Assisted Living Nursing

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Assisted Living Nursing

SKU# 9780826157386

A Manual for Management and Practice


  • Barbara Resnick PhD, CRNP, FAAN
  • Ethel Mitty EdD, RN

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Caring for the older adult population is a challenge and the goal of nursing practice is to help preserve or restore an older adult's function and maximize their well-being and quality of life. This book is a wonderful resource for assisted living clinicians and nurses who wish to serve this population. It is well written, easy to read, and well organized so it can be used as a textbook for nursing students in geriatric nursing." Score: 94, 4 stars


This book, written by and for nurses across the spectrum of nurse providers (advanced practice nurses, delegating nurses, and the direct care workforce), covers all aspects of management as well as the many common clinical problems and syndromes we encounter among older adults. Further, this book proposes wonderful assessment and intervention material that will help the entire health care team keep residents within their AL communities through early recognition and management of acute illnesses. Kudos to our nursing colleagues for editing this publication and may it serve as the useful guide for AL residents across the country."

--John B. Murphy, MD
President, American Geriatrics Society
Professor of Medicine and Family Medicine
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

This book provides a comprehensive overview of both management activities and clinical competencies for assisted living nurses. The authors provide practical guidelines and decision-making models to help nurses address both the large- and small-scale challenges of their daily practice.

With Assisted Living Nursing, readers can gain the essential problem-solving and task management skills critical to their daily work. The contributors cover a wide range of topics, including:

Ethics in nursing practice
Regulatory oversight and reimbursement
Organizational culture
Leadership theories and styles
Conflict resolution
Finance and budget management
Risk assessment

Clinical Practice
Admission-transfer-discharge assessment
Infection Control
Cultural aspects of care
Geriatric clinical syndromes and disorders
Palliative and hospice care principles
Rehabilitation/restorative nursing
Theories of aging

Ultimately, this book serves as the definitive, one-stop resource, addressing virtually every topic of interest to assisted living nurses."

Product Details 

  • Publication Date July 13, 2009
  • Page Count 416
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826157386
  • EISBN 9780826157393

Table of Contents 

Foreword: Mathy Mezey, EdD, RN, FAAN

Management and Leadership
Chapter 1 The Assisted Living Setting of Nursing Practice - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 2 Public Policies, Assisted Living Models, and Regulations - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 3 The Economics of Assisted Living - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 4 Marketing, Quality, Consumer Choice, and Admission Agreements - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 5 Nursing and Organizational Theory, Practice, and Culture - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 6 Leadership/Management Style and Assessment - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 7 Problem Management, Change, and Team Building - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 8 Staff Development and Training - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 9 Staffing, Assignments, Delegation, and Time Management - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 10 Medication Management - Ethel Mitty and Sandi Flores
Chapter 11 Finance and Budget - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 12 Law, Legal Issues, and Labor Relations - Ethel Mitty
Chapter 13 Quality Improvement, Research, and Education - Ethel Mitty

Approach to the ResidentApproach to the Resident
Chapter 14 Resident Assessment and Service Plan Construction - Ethel Mitty, Sandi Flores, and Thomas M. Gill
Chapter 15 Cultural Aspects of Care - Reva N. Adler
Chapter 16 Psychosocial Aspects of Aging - Kenneth W. Hepburn and Ethel Mitty
Chapter 17 The Continuum of Care - Ethel Mitty and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 18 Physical Activity - David M. Buchner and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 19 Prevention - Harrison Bloom and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 20 Pharmacotherapy - Todd P. Semla, Paula A. Rochon, and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 21 Chronic Pain and Persistent Pain - Jennifer Kapo, Debra K. Weiner, and Barbara Resnick

Syndromes Chapter 22 Visual Impairment - David Sarraf Anne L. Coleman, and Anne Scheve
Chapter 23 Hearing Impairment - Priscilla Faith Bade and Anne Scheve
Chapter 24 Dizziness - Kurt Kroenke and Joan Gleba Carpenter
Chapter 25 Maintenance of Nutritional Status - Colleen Christmas and Anna M. Mago-Sisic
Chapter 26 Urinary Incontinence - Catherine E. DuBeau and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 27 Gait Impairment - Neil B. Alexander and Kathleen Michael
Chapter 28 Falls - Douglas P. Kiel and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 29 Osteoporosis - Karen M. Prestwood and Andrea Brassard
Chapter 30 Behavior Problems in Dementia - Melinda S. Lantz, Constantine G. Lyketsos, and Elizabeth Galik
Chapter 31 Delirium - Elizabeth Galik
Chapter 32 Sleep Disorders - Cathy A. Alessi and Ethel Mitty
Chapter 33 Pressure Ulcers - Anna M. Mago-Sisic and Courtney H. Lyder

Psychological HealthPsychological Health
Chapter 34 Depression and Other Mood Disorders - Gary J. Kennedy and Maureen Kilby
Chapter 35 Anxiety Disorders - Erin L. Cassidy, Javaid I. Sheikh, and Elizabeth Galik
Chapter 36 Personality and Somatoform Disorders - Marc Edward Agronin and Elizabeth Galik
Chapter 37 Substance Abuse - David W. Oslin and Ethel Mitty

Diseases and Disorders
Chapter 38 Dermatologic Diseases and Disorders - Sumaira Z. Aasi and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 39 Oral Diseases and Disorders - Kenneth Shay, Bradford L. Picot, and Sandra J. Fulton Picot
Chapter 40 Respiratory Diseases and Disorders - E. Wesley Ely and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 41 Infectious Diseases - Kevin Paul High and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 42 Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders - Wilbert S. Aronow and Yael Sollins
Chapter 43 Hypertension - Mark Andrew Supiano and Jennifer Hauf
Chapter 44 Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases and Disorders - David A. Gruenewald, Alvin M. Matsumoto, Caroline Blaum, and Krystal L. Thomas
Chapter 45 Gastrointestinal Diseases and Disorders - George Triadafi lopoulos and Jennifer Hauf
Chapter 46 Gynecologic Diseases and Sexual Disorders in Women and Men - G. Willy Davila, Angela Gentili, Thomas Mulligan, and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 47 Prostate Diseases and Disorders - Lisa J. Granville and Susan Avillo Scherr
Chapter 48 Musculoskeletal Diseases and Disorders - John W. Rachow and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 49 Neurologic Diseases and Disorders - Coleman O. Martin, Harold P. Adams, Jr., and Joan Gleba Carpenter
Chapter 50 Hematologic Diseases and Disorders - Gurkamal Chatta, David A. Lipschitz, and Barbara Resnick
Chapter 51 Oncology - Susan Avillo Scherr, William B. Ershler, and Dan L. Longo

Appendix: Web Site Resources for Care of Older Adults