These mental health counseling books and textbooks for students, counselors, psychologists and other mental health providers cover issues such as counseling adults in transition, minority identities, treating young veterans, EMDR, suicide assessment and treatment, advanced techniques, and more.

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The Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual, Second Edition

A Resource for Graduate Counseling Students

Hodges, Shannon


Pub. Date: 05/28/2015

ISBN-13: 9780826128430

312 pp., Softcover




Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Braun-Harvey, Douglas / Vigorito, Michael


Pub. Date: 03/28/2015

ISBN-13: 9780826196750

432 pp., Softcover




Death, Dying, and Bereavement

Contemporary Perspectives, Institutions, and Practices

Stillion, Judith / Attig, Thomas


Pub. Date: 11/20/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826171412

428 pp., Softcover




Mental Health Practice in Today's Schools

Issues and Interventions

Witte, Raymond H. / Mosley- Howard, Susan


Pub. Date: 11/20/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826196453

454 pp., Hardcover




Warrior Renew

Healing From Military Sexual Trauma

Katz, Lori


Pub. Date: 09/26/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826122315

272 pp., Softcover




Spiritual Competency in Psychotherapy

Brownell, Philip


Pub. Date: 6/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826199331

268 pp., Softcover




Counseling in the Family Law System

A Professional Counselor's Guide

Allen, Virginia


Pub. Date: 6/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826198297

230 pp., Softcover




Essential Interviewing and Counseling Skills

An Integrated Approach to Practice

Prout, Tracy / Wadkins, Melanie


Pub. Date: 3/2014

ISBN-13: 9780826199157

440 pp., Softcover




Translating Psychological Research Into Practice

Grossman, Lisa / Walfish, Steven


Pub. Date: 11/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826109422

656 pp., Hardcover




College Student Mental Health Counseling

A Developmental Approach

Degges-White, Suzanne / Borzumato-Gainey, Christine


Pub. Date: 9/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826199713

384 pp., Softcover




Counseling Individuals with Life Threatening Illness, Second Edition

Doka, Kenneth J.


Pub. Date: 8/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826195814

324 pp., Softcover




Advance Care Planning

Communicating About Matters of Life and Death

Rogne, Leah / McCune, Susana


Pub. Date: 7/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826110213

408 pp., Softcover




What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex

Buehler, Stephanie


Pub. Date: 7/2013

ISBN-13: 9780826171214

328 pp., Softcover




Counseling Clients Near the End of Life

A Practical Guide for Mental Health Professionals

Werth, James


Pub. Date: 12/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826108494

256 pp., Softcover




Tools for Strengths-Based Assessment and Evaluation

Simmons, Catherine / Lehmann, Peter


Pub. Date: 11/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826107657

560 pp., Softcover




Clinician's Guide to Psychological Assessment and Testing

With Forms and Templates for Effective Practice

Spores, John


Pub. Date: 9/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826199867

448 pp., Softcover




Hypnosis for Behavioral Health

A Guide to Expanding Your Professional Practice

Reid, David B.


Pub. Date: 6/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826109040

262 pp., Softcover




Language and Narratives in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Meier, Scott


Pub. Date: 3/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826108968

192 pp., Softcover




Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Scripted Protocols with Summary Sheets CD-ROM Version

Basics and Special Situations

Luber, Marilyn


Pub. Date: 3/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826193414

pp., Mixed media product




Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Scripted Protocols with Summary Sheets CD-ROM Version

Special Populations

Luber, Marilyn


Pub. Date: 2/2012

ISBN-13: 9780826193438

pp., Mixed media product