Handbook Of Neurologic Rating Scales, 2nd Ed

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Handbook Of Neurologic Rating Scales, 2nd Ed

SKU# 9781888799927

Author: Robert Herndon MD


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"Rating scales are used daily by everyone involved in the management of patients with neurologic disease and in the design and management of neurologic clinical trials. Now there is a single source for the wide range of scales used in specific neurologic diseases and neurorehabilitation. You will refer to this volume constantly!

The first edition of the Handbook of Neurologic Rating Scales quickly became an invaluable reference work on the increasing array of scales for measuring neurologic disease. In the brief few years since the first edition the importance of this book has only increased.

New Chapters Include Scales On:

  • Generic and general use
  • Pediatric neurology and rehabilitation
  • Peripheral neuropathy and pain
  • Ataxia
  • And instruments for diagnosing headaches.

    Formal measurement of the effects of neurologic disease and of treatment effects, beyond the description of changes on the standard neurologic examination, is a relatively recent development. Controlled clinical trials and outcomes research are at the heart of modern information-based medicine, and neurologic scales are essential tools in clinical trials designed to provide this information.

    A Resource for Clinical Trials

    The Handbook of Neurologic Rating Scales provides a resource for clinicians and clinical investigators in the broad field of neurology and neurologic rehabilitation to help them:

    1. evaluate the clinical trials literature by providing information on the scales being used
    2. evaluate and select appropriate and efficient scales for clinical trials and outcomes research, and
    3. provide information that will help them to develop new scales or measures or to improve existing ones.

    A Resource for Evaluating Disease Status

    Outcomes research is playing an increasingly important role in clinical management and neurorehabilitation, and these also depend largely on measurement of disease status and change. In this era of managed care, neurologists must produce outcomes data demonstrating the effectiveness of neurologic care if the specialty is to survive, and certainly if it is to thrive. Even effective therapies are likely to fall by the wayside if studies to prove their effectiveness are not done.

    Comprehensive and Standardized Information on All Scales

    Each chapter in this volume contains the scales of importance and in current use, including a sequence of scale descriptions and specific scales in a standard format, as well as a summary and recommendations indicating which scales are most useful for specific purposes and whether a combination of scales is particularly useful or if better scales are needed.

    Each entry notes:

    • the purpose for which the scale was developed and its current uses if they differ from those for which it was developed
    • a detailed description of the scale
    • information about validation, such as: Does the scale have face validity? i.e., does it appear to measure what it purports to measure?
    • how and by whom the scale is administered
    • the time needed to administer and score the scale
    • the scale itself or, when the scale is proprietary or too long for inclusion, a description and key references
    • special considerations, including unusual measures needed to obtain a valid score or problems in administering the test in specific patients
    • advantages, or what makes the scale good or useful. Disadvantages, or what makes the scale difficult to use or impairs its reliability
    • key references, including the original publication of the scale and its validation

    Downloadable PDFs of the scales contained in the Handbook of Neurologic Rating Scales are included with the purchase of this book. The password to download the files can be found in the book itself.

  • Product Details 

    • Publication Date December 01, 2005
    • Page Count 441
    • Product Form Hardback
    • ISBN 13 9781888799927
    • EISBN 9781617050312

    Table of Contents 

    Introduction to Clinical Neurologic Scales; Generic and General Use Scales; Pediatric Developmental Scales; Pediatric Neurologic & Rehabilitation Rating Scales; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Clinimetric Scales; Scales for the Assessment of Movement Disorders; Multiple Sclerosis and Demyelinating Diseases; Assessment of the Elderly with Dementia; Clinical Stroke Scales; Peripheral Neuropathy and Pain Scales; Diagnostic Headache Criteria and Instruments; Scales for Assessment of Ataxia; Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury; Health-Related Quality of Life Scales for Epilepsy; Rehabilitation Outcome Measures; HIV-Associated Cognitive Impairment; Conclusions.

    Editorial Review(s) 

    "Comprehensive, well written, and easily read... an extremely useful book for anyone interested in planning a plan a clinical trial.-Journal of Neurology

    "...helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about measures of disease severity and outcome..." - Annals of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry

    "...a very useful addition to the relatively small number of books which cover this important area of neurological practice." - Neuromuscular Disorders

    "...an excellent review of rating scales across the spectrum of neurologic disease... an excellent reference for evaluating scales measuring various neurologic conditions." - Journal of Neurologic Rehabilitation

    "This is a very valuable reference source for everyone working scientifically with patients with neurological disorders, not least with their rehabilitation, and it is highly recommended." - Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine

    "...a valuable addition to most medical libraries or other institutions that specialize in neurologic diseases."-Medical Reference Services Quarterly