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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review, Third Edition

Praised for its organization, consistency, and clarity, this incomparable resource reflects the essentials of PM&R practice and core knowledge tested on Boards. Written in outline format for easy readability and access to information, content is modeled after the topic selection of the AAPMR Self-Directed Medical Knowledge Program used by residents nationwide. “Board Pearls” are highlighted throughout and stress clinical and Board-eligible aspects of each topic. The text is authored by expert physicians in major subspecialty areas and is reviewed by senior specialists to ensure the utmost accuracy. The book also provides current epidemiologic and statistical data and includes a section on biostatistics in PM&R.

The Book features:

  • Distills the essentials and provides focused reviews of all PM&R topics
  • Organizes information by topic and in outline format for maximum efficiency
  • Open-book icons flag high-yield information and aid in last-minute review
  • Includes over 500 illustrations to clarify and reinforce key concepts
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Q&A Review

Bolster your Board readiness with the expanded and updated second edition of the premier Q&A review book and complementary app. These one-of-a-kind review tools promote efficient, in depth study and cover the breadth and scope of physical medicine and rehabilitation knowledge and practice. An unparalled number of multiple choice questions with detailed explanations reinforce required information and help readers identify areas with knowledge gaps. Sixteen sections address key concepts and emerging high-value content areas and put must-know information in the PM&R curriculum for learning, individual self-assessment, and Board review at your fingertips.


  • App included!
  • Comprehensive coverage of the knowledge base and clinical practice areas needed for Board success
  • Over 1,850 Q&As with detailed explanations
  • All the questions from the book available on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with included mobile app
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Q&A Review App

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Q&A Review 2e
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PM&R Board Review Flashcards (2-Deck Set)

The Q&A Flashcards feature:

Developed to provide busy residents, fellows, and attendings with a quick and portable study vehicle, over 1,100 flashcards facilitate targeted review and retention of the core PM&R material you will be tested on.

  • 2-deck set of over 1,100 cards covering all major PM&R topic areas
  • Reinforces essential knowledge for boards, SAE-R, and self-assessment
  • Color-coded by section for easy organization
  • Package includes 2-deck card set and flashcard app available on iOS, Android, and any web or mobile browser
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PM&R Board Review Flashcards App

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