Sex Trafficking

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Sex Trafficking

SKU# 9780826171153

A Clinical Guide for Nurses

Author: Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN

Editors: Mary De Chesnay PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN


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The statistics are staggering: nearly 27 million people worldwide are currently victims of human trafficking, most frequently girls between the ages of 12 and 14. This is the first clinical guide to assessing and treating victims of sex trafficking, encompassing best practices and strategies for overcoming the severe barriers that this group presents. These barriers most notably include separating victims from their pimps/handlers, who exert tight control over their lives, speech, and interactions with healthcare providers.

At the heart of the book are consistently organized chapters addressing the major injuries, diseases and psychological traumas for which trafficked victims are likely to seek treatment. These chapters include a description of each condition, culturally based best practices for treatment, special considerations for male, female, and child victims, and expected outcomes. Citing the specialized circumstances of this population, the book discusses how to adapt current treatments to the special needs of these young victims. Additional features include case studies, short bullet points, and easy-to-follow recommendations. The book also discusses human trafficking as a global issue with particular attention to the United States. The guide describes the countrywide resources available for practitioners to learn about sex trafficking in the United States, focusing on Georgia as the only state to offer a comprehensive approach to sex trafficking and a model for the rest of the country. It also addresses health policy implications for practitioners and how to harness the support of law enforcement entities.


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  • Publication Date December 05, 2012
  • Page Count 400
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826171153

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Table of Contents 


Chapter 1: Sex Trafficking as a New Pandemic

Mary de Chesnay

Chapter 2: Human Trafficking

Keisha Hoerrner and Mark Hoerrner

Chapter 3: Community Models and Resources

Mary de Chesnay

Chapter 4: Working with Law Enforcement

Mark Hoerrner

Chapter 5: Legislation Efforts: The Foundation in the Fight against Sex Trafficking

Jennifer McMahon and Tara Tripp

Chapter 6: Trials and Tribulations: The Prosecution of Sex Traffickers

Jennifer McMahon and Tara Tripp

Chapter 7: Sexual Trafficking: Designing Experiential Learning for Health Professional


Barbara Anderson

Chapter 8: Trafficking and Women of Color: Hidden in Plain Sight

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley and Edwina Knox-Betty


Chapter 9: First-Person Accounts of Illnesses and Injuries Sustained While Trafficked

Mary de Chesnay, Cheryse Chalk-Gaynor, Jennifer Emmons, Emily Peoples, and Chandler Williams

Chapter 10: Health Issues and Interactions with Adult Survivors

Donna Sabella

Chapter 11: A Human Trafficking Toolkit for Nursing Intervention

Patricia Crane

Chapter 12: Malnutrition

Nicole Mareno and Mary de Chesnay

Chapter 13: Pregnancy and Termination of Pregnancy

Mary de Chesnay and Lacie Szekes

Chapter 14: Drug Abused Women and Children

Kimberly Groot

Chapter 15: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Gloria Taylor and Barbara Blake

Chapter 16: Physical Trauma

Mary de Chesnay and Jordan Greenbaum

Chapter 17: Pediculosis, Scabies and Tuberculosis: Effects of Overcrowding in Trafficked


Becky Shabo

Chapter 18: Policy and Procedures Guide for Emergency Departments and Community-Based


Mary de Chesnay and Nancy Capponi

Chapter 19: Mental Health Perspectives on the Care of Human

Trafficking Victims Within our Borders

Cheryl Lapp and Natalie Overmann

Chapter 20: Mental Health Intervention: Clinical Cases

Mary de Chesnay

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