Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse

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Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse

SKU# 9780826129369

An Orientation and Nursing Care Guide in a Nutshell

Author: Valerie Aarne Grossman MALS, BSN, RN

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...covers many topics essential to the success of the nurse working in an imaging setting ... The handbook's size make it easily portable as a bedside reference...[It]would be a welcome addition to any radiology nursing unit's resources and would be a useful handbook in the emergency and critical care units' libraries as well.

-Kathleen A. Gross, MSN, RN-BC, CRN
From the Foreword

This portable guide to radiology nursing provides comprehensive information about this emerging specialty in a concise format designed for speedy information retrieval. Written for both practicing nurses and new orientees, it outlines general procedures and protocols, along with requisite information for patient care in specialized areas of radiology. It discusses care for all patient populations including morbidly obese, pediatric, geriatric, and oncology and addresses vascular access, infection control, teamwork, and sterile technique in the radiology setting. The book encompasses over 50 different IR procedures, and also describes emergency situations in radiology and how to respond to them.

With an emphasis on inter-professional care, the book demystifies complex procedures and includes clinical "pearls" from seasoned experts in radiology nursing. The book's "Fast Facts" format features consistently organized chapters, bulleted information "at a glance," an introduction, objectives, and summary in each chapter, and case studies to reinforce radiological interventions. The guide will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of radiology, emergency, and clinical care nurses as well as new orientees.

Key Features:

  • Serves as an accessible, easy-to use, reference for practicing radiology nurses and new orientees
  • Describes numerous essential procedures and protocols in reader-friendly "Fast Facts" style
  • Addresses patient care in all areas of radiology and with specific patient populations
  • Includes coverage of vascular access issues and emergency situations
  • Delivers the accumulated wisdom of seasoned inter-professional practitioners

Product Details 

  • Publication Date June 05, 2014
  • Page Count 302
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826129369
  • EISBN 9780826129376

Table of Contents 







Part I: Radiology Foundation

1. Introduction to Radiology Nursing and Safety

Valerie Aarne Grossman

2. Essentials of Teamwork

Polly Gerber Zimmermann

Part II: Nursing Essentials

3. Vascular Access and Infection Prevention

Valerie Aarne Grossman

4. ECG Basics

Andrew Mangiacapre

5. ECG Rhythm Strips

Andrew Mangiacapre

6. Sedation and Monitoring

Lora K. Ott

7. Documentation

Brooke Grandusky-Green

Part III: Radiologic Imaging Modalities: CT and MRI

8. Computed Axial Tomography Basics

Valerie Aarne Grossman

9. Iodinated Contrast (CT) Media Basics

Valerie Aarne Grossman

10. Iodinated Contrast (CT) Adverse Events

Valerie Aarne Grossman

11. MRI Basics and Magnet Safety

Valerie Aarne Grossman

12. MRI Contrast Media

Valerie Aarne Grossman

Part IV: Interventional Radiology

13. Neuro-Interventional Radiology Overview

Susan Deveikis and John P. Deveikis

14. Neuro-Interventional Procedures

John P. Deveikis and Susan Deveikis

15. Neuro-Interventional Embolizations

John P. Deveikis and Susan Deveikis

16. Basic (Body) Interventional Radiology Principles

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

17. Interventions for Varicose Veins

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

18. Central Venous Catheters

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

19. Dialysis Access

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

20. Aortic Interventions and Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

21. Thoracentesis, Fallopian Tube Recanalization, Vertebroplasty, and Kyphoplasty

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

22. Embolization Procedures: General, Hepatic, Pulmonary, and Uterine Artery

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

23. Embolization Procedures: Chemoembolization, Gastrointestinal Bleeding, and Varicocele

Mohammed Mohsin Khadir and Labib H. Syed

24. Biliary Procedures

Labib H. Syed and Mohammed Mohsin Khadir

25. Abscess Drainage, Percutaneous Biopsies, and Nephrostomy Tube

Mohammed Mohsin Khadir and Labib H. Syed

26. Paracentesis and Gastrostomy Tube

Mohammed Mohsin Khadir and Labib H. Syed

27. Ablation and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Mohammed Mohsin Khadir and Labib H. Syed

28. Filters and Foreign Bodies

Ayman Sawas and Ashwani Kumar Sharma

Part V: Diagnostic and Other Imaging Modalities

29. X-Ray, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound

Valerie Aarne Grossman

Part VI: Special Issues in Radiology Nursing

30. Fragile and High-Risk Populations

Valerie Aarne Grossman

31. Current Trends in Nursing Care

Polly Gerber Zimmermann

32. Communication Essentials Between the Emergency Department and Radiology

Anna C. Montejano and Lynn Sayre Visser

33. Preparing Emergency Department Patients for Radiologic Procedures

Lynn Sayre Visser and Anna C. Montejano

Part VII: Emerging Areas of Radiology Nursing

34. Orientation, Certification, and Point-of-Care Testing

Valerie Aarne Grossman