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Clinical Advances in Cognitive Psychotherapy

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Clinical Advances in Cognitive Psychotherapy

SKU# 9780826123060

Theory and Application

Author: Robert Leahy PhD


  • E. Thomas Dowd PhD, ABPP

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A virtual Who's Who in the field of cognitive psychotherapy! Tracing the history and derivation of cognitive psychotherapy, the authors discuss its recent developments as an evolving and integrative therapy. Chapters illustrate the applications of cognitive psychotherapy to treat such disorders as anxiety, depression, and social phobia. Other chapters discuss integration with therapy models such as schema-focused and constructivism. New empirically-based research is cited for treating the HIV-positive depressed client, the anorexic or bulimic sufferer, as well as applying cognitive therapy to family and group issues.

Aaron Beck, E. Thomas Dowd, Robert Leahy, W.J. Lyddon, Michael Mahoney, Robert A. Neimeyer are among the stellar contributors to this book.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date April 04, 2002
  • Page Count 464
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826123060
  • EISBN 9780826123077

Table of Contents 

    Prologue: The Life of Aaron T. Beck, Marjorie Weishaar
    Part I: General Theory
  1. History and Recent Developments in Cognitive Psychotherapy, E. Thomas Dowd
  2. Cognitive Models of Depression, Aaron T. Beck
  3. Treating Dysfunctional Beliefs: Implications of the Mood-State Hypothesis, Jacqueline B. Persons and Jeanne Miranda
  4. Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression: Theory and Evidence, Lyn Y. Abramson, Lauren B. Alloy, Michael E. Hogan, Wayne G. Whitehouse, Patricia Donovan, Donna T. Rose, Catherine Panzarella and David Raniere
  5. An Integrative Schema-Focused Model for Personality Disorders, Jeffrey E. Young and Michael Lindemann
  6. Constructivism and the Cognitive Psychotherapies: Conceptual and Strategic Contrasts, Robert A. Neimeyer
  7. Psychotherapy and the Cognitive Sciences: An Evolving Alliance, Michael J. Mahoney and Tyler J. Gabriel
  8. Cognitive Therapy: The Repair of Memory, Karen Fleming, Rebecca Heikkinen and E. Thomas Dowd
  9. An Investment Model of Depressive Resistance, Robert L. Leahy
  10. Cognitive Psychotherapy and Postmodernism: Emerging Themes and Challenges, William J. Lyddon and Robin Weill

  11. Part II: Applications
  12. Empirically Supported Treatment for Panic Disorder: Research, Theory, and Application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, William C. Sanderson and Simon A. Rego
  13. Cognitive Factors in Panic Attacks: Symptom Probability and Sensitivity, Anke Ehlers
  14. The Consequences of Panic, Stanley Rachman
  15. A New Cognitive Treatment for Social Phobias: A Single-Case Study, Anthony Bates and David M. Clark
  16. Cognitive Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Significance of Comorbid Personality Disorders, Williams C. Sanderson, Aaron T. Beck and Lata K. McGinn
  17. Imagery Rescripting: A New Treatment for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Suffering From Posttraumatic Stress, Mervin R. Smucker, Constance Dancu, Edna B. Foa and Jan L. Niederee
  18. Hypotheticals in Cognitive Psychotherapy: Creative Questions, Novel Answers, and Therapeutic Change, Cory F. Newman
  19. Implicit Learning, Tacit Knowledge, and Implications for Stasis and Change in Cognitive Psychotherapy, E. Thomas Dowd and Karen Courchaine
  20. Stress and Stress Management: A Cognitive View, James L. Pretzer, Aaron T. Beck and Cory F. Newman
  21. Dysfunctional Beliefs About Intimacy, Karen Kayser and David P. Himle
  22. Patterns of Attachment and the Assessment of Interpersonal Schemata: Understanding and Changing Difficult Patient-Therapist Relationships in Cognitive Psychotherapy, Giovanni Liotti
  23. Cognitive Therapy with A Depressed HIV-Positive Gay Man, Vicki L. Gluhoski
  24. Content, Origins, and Consequences of Dysfunctional Beliefs in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, Myra J. Cooper, Gillian Todd and Adrian Wells
  25. Cognitive Therapy: Current Problems and Future Directions, Robert L. Leahy

  26. Index