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101 Careers in Healthcare Management, Second Edition

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101 Careers in Healthcare Management, Second Edition

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  • Leonard Friedman PhD, MPH, FACHE
  • Anthony R. Kovner PhD

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101 Careers in Healthcare Management, Second Edition continues to be the only comprehensive guide to careers in health administration, ranging from entry-level management positions to the most senior executive opportunities. The second edition has been updated throughout and includes three new chapters that will assist students and healthcare managers alike. Additional content includes a quick historical overview of the field including its growth and transformation, essential traits that will prepare a professional for career change and advancement, and a call for new leadership competencies which every job candidate should adopt and master in a rapidly adapting industry. The book includes more than 40 new interviews spanning those in entry-level positions to CEOs that reflect a greater diversity of careers and demographics in an evolving job market.

Based on the most current data from the U.S. Department of Labor and professional societies in healthcare management, this guide describes careers in acute and long-term care, physician practices, international and government organizations, commercial insurance, consulting firms, executive search firms, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical devices, public health organizations, information technology and informatics, and regulatory agencies. In each setting, experts explain job responsibilities, educational requirements, opportunities, and traditional and nontraditional career pathways.

Authored by two senior and highly respected leaders in health administration education and written in clear, jargon-free text, the second edition, like its predecessor, is easy-to-navigate and now offers even more insider advice for students of healthcare management, career-changers, and those working in the field who are considering career advancement.


  • New chapters on A Brief History of Healthcare Management, Preparation and Professionalism, and Leadership Competencies for an Uncertain Future
  • Over 40 new interviews with healthcare managers who have changed careers or have advanced in their professional tracks

Product Details 

  • Publication Date October 31, 2017
  • Page Count 402
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826166623
  • EISBN 9780826166630

Table of Contents 

Foreword Christy Harris Lemak, FACHE




I Overview of Healthcare Management

1 Introduction to Healthcare Management

2 A Brief History of Healthcare Management

3 Education in Healthcare Management

4 Finding Jobs in Healthcare Management

5 Preparation and Professionalism

II Healthcare Management Careers

6 Careers in Acute Care Hospital

1. Chief Compliance Officer

2. Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Addo

Christine Candio

3. Chief Financial Officer

4. Chief Information Officer

5. Chief Learning Officer

6. Chief Medical Information Officer

7. Chief Medical Officer

Amit Powar

8. Chief Nursing Officer

Meghan Yeager

9. Chief Operating Officer

Angie Bass

Bahaa Wanly

10. Chief Patient Experience Officer

11. Chief Quality Officer

Dennis R. Delisle

12. Chief Technology Officer

Justin O. Kuprevich

13. Clinical Department Manager

David Nitkin

Erika Schouten

Charles M. Zollinger

14. Community Resource Advisor/Options Counselor

Ray Manahan

15. Director of Business Development

Faiza Haseeb

16. Director of Development

Andrea Zwischenberger

17. Director of Emergency Services

18. Director of Environmental Services

19. Director of Food and Nutrition Services

20. Director of Grants and Contracts

21. Director of Human Resources

Roby A. Hunt

22. Director of Marketing

23. Director of Materials Management

24. Director of Medical Records

25. Director of Patient Accounts

26. Director of Physician Relations

Jonathan T. Brown

27. Director of Social Services

28. Foundation Executive Director

29. Medical Staff Coordinator

30. Volunteer Services Coordinator

7 Careers in Physician Practice Management

31. Administrator

Kellie Valenti

32. Associate Administrator

April D. Sabado

Matthew Juron

Rodney VanDerwarker

Justin Dean Zakia

33. Chief Information Officer

34. Director of Utilization and Case Management

35. Director of Clinical Operations

Marsha Cameron

Damien Cook

36. Director of Finance

37. Human Resources Specialist

38. Physician Compliance Director

39. Quality/Risk Management Director

8 Careers in Long-Term Care

40. Administrator

Ben H. Young

41. Director of Nursing

42. Home Healthcare Agency Director

43. Marketing Specialist

44. Regional Director of Operations

9 Careers in Commercial Health Insurance

45. Claims Representative

46. Group Enrollment Representative

Ken Provencher

47. Provider Contractor

Kelley C. Kaiser

Matt Klosterman

48. Risk Manager

Joe Schomer

10 Careers in Public Health Organizations

49. County Health Department Administrator

Patricia Schnabel Ruppert

50. Deputy Health System Administrator—Indian Health Service

51. Emergency Management Coordinator

52. Veterans Administration Health Systems Specialist

53. Veterans Administration Program Analyst

11 Careers in Consulting Firms

54. Business Solutions Advisor

Gillian V. Jaeger

55. Senior Health Analytics Consultant

David J. Kerrigan

Kimbra Wells Metz

56. Healthcare Consultant

Ricky D. Allen

Lauren Fishkin Kies

57. Research Analyst

12 Careers in Health Information Technology and Health Informatics

58. Director of Health Information Technology Planning and Operations

59. Director of Education and Training

Jennifer Lee

60. Electronic Medical Records Director

61. Health Information Management Coder

62. Health Information Management Exchange Specialist

63. Information Technology Auditor

64. Knowledge Management Specialist

65. Project Manager

Larry T. Jessup

13 Careers in Durable Medical Equipment

66. Customer Service Manager

67. Account Manager

68. Regional Sales Manager

Julie Viola

69. Sales Representative

14 Careers in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Firms

70. Account Manager

71. Associate Program Manager

72. Compliance Specialist

73. Manager, Quality Control

74. Sales Representative

15 Careers in International Health

75. Program Officer

76. Project Coordinator

77. Global Services Quality Manager

16 Careers in Health Sector Association Management

78. Director of Government Affairs

79. Director, Marketing and Communications

80. President and Chief Executive Officer

Anthony C. Stanowski

81. Membership Manager

17 Careers in Federal, State, and Local Government Healthcare Organizations

82. Area Director, Indian Health Service

83. Data Analyst

84. Deputy Director of Public Health Services

85. Health Program Director

Evan Brooksby

86. Local Health Department Consultant

87. Public Health Analyst

18 Careers in Healthcare Regulatory Agencies

88. Assistant Director, Product Development

89. Associate Director, Business Development

Leon Harris

90. Director, Surveyor Management and Development

91. Marketing Operations Specialist

92. Surveyor

19 Careers in Executive Search Firms

93. Research Associate

94. Associate

95. Project Coordinator

96. Recruiting Manager

97. Vice President of Talent Acquisition

20 Careers in Mental Health Organizations

98. Administrator—Inpatient Behavioral Health Program

Mari K. Stout

99. Mental Health Administrator—State Correctional Institution

100. Outpatient Behavioral Health Administrator

101. Primary Care Practice Supervisor

III Leadership and Healthcare Management

21 Leadership Competencies for an Uncertain Future