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Influences on the Dynamics of Family Relationships


  • Bert Hayslip, Jr. PhD
  • Christine A. Fruhauf PhD
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This landmark resource investigates and documents current and predicted trends regarding the experiences of grandparents in the United States and abroad. Edited by two of the foremost scholars and educators on the health and wellbeing of grandparents raising their grandchildren, it reflects the enormous changes in the roles of grandparents during the last several decades and explores the historical and social context in which these changes have occurred.

With contributions from internationally recognized scholars in family studies, gerontology, human development, psychology, social work, and sociology, this interdisciplinary resource examines the roles of grandparents from multiple perspectives including the cultural/historical, developmental, ecological, and cross cultural, as well as from a clinical/family systems perspective. It reflects the redefinition of the role of grandparents over the past 20 years, mirroring societal shifts in greater longevity and life expectancy, and a greater awareness that grandparenting cannot be viewed in a sociocultural vacuum. Scholars, clinicians, and educators of adult development and aging, will find a wealth of critical information in their fields of endeavor, as will policy makers and clinical practitioners. Print version of the book includes free, searchable, digital access to entire contents of the book!

Key Features:

  • Addresses new dimensions of grandparenting such as sexual orientation, health of grandparents, resilience and resourcefulness, step-grandparents, and great-grandparenting
  • Delivers groundbreaking research on the health and wellbeing of grandparents caring for their grandchildren
  • Covers decreasing health disparities, health care coverage, and stipends for grandparents who are not certified kinship providers
  • Examines grief, clinical interventions, grandparent-grandchild and intergenerational relationships, divorce, and the prevalence of multigenerational households
  • Discusses the expanding role of grandfathers, the impact of HIV-AIDS and drug addiction on grandparents, and the global nature of grandparenting
  • Includes clinical case study approaches to helping grandparents

Product Details 

  • Publication Date February 15, 2019
  • Page Count 402
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826149848
  • EISBN 9780826149855

Table of Contents 



Helen Q. Kivnick

Section 1: Understanding Grandparenthood

1. Theoretical Approaches to Grandparenting

Katherine R. Allen, Angela C. Henderson, and Michelle M. Murray

2. Research Methods and Grandparenting

Joyce Weil and Angela Nancy Mendoza

3. From the Classic to the Third Demographic Transition: Grandparenting across Three Cohorts in the U.S.

Luoman Bao and Feinian Chen

4. Grandparent-grandchild Relationships: A Proposed Mutuality Model with a Focus on Young Children and Adolescents

Eva Kahana, Boaz Kahana, Timothy Goler, and Jeffery Kahana

5. Growing Old and Growing Up: Grandparents and their Adult Grandchildren in the Context of Mutigenerational Relationships

Merril Silverstein

6. Divorce and Stepgrandparenthood

Lawrence Ganong, Caroline Sanner, and Marilyn Coleman

7. Grandfathers: Are their Roles Changing and is this Having on Impact on Grandchildren?

Ann Buchanan

Section 2: Grandparents and Diversity

8. Grandparenthood and Sexual Orientation

Christine A. Fruhauf, Kristin Scherrer, and Nancy A. Orel

9. Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren

Bert Hayslip Jr. and Christine A. Fruhauf

10. Grandparents in Changing Times: Negotiating Gender Across Generations

Amanda E. Barnett and Ingrid A. Connidis

Section 3: Difficulties and Strengths in Grandparenting

11. Grandparents and Health

Jeremy B. Yorgason and Melanie S. Hill

12. Grandparenthood: Clinical Issues and Interventions

Megan L. Dolbin-MacNab, Bradford D. Stucki, and Jameson E. Natwick

13. Resilience, Resourcefulness, and Grandparenting

Carol M. Musil, Jaclene A. Zauszniewski, Sarah E. Givens, Christina Henrich, McKenzie Wallace, Alexandra Jeanblanc, and Christopher J. Burant

14. Clinical Intervention of Grandfamilies in a Rural Setting: A Special Case

Robert J. Maiden

15. Grandparents and Grief

Andrea C. Walker

16. Grandparenting when Grandchildren are not Present

Shannon E. Jarrott, Shelbie G. Turner, Jill J. Naar, and Aaron M. Ogletree

Section 4: Cultural/Societal Aspects of Grandparenting

17. Grandparents and Social Policy

Carole B. Cox

18. Grandparents and Race/Ethnicity

Julian Montoro-Rodriguez and Jennifer Ramsey

19. Grandparent Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation

Paris S. Strom and Robert D. Strom

20. Global Perspectives on Grandparenting: A Conceptual Metaframework

Megan L. Dolbin-MacNab and Loriena A. Yancura

21. Great Grandparenting in Israel

Ahuva Even-Zohar

22. What’s Next for Grandparenthood Research? Conclusions and Future Directions

Christine A. Fruhauf and Bert Hayslip Jr.