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Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator

Go beyond memorizing mere facts with this popular review preparing health care simulation educators in the U.S. and beyond to take the certification exam. Authored by noted experts in simulation and education, the manual mirrors the CHSE exam blueprint and presents information in a concise, user-friendly outline format.

Such features as end-of-chapter review questions, test-taking strategies, teaching tips, and a comprehensive Q&A practice test with robust rationales, help students to critically analyze exam content. The manual also describes evidence-based teaching practices and incorporates case studies to connect simulation scenarios to simulation education.


  • Mirrors the CHSE exam blueprint
  • Fosters optimal learning and retention with concise, user-friendly format
  • Provides teaching tips for best simulation practice
  • Includes Evidence-Based Simulation Practice boxes
  • Incorporates case studies
  • Offers more than 230 Q&As with robust rationales
Review Manual for the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator Exam Learn More