The Essential Sternberg

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The Essential Sternberg

SKU# 9780826138378

Essays on Intelligence, Psychology, and Education

Author: James C. Kaufman PhD

Editors: Elena L. Grigorenko PhD


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For years, Robert Sternberg has produced renowned, groundbreaking work, and now some of it is captured in one volume:The Essential Sternberg...Established scholars and novices to the field will find this book a useful addition to their libraries.

--Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Robert J. Sternberg has been recognized as one of world's leading authorities on human intelligence and intelligence testing, as well as closely related constructs such as creativity, expertise, giftedness, leadership, and wisdom. He is also one of the most vocal critics of the intelligence testing industry which defines intelligence rather narrowly (i.e., a high score on a paper and pencil intelligence test). Professor Sternberg has devoted his career to expanding the notion of intelligence to include contextual factors, creative abilities, tacit knowledge and practical know-how.

In his current position as Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University, Sternberg is revamping their admissions process to include practical and creative abilities in the assessment of potential incoming freshman. By using Sternberg's broader, more eclectic, approach to admissions, Tufts hopes to identify and recruit a more diverse set of talented students--ones who may not have the best grades or test scores, but who have other, harder-to-measure abilities that can lead to success in college and life. The admissions overhaul is part of a larger experiment that will track these students and compare them to students admitted under traditional assessments. Sternberg's experiment has generated a significant amount of buzz in the college admissions world and has been the subject of recent newspaper articles in The Boston Globe, Inside Higher Education, and The Guardian (UK).

This is a handy compendium of many of Sternberg's most important and influential articles from his thirty-year career. It will provide an introduction and overview of his theories on intelligence and education, and highlight some of his most important articles from a large and disparate output. Beyond it's inherent interest to psychologists, the book will be a useful summary for those people outside of academia who want an overview of Sternberg's views, including politicians, policy makers, teachers, and administrators.


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  • Publication Date December 11, 2008
  • Page Count 512
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826138378
  • EISBN 9780826138385

Table of Contents 

James C. Kaufman and Elena Grigorenko
I. An Introduction to the theory of Successful Intelligence
1. Sketch of a componential subtheory of human intelligence - Robert J. Sternberg
2. Toward a triarchic theory of human intelligence - Robert J. Sternberg
3. The theory of successful intelligence - Robert J. Sternberg
II. Components of Successful Intelligence: Creativity, Practical Intelligence, and Analytic Reasoning
4. The nature of creativity - Robert J. Sternberg
5. Practical intelligence and tacit knowledge: Advancements in the measurement of developing expertise Anna T. Cianciolo, Elena L. Grigorenko, Linda Jarvin, Guillermo Gil, Michael E. Drebot, and Robert J. Sternberg
6. Component processes in analogical reasoning - Robert J. Sternberg
III. Successful Intelligence in the Schools
7. Teaching for successful intelligence: Principles, practices, and outcomes - Robert J. Sternberg
8. Teaching triarchically improves school achievement - Robert J. Sternberg, Bruce Torff, and Elena L. Grigorenko
9. A triarchic analysis of an aptitude-treatment interaction - Robert J. Sternberg, Elena L. Grigorenko, Michel Ferrari, and Pamela Clinkenbeard
10. Using the theory of successful intelligence as a basis for augmenting AP exams in psychology and statistics - Steven E. Stemler, Elena L. Grigorenko, Linda Jarvin, and Robert J. Sternberg
IV. Successful Intelligence and School Admissions
11. The Rainbow Project: Enhancing the SAT through assessments of analytical, practical, and creative skills - Robert J. Sternberg and The Rainbow Project Collaborators
12. Assessing practical intelligence in business school admissions: A supplement to the Graduate Management Admissions Test - Jennifer Hedlund, Jeanne M. Wilt, Kristina L. Nebel, Susan J. Ashford, and Robert J. Sternberg
V. Successful Intelligence, Leadership, and Wisdom
13. A balance theory of wisdom - Robert J. Sternberg
14. WICS: A model of positive educational leadership comprising wisdom, intelligence, and creativity synthesized - Robert J. Sternberg
VI. Robert J. Sternberg on Psychology: Brief Insights
15. It all started with those darn IQ tests: Half a career spent defying the crowd - Robert J. Sternberg
16. Unified psychology - Robert J. Sternberg and Elena L. Grigorenko 17. Fads in psychology: What we can do - Robert J. Sternberg
18. APA is a diamond in the rough - Robert J. Sternberg
19. Producing tomorrow's leaders - in psychology and everything else - Robert J. Sternberg
20. Good intentions, bad results: A dozen reasons why the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act is failing our nation's schools - Robert J. Sternberg