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EPPP Fundamentals

Go beyond mere memorization with this concise yet comprehensive review containing everything you need for exam success. In addition to covering the eight domains of the EPPP in both step-by-step and narrative format, the guide offers a helpful orientation to the exam, proven test-taking strategies, key points to remember, 300 Q&As that reflect the exam format, and resources for more in-depth study.

Chapters are written by clinical supervisors and faculty directly involved in training interns, residents, and fellows in psychology, and each subject domain is covered according to the ASPPB’s EPPP Information for Candidates Guide.

The Book features:

  • Delivers a comprehensive content review that goes beyond “teaching the test”
  • Provides an affordable alternative to expensive EPPP prep courses
  • Written and edited by directors of the foremost training, internship, and postdoctoral fellowship programs
  • Offers an orientation to the exam, proven test-taking strategies, and key points to remember.
  • Includes 300 sample Q&As
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