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Oncology Board Review, Second Edition

Build the skills and confidence you need for success on the Medical Oncology Certification Exam with these complementary tools: Oncology Board Review and the Q&A App. Delivered in a clear, outline format, these current resources include all essential information you need for the exam as designated by the ABIM blueprint.

Each chapter includes key points summarized in consistent, easy-to-read bullet format for efficient learning and easy recall. Over 230 Board-style questions with detailed rationales reinforce knowledge and indicate areas in need of additional study. The Q&A App is included with the purchase of the book.


  • Includes free access to mobile and online app – track and sync your progress on up to three devices!
  • All essential information needed for the exam as designated by the ABIM Blueprint
  • Over 230 Board-style questions with detailed rationales to reinforce knowledge and indicate areas needing additional study
  • Completely updated information including new treatment recommendations and FDA approvals for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies
  • New chapter on bone marrow transplantation
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Oncology Board Review App

Oncology Board Review 2E
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Hematology Board Review

Hematology Board Review: Blueprint Study Guide and Q&A is a concise, outline-based study guide covering all topics that appear on the Hematology Certification Exam. The book includes all topics listed in the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) blueprint as essential material for the exam and highlights topic areas that are often found on the test.

The Book features:

  • Includes 200 board-style questions and answers with rationales
  • Provides key point summaries of each topic area for quick study and easy recall
  • Thorough coverage of hematologic malignancies, blood disorders, transfusion medicine, hematopoietic cell transplantation, and standard treatment regimens
  • Tables providing key data and information related to staging, treatment options, and disease classifications
  • Includes free access to mobile and online app – track and sync your progress on up to three devices!
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Hematology Board Review

Hematology Board Review
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Cancer Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Review

Designed for efficient, timesaving study, this review distills all essential information about cancer pharmacology and pharmacotherapy that is likely to appear on the Oncology Boards and the MOC exams.

The book is conveniently organized and arranged by drug class and subtypes for easy recall and classification, and features abundant tables providing quick reference to FDA approved medications. Simplified diagrams and illustrations demonstrate the pharmacokinetic processes. A Q&A developed by the authors, an oncologist and two pharmacists, facilitates retention and identifies areas needing additional study.

The Book features:

  • Delivers information in a concise, easily digestible format Includes abundant Q&As to foster retention and identify areas needing further study
  • Organized and arranged by drug class and subtypes for easy recall and classification
  • Includes proper dosage adjustments to account for liver and kidney dysfunction
  • Provides abundant tables for quick reference on FDA-approved medications
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Biostatistics for Oncologists

Biostatistics for Oncologists is the first practical guide providing the essential biostatistical concepts, oncology-specific examples, and applicable problem sets for medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and surgical oncologists. In addition, it serves as a review for medical oncology and radiation oncology residents or fellows preparing for in-service and board exams. All examples are relevant to oncology and demonstrate how to apply core conceptual knowledge and applicable methods related to hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, categorical data analysis and survival analysis to the field of oncology. The book also provides guidance on the fundamentals of study design and analysis.

The Book features:

  • Practically explains biostatistics concepts important for passing the hematology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology boards and MOC exams
  • Provides guidance on how to read, understand, and critique data in oncology publications
  • Gives relevant examples that are important for analyzing data in oncology, including the design and analysis of clinical trials
  • Tests your comprehension of key biostatistical concepts with problem sets at the end of each section and a final section devoted to board-style multiple choice questions and answers
  • Includes digital access to the eBook
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Tumor Board Review, Second Edition

Acquire the knowledge and confidence you need for success with this concise yet comprehensive review for clinical oncologists preparing for certification, recertification, or for case-based learning in practice.

Distilling all of the information you need to pass the exam, the guide also contains 250 multiple-choice Q&As to strengthen your knowledge and indicate areas needing additional study. Several tumor board-style case studies and evidence-based management discussions reinforce current guidelines and explain the rationale for diagnostic and therapeutic steps taken.

The Book features:

  • Presents the most recent guidelines and management standards in user-friendly format
  • Addresses recent scientific advances in assessment and treatment
  • Focuses on current indications, use of new drugs, and treatment of side effects
  • Includes new FDA-approved drugs and guidelines
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