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Career Counseling Interventions

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Career Counseling Interventions

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Practice with Diverse Clients


  • Wendy K. Killam PhD, NCC, CRC, LPC
  • Suzanne Degges-White PhD, LMHC-IN, LPC-NC, NCC
  • Rebecca E. Michel PhD, LPC

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This graduate text for courses in career counseling is distinguished by its emphasis on creative interventions tailored to the unique needs of diversepopulations. With a focus on career as a cornerstone of personal identity, the book explores the specific meaning of careers within different cultures andexamines the challenges faced by, and potential solutions for, individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs. It describes unique interventions that allowcounseling students to visualize and actualize career counseling with a wide range of clients and demonstrates techniques targeted to each population thatcan be put into practice immediately.

The text provides demographic information regarding specific job-seeking groups including such “traditional” populations as college graduates and workingparents, as well as groups that encounter special challenges such as stay-at-home parents returning to work, formerly incarcerated individuals, people withdisabilities, teen mothers, African American, Hispanic, and Asian males and females, older adults, LGBT individuals, and many others. Over 50 creative,innovative interventions that have been successfully applied help counselors to provide effective career development strategies with each population. Eachchapter includes a vignette representing each population, group demographics, a history of career paths and obstacles, unique needs of the group, supportsalready in place, and specific career counseling assessments and interventions. The book also provides abundant resources for further study. In addition toits value to career counselors, the text will also be useful to personal counselors who often deal with their clients’ career issues during treatment.

Key Features:

  • Provides in-depth exploration of underserved populations who have unique career development needs
  • Includes innovative career counseling interventions that move beyond standard ‚Äújob hunt strategies‚Äù or ‚Äúr√©sum√© preparation tips‚Äù
  • Explores life stage concerns related to career development across multiple diverse identities
  • Gives readers step-by-step details on implementing over 50 creative yet practical career counseling techniques
  • Presents case studies that provide clear examples of the application of relevant interventions

Product Details 

  • Publication Date February 11, 2016
  • Page Count 320
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826132161

About The Author(s) 

Wendy K. Killam, PhD, LPC, CRC, NCC, is a professor in the Department of Human Services at Stephen F. Austin State University. Her research interests include college student adjustment, wellness throughout the life span, issues faced by older adults, and issues faced by veterans and military families. She enjoys working with college students and, in addition to working as a counselor educator, has worked in student affairs.

Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, LPC, LMHC, NCC, is a licensed counselor and professor and chair of the Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University. She is the coauthor of three books that all touch on the ways in which relationships play out across life. These include her most recent book, Toxic Friendships: Knowing the Rules and Dealing With the Friends Who Break Them (2015); Mothers and Daughters: Living, Loving, and Learning Over a Lifetime (2014); and Friends Forever: How Girls and Women Forge Lasting Relationships (2011). Suzanne has also coedited four books addressing clinical counseling practice and innovative counseling interventions.

Rebecca E. Michel, PhD, LCPC, is an assistant professor and doctoral coordinator within the Division of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University. Her research interests include career development, international counseling, and strengths-based education. She is passionate about helping people to discover and capitalize on their unique personal strengths to enhance educational and career success across the life span.

Table of Contents 





1. High School Graduates
Rebecca E. Michel

Case Vignette: Alejandro

Description of the Population

Historical Career Paths for High School Graduates

Career Obstacles Facing High School Graduates

Career Development Needs of High School Graduates

Supports for High School Graduates

Career Counseling Interventions With High School Graduates

Revisiting the Case of Alejandro

Additional Resource Suggestions


2. Community College Students
Kathryn S. Jaekel and Carrie A. Kortegast

Case Vignette: Nicole

The Role of Community Colleges

Description of Community College Students

Historical Career Paths of Community College Students

History of Career Obstacles

Expected Career Development Needs of Community College Students

Needed Supports and Relevant Career Counseling Interventions

Revisiting the Case of Nicole

Additional Resource Suggestions


3. Traditional-Aged College Graduates
Rebecca E. Michel

Case Vignette: Nancy

Description of the Population

Historical Perspective

Challenges for College Graduates

The Needs of Emerging Adults

Supports for College Graduates

Career Counseling With College Graduates

Revisiting the Case of Nancy

Additional Resource Suggestions


4. Nontraditional Higher Education Students
Susan R. Barclay

Case Vignette: Nessa

Description of the Population

Historical Career Paths/Choices Available

History of Nontraditional Student Challenges

Expected Career Development Needs

Supports in Place

Career Counseling Interventions


Revisiting the Case of Nessa

Additional Resource Suggestions


5. Dual-Career Couples
Katherine M. Hermann

Case Vignette: Rachel and Andrew

Dual-Career Couples

Historical Career Paths Typically Taken

History of Career Obstacles

Expected Career Development Needs

Supports in Place

Relevant Career Counseling Interventions

Revisiting the Case of Rachel and Andrew

Additional Resource Suggestions


6. Stay-at-Home Mothers Returning to Work
Suzanne Degges-White

Case Vignette: Sandy

Who Stays at Home to Raise Children?

