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Critical Advances in Reminiscence Work

SKU# 9780826100856

From Theory to Application


  • Jeffrey Dean Webster MEd
  • Barbara K. Haight DrPh, RN, FAAN

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This book is a mind opener to many important issues of human behavior."
-- from the Foreword by James E. Birren

Reminiscence work continues to develop in exciting and productive ways. In this volume, Webster and Haight along with multidisciplinary contributors point out ways of improving the quality of life through the processes of reminiscence. They present examples of cutting-edge treatments in reminiscence work.

Organized into sections, the book sets the stage with a valuable review of the literature and then focuses on conceptual issues, developmental/sociocultural contexts, special populations, and clinical applications. Topics addressed include: reminiscence and development in late life, personal identity/social discontinuity, spiritual reminiscence, story-telling, integrating reminiscence and life review techniques with therapy, and reminiscence groups for people with dementia, among them.

Critical Advances in Reminiscence Work will help shape the direction of the field in the future and should be read by every practitioner, researcher, and senior undergraduate/graduate student interested in biographical approaches.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date September 05, 2000
  • Page Count 392
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826100856
  • EISBN 9780826196828

Table of Contents 

    Foreword, James E. Birren
    Preface, Jeffrey Dean Webster and Barbara K. Haight
    Part I: Overview
  1. A Continued Review of Reminiscence Work, Shirley Hendrix and Barbara K. Haight

  2. Part II: Conceptual Issues
  3. Reminiscence and Oral History: Some Comparisons Across Parallel Universes, Joanna Bornat
  4. To Review or Not to Review? The Role of Personality and Life Events in Life Review and Adaptation to Older Age, Paul Wink and Brian Schiff
  5. Exploring the Fuctions of Autobiographical Memory: Why Do I Remember the Autumn? Susan Bluck and Nicole Alea
  6. New Meanings for Old Tales: A Discourse-Based Study of Reminiscence and Development in Late Life, Sally Chandler and Ruth Ray
  7. Reframing Reminiscence as a Cognitive-Linguistic Phenomenon, Joyce L. Harris and Michelle L. Norman

  8. Part III: Developmental and Sociocultural Issues
  9. Reminiscing and Relating: The Development of Parent-Child Talk About the Past, Robyn Fivush and Elaine Reese
  10. Souvenirs and Other Personal Objects: Reminding of Past Events and Significant Others in the Transition to University, Tilmann Habermas and Christine Paha
  11. Reminiscence Functions in Adulthood: Age, Ethnic, and Family Dynamics Correlates, Jeffrey Dean Webster
  12. Reminiscence, Personal Meaning, Themes and the “Object Relations” of Older People, Robert L. Rubinstein
  13. Personal Identity and Social Discontinuity: On Memories of the “War Generation” in Former West Germany, Barbara Keller

  14. Part IV: Special Populations
  15. Themes of Continuity and Change in the Spiritual Reminscence of Elder Catholic Women Religious, Susan Perschbacher Melia
  16. Female Survivors of Abuse and Violence: The Influence of Storytelling Reminiscence on Perceptions of Self-Efficacy, Ego Strength and Self-Esteem, Prem S. Fry and Lisa A. Barker
  17. Trauma, Reconciliation, and Generativity: The Stories Told By European War Veterans, Peter G. Coleman, Airi Hautamaki, and Andrei Podolskij
  18. Reminiscence as Reading Our Lives: Toward a Wisdom Environment, William L. Randall and Gary M. Kenyon

  19. Part V: Clinical Applications
  20. Transformation in Life Stories: The Canadian War Veterans Life Review Project, Muriel E. Shaw and Marvin J. Westwood
  21. Integrating Reminiscence and Life Review Techniques with Brief, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, John A. Kunz
  22. Evaluative Research on Reminiscence Groups for People with Dementia, Toyoko Nomura
  23. Cognitive-Reminiscence Therapy for Depresed Older Adults in Day Hospital and Long-Term Care, Phillippe Cappeliez

  24. The End of the Story, Barbara K. Haight and Jeffrey D. Webster

  25. References