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For over 25 years, Minority Nurse has been the premier publication for reaching clinical nurses, nursing students, and nursing faculty from under-represented populations within nursing. With in-depth articles and career opportunities, Minority Nurse,, and the Minority Nurse Newsletter are a must-read resource and essential stops for healthcare and academic recruiters.

Features and Benefits

- Exclusive content including articles,infographics, and career advice for underrepresented nurses in the US
- Available interactive engagement with audio, video, and responsive PDFs
- Data-driven metrics provide analytics for your campaign’s performance - Responsive design for mobile, desktop and tablet devices

Ad Deadline: November 30, 2018



  • Minority Nurse reaches over 656,000+ nurses each year across every hospital in the United States and over 2,000 two- and four-year nursing schools.
  • Unique Users: 656,000+ US nurses on
  • 41.1% African American/Black
  • 32.4% Hispanic/Latino/Latina
  • 19.1% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 7.4% Multi-racial/Other
  • Gender Breakdown: 90.1% Female & 9.9% Male
  • RNs: 81.2% of nurses in our database have an RN
  • Employment: 94.5% of nurses are currently employed
  • Minority Nurse Newsletter is published 52 times per year and is sent to more than 46,000 opt-in recipients.
  • Mobile Usage: 46% of nurses use phones or tablets to access SPC websites and emails


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Digital Media Sales Representative
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