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Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards

Now in its third edition, Ultimate Review for the Neurology Boards is the definitive study guide for anyone preparing for the neurology board exam, RITE, or MOC exam. Compiled by nearly two dozen contributors and edited by four leading neurologists from the Cleveland Clinic, this comprehensive point form review presents thelatest research, data, and knowledge on all aspects of neurology that you need to know to succeed on these exams.

The book is organized into five sections for easy access and concludes with a practice test. The first section covers basic neurosciences, including neurochemistry, clinical neuroanatomy, andgenetics. The next section discusses clinical neurology, with chapters devoted to the major diseases and disorders including stroke, head trauma, dementia,epilepsy, and movement disorders, among others. In the third section, NCS, EMG, EEG, evoked potentials, and sleep neurology are covered, with images to enhance understanding of fundamental neurophysiologic techniques. After a dedicated chapter on pediatric neurology, the final section contains nine chapters on subspecialties, including neurorehabilitation, adult and child psychiatry, neurourology, neuro-oncology, and more.


  • A completely revised and expanded practice test with all new questions
  • NB (nota bene) items, which highlight key points to remember for the exams
  • A "Cheat Sheet" in each chapter, with quick pearls, mnemonics, and definitions
  • Suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter
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Neurology: Image-Based Clinical Review

Encompassing 170 core topics and over 1,500 outstanding images, this all-in-one resource for neurology Board or MOC review uses imaging findings as a platform to discuss pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and disease management. The book profiles each condition in an easy-to-read format alongside a wealth of images designed to help develop proficiency in recognizing and treating both common and rare neurologic conditions.

The book is organized in 15 chapters covering all major areas of neurology. Numerous examples throughout foster familiarity with key image findings and boost confidence in interpreting MRI, CT, MRA, angiography, EEG, gross, and microscopic neuropathology images. The book is useful not only for students and residents but for practicing neurologists looking to sharpen their clinical and interpretive skills.


  • Covers the full spectrum of neurologic disease with over 170 topics and more than 1,500 images
  • Includes free access to the fully searchable, downloadable e-book with image bank
  • Presents chapters on both common diseases and rare syndromes
  • Offers the latest information on clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and differential diagnosis
  • Provides a consistent format for easy readability and targeted review
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Neurology Q&A Review

Neurology Q&A Review is a comprehensive self-assessment tool that offers over 900 multiple choice questions to help medical students, residents, and attending physicians learn neurology and prepare for high-stakes exams. Designed for all levels of study, questions are broken into 17 subject areas and include answers with clear, concise explanations to give both students and more experienced clinicians a robust but efficient review of core topics in neurology. The book contains hundreds of images to demonstrate, rather than describe, what neurologists actually see and reinforce learning.


  • Broad spectrum question and answer review focusing on core neurologic topics
  • Questions organized by subject and level of difficulty—every chapter contains "Base Knowledge" and "Challenge" questions
  • Over 900 multiple-choice questions with answers and rationales, including many image-based questions
  • Facilitates recall of key concepts and helps identify knowledge gaps
  • App Included! (Coming Soon)
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