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Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 33, 2013

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Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 33, 2013

SKU# 9780826109941

Healthy Longevity


  • Jean-Marie Robine PhD
  • Carol Jagger PhD
  • Eileen Crimmins PhD

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Developed countries and certain regions of economically emerging nations have displaying a rapidly growing population of the oldest-oldónonagenarians, centenarians, and supercentenarians. As this trend continues, we must redirect some of our research on aging to the experience of advanced old age and discovering individual and community factors that improve the quality of life during this life stage. This state-of-the science, multidisciplinary Annual provides a comprehensive discussion of the factors promoting healthy survival and/or ensuring a good quality of life for the oldest elderly. It features an international representation that includes Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, and North America. The Annual disseminates the most current research regarding this population and notes gaps in our knowledge.

The book addresses ongoing demo-epidemiological changes regarding longevity, estimates of oldest-old populations, and prevalence of chronic and degenerative diseases, frailty, and old-age dependency. The meaning of healthy longevity as a theoretical concept is explored. Grounded in the fundamental issue of whether or not the prevalence of poor health or poor quality of life inevitably increases with age, recent research and ongoing studies from a variety of perspectives are presented from several nations. The book clarifies the known and hypothetical factors favoring healthy longevity, from genes to social integration. Additionally, chapters explore gender differences in age trajectories and changes over time. Special attention is given to the social and cognitive dimensions of healthy longevity.

Key Features:

  • Disseminates new scholarly research about a rapidly growing segment of the population√≥the oldest old
  • Offers multidisciplinary and international perspectives about the factors that promote healthy survival and improve quality of life
  • Addresses the social and cognitive dimensions of healthy longevity
  • Provides important information regarding health care costs for this population
  • Includes the research of seasoned and emerging scholars

Product Details 

  • Publication Date February 20, 2013
  • Page Count 280
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826109941

Table of Contents 


Jean-Marie Robine, Carol Jagger and Eileen Crimmins

Section 1: How healthy are the longest lived?

Chapter 1. The oldest-old: Health in Europe and the United States

Aïda Solé-Auró and Eileen M. Crimmins

Chapter 2. Age Trajectory of High Cognitive Functioning Among the Oldest Old

Mikael Thinggaard, Matt McGue and Kaare Christensen

Chapter 3. Malleability of human ageing: the curious case of old age mortality in Japan

Frouke M. Engelaer, Eugene M.G. Milne, David van Bodegom, Yasuhiko Saito, Rudi G.J. Westendorp and Thomas B.L. Kirkwood

Chapter 4. Quality of health care: approaches and findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Nicholas Steel, David Melzer and Suzanne Richards

Chapter 5. The semantic network of ageing well

Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros, Maria-Angeles Molina, Rocio Schettini and Marta Santacreu

Chapter 6. A New Concept of Successful Aging in the Oldest-old. – Development of gerotranscendence and its influence on the psychological well-being –

Yasuyuki Gondo, Takeshi Nakagawa and Yukie Masui

Section 2: What drives healthy longevity?

Chapter 7. Optimizing Human Healthspan and Lifespan: Insights from Okinawa and Hawaii

Bradley J. Willcox, Makoto Suzuki, Timothy A. Donlon, Qimei He, John S. Grove, Kamal H. Masaki and D. Craig Willcox

Chapter 8. Mobility in human aging: A multidisciplinary lifespan conceptual framework

Luigi Ferrucci and Jack M. Guralnik

Chapter 9. Physical and Biological Indicators of Health and Functioning in U.S. Oldest-Old

Jennifer Ailshire and Eileen Crimmins

Chapter 10. Extended Fixed Attribute Dynamics Method and an Illustrative Application in Bio-demographic-genetic Analysis on Longevity

Zeng Yi

Chapter 11. Gene expression biomarkers and longevity

David Melzer, Luke C Pilling, Alexander D Fellows, Alice C Holly, Lorna W Harries and Luigi Ferrucci

Section 3: Are we living longer healthier?

Chapter 12. Understanding the mortality decline at older ages: improved life course or improved present period?

Dorly Deeg, Majogé J.G. van Vliet, Jan W.P.F. Kardaun and Martijn Huisman

Chapter 13. Recent trends in disability-free life expectancy in the French elderly: Twenty years follow-up of the Paquid cohort

Karine Pérès, Arlette Edjolo, Jean-François Dartigues and Pascale Barberger-Gateau

Chapter 14. Trends of functioning and health in nonagenarians - the Vitality 90+ Study

Marja Jylha, Linda Enroth and Tiina Luukkaala

Chapter 15. Trends over time in cognitive function and activities of daily living among Danish centenarians

Karen Andersen-Ranberg

Chapter 16. Sex differences in healthy life expectancy in the Netherlands

Frouke M. Engelaer, David van Bodegom and Rudi G.J. Westendorp


Jean-Marie Robine, Carol Jagger and Eileen Crimmins