Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy

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Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy

SKU# 9781888799897

Author: Orrin Devinsky MD, Steven C. Shachter MD, Steven V. Pacia MD


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"Epilepsy is a difficult illness to control up to 35% of patients do not respond fully to traditional medical treatments. For this reason, many sufferers choose to rely on or incorporate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) into their treatment regimens. Written for physicians, knowledgeable laypersons, and other professionals, Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy bridges the worlds of traditional medicine and CAM to foster a broader perspective of healthcare for patients.

The book respects cultural differences that may incorporate alternative medicine into a medical management program, and encourages patients to safely continue receiving necessary medical treatments. Wherever possible, scientific evidence supports the choice of treatment modalities, as well as the effectiveness of a combined traditional and CAM approach. Readers will find incisive discussions in sections on:

  • Learning to Reduce Seizures
  • Asian, Herbal and Homeopathic Therapies
  • Nutritional Therapies
  • Alternative Medical Therapies
  • Oxygen Therapies
  • Manipulation and Osteopathic Therapies
  • Music, Art, and Pet Therapies

From stress and epilepsy, to acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapies, homeopathy, ketogenic diets, aromatherapy, hypnosis, and more, the book is all-inclusive and enlightening. Additional commentary by the editors provides a critical vantage point from which to interpret the data and viewpoints of the contributors, all experts in the therapies presented. This balanced, scientific approach will appeal to even those most skeptical of alternative therapies, making the book essential for every professional who seeks to provide the broadest range of effective patient care."

Product Details 

  • Publication Date May 01, 2005
  • Page Count 330
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9781888799897
  • EISBN 9781934559086

About The Author(s) 

Orrin Devinsky, MD

, is a professor of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine, and director of the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Centers and the Saint Barnabas Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (INN). He has published widely in epilepsy, with more than 250 articles and chapters and more than 20 books and monographs. He is currently on the board of the National Epilepsy Foundation. He is coeditor of, and the journals

Epilepsy and Behavior


Reviews in Neurological Diseases


Table of Contents 

"Section I: Complementary and Alternative Therapies: The Nature of the Evidence; Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Epilepsy: Relation to Western Medicine; The Relevance of Dual Blindness to Complementary and Alternative Complementary Therapies. Section II: Learning to Reduce Seizures; Stress and Epilepsy; Comprehensive Neurobehavioral Approach; Seizure Generation; Neurofeedback Therapy; Autogenic Training; Massage; Aromatherapy and Hypnosis; Meditation; Exercise and Yoga. Section III: Asian, Herbal and Homeopathic Therapies; Ayurveda: The Ancient Indian System of Medicine; Herbal Therapy; Herbal Treatment of Epilepsy (Phytotherapy); Homeopathy; Naturopathic Medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Acupuncture. Section IV: Nutritional Approaches; Nutrition; The Use of Fatty Acids in the Diet for Seizure Management; The Ketogenic Diet. Section V: Alternative Medical Therapies; Hormonal Therapy; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Section VI: Oxygen Therapies; Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Enhancing Oxygen Delivery to the Brain. Section VII: Manipulation and Osteopathic Therapies; The Chiropractic Perspective on Alternative and Complementary Therapies; The Osteopathic Approach to Children with Seizure Disorders; Craniosacral Therapy. Section VIII: Music, Art and Pet Therapies; Music Therapy; Art Therapy; Pet Therapy"

Editorial Review(s) 

" A very timely resource publication...Strongly recommend[ed] all professionals caring for patients with epilepsy." - Epilepsia

"An unusual book of impressive scope... The editors have produced a significant contribution to the literature on epilepsy. Professionals as well as patients and families will find information here that is both provocative and of value."-Neurology

" This multiauthored book, edited by three distinguished epileptologists, covers the whole range of complementary and alternative therapies... The book begins with two excellent chapters, which review the quality and necessity of clinical evidence... Overall, I would highly recommend this book not only to physicians, but also to complementary and alternative medical practitioners, carers, and patients."-The Lancet

"Integrates complementary and alternative medicine into Western medicine for treatment of epilepsy...presents scientific evidence to support its approaches and rationale of treatment." - HerbalGram, The Journal of the American Botanical Council

"A unique contribution to the field of complementary and alternative medicine...[The book] is suitable and useful for all levels of students and practitioners in a wide variety of health disciplines." - Doody's Reviews