These nursing education books and textbooks for nursing instructors and students cover topics in curriculum development and design, health care simulation centers, evaluation and testing, comprehensive systematic review for advanced nursing practice, developing a nursing academic portfolio, and much more.

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Advanced Pediatric Assessment, Second Edition

Chiocca, Ellen


Pub. Date: 11/28/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826161758

600 pp., Softcover




Study Guide to Accompany Advanced Pediatric Assessment

A Case Study & Certification Exam Review

Chiocca, Ellen


Pub. Date: 11/28/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826161772

275 pp., Softcover




Review Manual for the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator™(CHSE™) Exam

Wilson, Linda / Wittmann-Price, Ruth A.


Pub. Date: 10/28/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826120113

300 pp., Softcover




Building a Culture of Patient Safety Through Simulation

An Interprofessional Learning Model

Gallo, Kathleen / Smith, Lawrence G.


Pub. Date: 09/26/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826169068

230 pp., Softcover




You CAN Teach Advanced Med-Surg Nursing!

The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Advanced Medical- Surgical Nursing Clinical Instructor

Miller, Mary / Wirwicz, Deborah


Pub. Date: 08/28/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826126665

345 pp., Softcover




Evaluation Beyond Exams in Nursing Education

Designing Assignments and Evaluating With Rubrics

Donohoe Dennison, Robin / Rosselli, John / Dempsey, Anita


Pub. Date: 08/26/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826127082

216 pp., Softcover




Nursing Rural America

Perspectives From the Early 20th Century

Kirchgessner, John / Keeling, Arlene


Pub. Date: 07/28/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826196149

192 pp., Softcover




You CAN Teach Med-Surg Nursing!

The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical Instructor

Miller, Mary / Wirwicz, Deborah


Pub. Date: 06/26/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826119070

324 pp., Softcover




Transcultural Nursing Education Strategies

Limbo Sagar, Priscilla


Pub. Date: 05/28/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826195937

426 pp., Softcover




Foundations of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice, Second Edition

Fulton, Janet / Lyon, Brenda / Goudreau, Kelly


Pub. Date: 4/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826129666

512 pp., Softcover




Introduction to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

Core Competencies

Kelly, Patricia / Vottero, Beth A. / Christie-McAuliffe, Carolyn


Pub. Date: 3/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826121837

496 pp., Softcover




Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, Fourth Edition

Gaberson, Kathleen / Oermann, Marilyn / Shellenbarger, Teresa


Pub. Date: 3/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826119612

400 pp., Softcover




Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing

Impact and Implications

Goudreau, Kelly A. / Smolenski, Mary


Pub. Date: 12/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826169426

470 pp., Hardcover




Teaching in Nursing and Role of the Educator

The Complete Guide to Best Practice in Teaching, Evaluation and Curriculum Development

Oermann, Marilyn H.


Pub. Date: 12/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826195531

392 pp., Softcover




Generating Middle Range Theory

From Evidence to Practice

Roy, Callista


Pub. Date: 8/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826110091

402 pp., Softcover




Affective Teaching in Nursing

Connecting to Feelings, Values, and Inner Awareness

Ondrejka, Dennis


Pub. Date: 8/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826117922

232 pp., Softcover




Developing Online Learning Environments

Third Edition

O'Neil, Carol / Fisher, Cheryl / Rietschel, Matthew


Pub. Date: 7/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826199133

198 pp., Softcover




Exploring Rituals in Nursing

Joining Art and Science

Wolf, Zane


Pub. Date: 7/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826196620

224 pp., Softcover




Fast Facts for the Clinical Nursing Instructor

Clinical Teaching in a Nutshell, Second Edition

Kan, Eden / Stabler-Haas, Susan


Pub. Date: 6/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826118943

206 pp., Softcover




Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Review Manual

Second Edition

Wittmann-Price, Ruth / Godshall, Maryann / Wilson, Linda


Pub. Date: 5/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826110060

440 pp., Softcover