman explains the nature of IQ testing, as well as where it came from, and where it's going in the future. A quick, fun, even enlightening read, not only for psychologists and educators, but for anyone interested in the study of intelligence.

The Psych 101 Series

Short, reader-friendly introductions to cutting-edge topics in psychology. With key concepts, controversial topics, and fascinating accounts of up-to-the-minute research, The Psych 101 Series is a valuable resource for all students of psychology and anyone interested in the field.


In IQ Testing 101, Alan Kaufman gives a well thought out, articulate account of the historical development of intelligent IQ testing. It provides non-expert readers, like me, with a better understanding of IQ and its important clinical ramifications. Kaufman's engaging style of presentation makes you feel as if you are in the thick of this important field of inquiry...

--Jeffrey W. Kirsch, PhD
Executive Director
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

This impressive book is replete with meaningful material, wonderful anecdotes, excellent examples, profound truths, and solid empiricism, backed an abundance of clinical experience....This volume provides an outstanding introduction and a great refresher for readers interested in the topic of intelligence and its assessment."

--Bruce A. Bracken, PhD
The College of William & Mary

Professor Kaufman has made this remarkably accessible for all readers by using a personal journey of discovery style. So, whether you are a clinical psychologist or an interested lay person, 101 will tell you everything you wanted to know about IQ testing; don't be afraid to read it."

--Thomas Dillon, PhD
Group Senior Vice President retired
Science Applications International Corporation

Dr. Kaufman's superb writing makes one feel he is in the room talking to you....Psychologists, parents, educators and research scientists could all profit from reading this most important work by a master writer and thinker."

--Sara S. Sparrow, PhD
Yale University Child Study Center

Kaufman provides an outstanding look at the field of intelligence and intelligence testing in a manner that is understandable and at the same time very sophisticated....with a marvelous mixture of science, good sense, his own experience as a test developer, and a dose of humor.

--Jack A. Naglieri, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Devereux Center for Resilient Children

IQ Testing 101 is a must read for anyone (including IQ test administrators) looking for a clear, erudite, thought provoking, even entertaining introduction to the important issues surrounding IQ including the definitions, measurements, and development of human intelligence. So much is at stake with IQ testing and these ideas cannot be ignored. "

--Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD (unrelated)
Yale University, Dept of Psychology
Co-Editor of The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence (with Robert J. Sternberg)

[T]his book will find its way into many college syllabi, not only because of the depth and breath of its coverage, but because of the wonderful way in which Dr Kaufman is able to make a difficult, often misunderstood topic so clear and thoroughly enjoyable."

--Ron Dumont, EdD, NCSP
Director of the Masters and Doctoral Programs in School Psychology
Fairleigh-Dickinson University

This essentially tiny volume manages to cover the history of intelligence measurement, genetic versus environmental sources of intelligence, controversial issues in psychometrics and usage, summaries of research on cognitive profiles of specific populations, the future of the IQ construct, and measurement of cognitive abilities in general. To get that much perspective into such small print space requires an experienced and objective author and Alan Kaufman manages the task very well."

Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed.D., NCSP, ABPdN
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Product Details 

  • Publication Date July 20, 2009
  • Page Count 360
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826106292
  • EISBN 9780826106308

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1 Why Would Anyone Want to Read a Book About IQ Testing?
Chapter 2 History, Part 1: Who Invented the IQ Test?
Chapter 3 History, Part 2: At Long Last—Theory Meets Practice
Chapter 4 The IQ Construct, Part 1: We All Know What IQs Are—Don’t We?
Chapter 5 The IQ Construct, Part 2: How Accurate Are IQ Tests?
Chapter 6 Hot Topic: Is IQ Genetic?
Chapter 7 Hot Topic: Are Our IQs “Fixed” or Are They “Malleable”?
Chapter 8 Hot Topic—IQ and Aging: Do We Get Smarter or Dumber as We Reach Old Age?
Chapter 9 Hot Topic—IQ Tests in the Public Forum: Lead Level, Learning Disabilities, and IQ
Chapter 10 The Future of IQ Tests

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