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Affect Imagery Consciousness

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Affect Imagery Consciousness

SKU# 9780826144065

Volume III: The Negative Affects: Anger and Fear and Volume IV: Cognition: Duplication and Transformation of Information

Author: Silvan S. Tomkins PhD


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...brilliant..."--Malcolm Gladwell, Author of Blink

The writings for which this essay is offered as a Prologue consumed him from the mid-1950s through the end of his life in 1991. Knowing it was his 'lifework,' Tomkins conflated 'life' and 'work,' reifying the superstition that its completion would equal death and refusing to release for publication long-completed material. He knew the risks associated with this obsessive, neurotic behavior, and the results were as bad as predicted. The first two volumes of Affect Imagery Consciousness (AIC) were released in 1962 and 1963, Volume III in 1991 shortly before he succumbed to a particularly virulent strain of small cell lymphoma, and Volume IV a year after his death. This last book contains Tomkins's understanding of neocortical cognition, ideas that are even now exciting, but until this current publication of his work as a single supervolume, almost nobody has read it. The bulk of his audience had died along with the enthusiasm generated by his ideas. Big science is now more a matter of big machines and unifocal discoveries as the basis for pars pro toto reasoning than big ideas based on the assembly and analysis of all that is known. Tomkins ignored nothing from any science past or present that might lead him toward a more certain understanding of the mind. Every idea, every theory deserved attention if only because significant observations can loiter in blind alleys."--From the prologue by Donald Nathanson, MD

Volume 2 of Springer's deluxe new edition of Tomkins's masterpiece includes The Negative Affects: Fear and Anger and Cognition: Duplication and Transformation of Information.

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  • Publication Date February 15, 2008
  • Page Count 644
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826144065
  • EISBN 9780826144072

Table of Contents 

Prologue by Donald L. Nathanson, MD
Part I: Modifications, Clarifications, and Developments in Affect Theory
24. Affect As Analogic Amplification: Modifications and Clarifications in Theory
25. Affect and Cognition: “Reasons” As Coincidental Causes of Affect Evocation
26. Affect and Cognition: Cognition As Central and Causal in Psychological Magnification
Part II: Anger and Fear
27. Anger and Its Innate Activation
28. The Magnification of Anger
29. The Differential Magnification of Anger
30. The Socialization of Anger
31. Ideology and Anger
32. Anger-Management and Anger-Control Scripts
33. Anger in Affluence and Damage-Repair Scripts
34. Anger in Depressive Scripts
35. Anger in Disgust-Decontamination Scripts
36. Antitoxic Anger-Avoidance Scripts
37. Antitoxic, Anger-Driven Expressive and Counteractive Scripts
38. Antitoxic, Anger-Driven Power and Recasting Scripts
39. Antitoxic, Anger-Driven Destructive Scripts
40. Fear and Its Socialization
41. Fear Magnification and Fear-Based Scripts
42. Introduction to the Second Half of Human Being Theory
Part I: Cognition
43. Cognition: What Is It and Where Is It ?
44. Varieties of Media Mechanisms: A Bottom-Up Perspective
45. Varieties of Information Gain and Script Formation: A Top-Down Perspective
Part II: Memory
46. Memory: Defining Characteristics
47. The Storage and Retrieval of Imagery: The Nature of These Processes
48. The Possibility and Probability of Retrieving Stored Information
49. Implications for Human Development: Continuity and Discontinuity
50. Factors Governing the Activation of Early Memories
Part III: Perception
51. Perception: Defining Characteristics—Central Matching of Imagery
52. The Lower Senses
53. The Higher Senses
Part IV: Other Centrally Controlled Duplicating Mechanisms
54. The Central Assembly: The Limited Channel of Consciousness
55. The Feedback Mechanism: Consciousness, The Image, and the Motoric
Epilogue: Rate Change and Dimensionality as Fundamental Axiom
References—Volumes III and IV
Author Index I-1
Subject Index I-5