Obstacles to Finding and Keeping a Job

Facilitative Circumstances and Helpful Resources

Relevant Career Counseling Practices

Revisiting the Case of Sandy

Additional Resource Suggestions


7. Working Parents
Rebecca E. Michel and Eric J. Michel

Case Vignette: Philip and Laura

Description of the Population

Historical Overview

Career Development Needs

Career Development Supports

Relevant Career Counseling Interventions

Revisiting the Case of Philip and Laura

Additional Resource Suggestions


8. Midlife Adults: At 40, the Eyes Had It, Now at 50, the Career Does! When Career Vision Begins to Blur
Kevin B. Stoltz

Case Vignette: Zek

Description of the Population

Historical Overview

Barriers to Career Transition

Resources for Midlife Transition Counseling

Meeting the Career Transition Needs of Midlife Clients

Revisiting the Case of Zek

Additional Resource Suggestions


9. Older Adults
Wendy K. Killam and Bill Weber

Case Vignette: John

Description of the Population

Historical Perspective

Challenges Faced by Older Workers

Future Trends

Revisiting the Case of John


10. Veterans
Wendy K. Killam, Bill Weber, Tony Michael, and Chad Luke

Case Vignette: Mark

Description of the Population

Historical Paths and Career Challenges

Expected Career Development Needs

Supports in Place

Revisiting the Case of Mark


11. Caregivers
Nakeshi L. Dyer and Jonie Oliver

Case Vignette: Sharon

The Diverse Caregiver Population

Traditional Career Paths

History of Career Obstacles

Expected Career Development Needs

Supports in Place for Caregivers Returning to Work

Relevant Career Counseling Interventions


Revisiting the Case of Sharon


12. Teen Mothers
Diandra J. Prescod

Case Vignette: Wilhel

Meeting the Career Counseling Needs of Unwed Teen Mothers

Expected Career Development Needs

Revisiting the Case of Wilhel

Additional Resource Suggestions


13. Formerly Incarcerated Individuals
Robert A. Dobmeier

Case Vignette: Yvette

Description of the Population

Historical Career Paths/Choices Available

History of Career Obstacles

Expected Career Development Needs

Services for Incarcerated Older Adults

Career Counseling Interventions

Revisiting the Case of Yvette

Additional Resource Suggestions


14. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals
Jane Rheineck, Suzanna M. Wise, and Jakendra D. Williams

Case Vignette: Dillon

Career Counseling Needs Within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community

Historical Perspective

Expected Career Development Needs

Effective Career Counseling Interventions

Understanding the Unique Needs of Transgender Clients in the Workplace

Transgender Clients’ Experiences in the Workplace

Recommendations for Working With Clients Who Identify as Transgender

Revisiting the Case of Dillon

Additional Resource Suggestions


15. Culturally Diverse Women
Ricardo Phipps

Case Vignette: Jackie

Career Development of Women of Color

Career Development of Religious Minority Women

Career Development of Women With Disabilities

Current Challenges Faced by Culturally Diverse Women

Theory and Techniques in Career Counseling With Culturally Diverse Women


Revisiting the Case of Jackie


16. Culturally Diverse Men
Anne G. Morring, Andre Joachim, Beheshteh Abdi, Wendy K. Killam, and Suzanne Degges-White

Case Vignette: Reggie

Career Counseling Considerations for African American Men

Career Barriers

Expected Career Development Needs

Career Counseling Considerations for Latino Men

Career Counseling Considerations With Asian American Men

Career Counseling Interventions and Techniques for Diverse Men

Revisiting the Case of Reggie



Appendix A: Interventions for High School Graduates

Branching Out on the Family Tree of Careers

Bridge of Life: Creating a Career Path

Career Tree

Computer-Generated Career Trading Cards: Envisioning Going Pro

The Key to Your Treasure Box

The Road to Success

Appendix B: Interventions for Community College Graduates

The Career Jar

Think Tank

You’ve Got Skills! Making the Most Out of the Skills You Possess

Appendix C: Interventions for Traditional College Graduates

Carnation Career Collage

Reading Between the Lines

Appendix D: Interventions for Nontraditional Higher Education Students

Getting a Life!

Getting Smart: Setting Smart Goals in Career Exploration

How Do You Like Your Ps and Carrots?

Appendix E: Interventions for Dual-Career Couples

Power Couples: Unite!

Navigating Military Culture While Retaining a Sense of “I”

What’s Your Temperature?

Appendix F: Interventions for Stay-at-Home Mothers Returning to Work

Lyrics of My Life

Maximizing Unemployment: Empowering Females for Workforce Reentry

Appendix G: Interventions for Working Parents

Give Me Five

Sharing Recipes for Success

Appendix H: Interventions for Midlife Adults

Career Walkabout

Lost in Time

Appendix I: Interventions for Older Adults

Career Timeline: Highs and Lows

Emotionally Focused Career Portfolio Processing Interventions for Mature Adults

Appendix J: Interventions for Veterans

Career Genogram

Career Strategy and Tactics-Planned Happenstance

Counterintelligence: Career Myths for Veterans

Creating a “Soup Sandwich” Out of Career Exploration

Flagging the Career Minefield

“Flight Simulated” Job Interview

On the Double: Developing a Job Interview Script

Reframing Your Career House

“Semper Fi-Able” Traits

The “Squared Away” Resume

Who’s Got Your 6?

Appendix K: Interventions for Caregivers

A Playlist for Empowerment: Songs in the Key of Your Life

From Reporting to Resumes

Getting Rid of Ghosts

Appendix L: Interventions for Teen Mothers

Conquering Choices and Challenges: Career Map Coconstruction

Reconceptualizing Career Identity: Utilizing Strengths to Transcend Domains

Appendix M: Interventions for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

The Road Not Taken: Exploring Career Journey as Life Story

Unveiling Institutional Barriers While Empowering Individuals for Success

Appendix N: Interventions for Diverse Individuals

Career Crossroads: Supporting Transgender Clients in Transition

Career Exploration of Transgender Youth Through Sandtray

Coming Out at Work

Co-constructing the Career Story: Working With Diverse Clients

Appendix O: Interventions Using Sandtray

Sandtray Genogram Variation 1

Sandtray Genogram Variation 2

Sandtray Genogram Variation 3

Uncovering Solutions to Career Challenges

Appendix P: Appendices References