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Case-Based Neurology

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Case-Based Neurology

SKU# 9781933864259

Author: Anuradha Singh MD


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"If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a visual memory of a good clinical case will be retained and absorbed in a way that traditional text readings are not. Abundantly illustrated throughout, Case-Based Neurology offers an overview of a wide range of common neurological conditions. Organized by chief complaint and presented in a consistent format, each case includes history, "stop and think" questions, physical examination, laboratory testing, imaging findings, diagnosis, and discussion, including differential diagnosis and treatment. References and suggested readings follow for further study.

Case-Based Neurology provides a broad selection of cases drawn from all major areas of neurology including critical care and trauma, epilepsy, movement disorders, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord pathologies, neuro-oncology, neuromuscular and peripheral nervous system disorders, neuro-immunology, and neuro-infectious diseases. As the reader works through the cases, the importance of careful history taking, thorough examination, and ordering appropriate diagnostic studies is reinforced as it becomes apparent that the same chief complaint can lead to totally different diagnoses. Controversies in management are addressed within the case discussions to highlight differences in treatment philosophy and help sharpen clinical acumen.

Features of Case-Based Neurology include:

  • Case-based format that simulates clinical situations and builds diagnostic skills
  • Effective teaching and learning tool - ideal for Board preparation
  • Covers a wide range of common neurological conditions and typical and atypical disease presentations
  • Differential diagnosis, treatment, and controversies in management are incorporated in case discussions
  • Key clinical findings are documented with high-quality images throughout

Product Details 

  • Publication Date December 23, 2011
  • Page Count 416
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9781933864259
  • EISBN 9781935281924

Table of Contents 

"Contributors, Foreword by Edwin H. Kolodny, MD, Preface, Acknowledgments, Abbreviations, 1. Poorly Controlled Headaches Since 8 Years of Age, Sana S. Shah and Sara C. Crystal 2. Chronic Progressive Walking Difficulties, Jerome J. Graber 3. New Onset Focal Seizure, Headache, and Personality Changes, Samuel A. Goldlust 4. Sudden Speech Problems, Kristin M. Waldron and Anuradha Singh 5. Progressive Leg Weakness for the Past 6 Years, Rikki Racela 6. Right-Sided Head, Neck Pain, and Left Leg Weakness, Brijesh Malkani, Niushen Zhang, and Sara C. Crystal 7. Headaches and Blurring of Vision, Shahzad Raza and Anuradha Singh 8. Progressive Leg Weakness, Yaniv Chen 9. History of Headaches and Seizures, GeneviËve Legault and Anuradha Singh 10. Sudden Onset of Slurring of Speech, Addie Peretz and Anuradha Singh 11. Left -Sided Neck Pain and Ptosis, Ritvij Bowry, Anuradha Singh, and Daniel Sahlein 12. Weakness and Stiffness of Both Hands, Mary Lynn Chu 13. New Onset First Unprovoked Seizure, Anuradha Singh, Phillip Paul Amodeo, and Christina Coyle 14. Rapidly Deteriorating Visual Problems, Confusion, and Cognitive Decline, Lara V. Marcuse and Martin J. Sadowski 15. Progressive Arm and Hand Weakness, Winfred Poayi Wu, Benjamin Ge, Muznay Naveed Khawaja,and Anuradha Singh 16. Insidious Right Leg Weakness, Thomas J. Kaley and Lauren E. Abrey 17. Paralysis of Face, Rikki Racela, Varendra Gosein, and Anuradha Singh 18. Right Leg Pain, Anuradha Singh, John Engler, and Ramesh P. Babu 19. New Onset Memory Difficulties and Episodes of Unresponsiveness, Rachel Brandstadter, Betty Mintz, and Lara V. Marcuse 20. Facial Pain, John Engler and Ramesh P. Babu 21. Involuntary Twitches and Vocalizations, Kristin M. Waldron 22. Altered Mental Status, Philippe Douyo 23. Sudden Onset Tremors, Marjorie E. Bunch 24. Subacute Onset of Tingling in the Hands and Feet, Jason L. Kiner 25. Right Arm and Leg Weakness, Jai S. Perumal 26. Severe Headache and Balance Problems, Jonathan H. Howard and Robert J. Bollo 27. Sudden Onset Confusion, Vincci Ngan 28. Frequent Falls, Yaniv Chen and Anuradha Singh 29. Medically Refractory Seizures, Maria Stefanidou, Anuradha Singh, and Sarah Milla 30. Left Arm Numbness and Slurred Speech, Jai S. Perumal 31. Dementia and Personality Changes, Sana S. Shah and Adrian T. Chan 32. Headache and Loss of Consciousness, Arielle Kurzweil, Addie Peretz, and Anuradha Singh 33. Headache and Blurring of Vision, Anuradha Singh, Arielle Kurzweil, and Mohammad Fouladvand 34. Slurred Speech and Balance Problems, Shahzad Raza, Jerome J. Graber, and Anuradha Singh 35. Subacute Onset of Balance Problems, Anuradha Singh and Shahzad Raza 36. Acute Onset of Double Vision, David Schick 37. Right-Sided Headache, Mitchell Miglis and Jerome J. Graber 38. Transient Inversions of Visuospatial Field, Susan Shin, Rachael Oxman, Matt Morrison, Qingliang Wang, and Lara V. Marcuse 39. Slow Onset Memory Problems With Aggressive Behavior, Michael Boffa 40. Left Facial Skin Lesion and Episodes of Fear, Maya Katz and Lara V. Marcuse 41. Acute Left -Sided Weakness, Maria Philip, Vincci Ngan, and Anuradha Singh 42. Left -Sided Neck Pain Followed by Difficulty Reading, Performing Motor Tasks, and Speaking, Jonathan H. Howard 43. Tremors and Walking Difficulties, Deepti Anbarasan, Ashish Vyas, and Rebecca Wolf Gilbert 44 .Loud Snoring at Night, Irina Ok and Alcibiades J. Rodriguez 45. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Recurrent Episodes of Sleep Paralysis, Alcibiades J. Rodriguez, Irina Ok, and Sonia Anand 46. History of Brain Tumors, GeneviËve Legault, Arielle Kurzweil, and Anuradha Singh 47. Progressive Weakness and Numbness of the Arms and Legs Kiril Kiprovski 48. Spasms in a Child, Kimberly Parker-Menzer, Chad Carlson, and Anuradha Singh 49. Periods of Confusion, Agitation, and Disorientation, Anuradha Singh and Minjee Kim 50. Left -Arm Weakness in a Patient with Lung Cancer, Jonathan H. Howard, Index"