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The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)

Aimed at helping students master the final hurdle to becoming a licensed, certified psychologist, the second edition of this authoritative content review for the EPPP is expanded to include 20% more content, the DSM-5, contributions from esteemed new authors, and an easily navigable mobile APP to enhance test-taking skills. Additional practice questions, along with well-honed test-taking strategies, further facilitate exam success.

Written by expert professors, training directors, and practitioners in each subject area, this affordable resource includes over 320 sample questions in the eight content areas that will be included on the exam. The guide goes beyond merely “teaching the test” with rote memorization by addressing content in a stepwise, narrative, and review format. Questions are included at the end of each chapter to help students gauge mastery of all subject matter.


  • Presents an in-depth, comprehensive content review that goes beyond “teaching the test”
  • Provides 320+ Q&As with rationales
  • Written and edited by leading scholars and directors of training
  • Highlights test-taking strategies
  • Includes key points to remember and recommended readings for more in-depth study
  • Mirrors how doctoral-level courses are commonly taught
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EPPP: Step One

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Q&A Review 2e
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