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Review Manual for the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator Exam, Second Edition

This is the first practice manual to help healthcare simulation educators in the United States and internationally to prepare for the certification exam in this burgeoning field. The second edition is revised to reflect the latest test blueprint and encompass key evidence-based research that has been conducted since the first edition was published. Authored by noted experts in simulation and education who have carefully analyzed the test blueprint, the book distills the information most likely to be included on the exam.

Information is presented in a concise, easy-to-read outline format. Numerous features help students to critically analyze test content, including end-of-chapter review questions, proven test-taking strategies, savvy simulation teaching tips, evidence-based practice boxes, and a comprehensive practice test with answers and rationales. Current evidence-based case studies help to connect simulation situations to simulation education. The manual also includes information about advanced certification and recertification.


  • Fosters optimal learning and retention with a concise, easy-to-read bulleted format
  • Assists simulation educators in all healthcare disciplines
  • Includes Evidence-Based Simulation Practice boxes focusing on current research
  • Provides savvy teaching tips and proven test-taking strategies
  • Fosters critical thinking with case studies, end-of-chapter review questions, and comprehensive practice test with answers and rationales
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