Interactive Group Learning

Strategies for Nurse Educators, Second Edition

Deborah L. Ulrich, PhD, RN
Kellie J. Glendon, MSN, RN, C


Pub. Date: 4/2005

154 pp., Softcover

ISBN-13: 9780826131058



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Designated a Doody's Core Title!

Does your teaching style need a "make-over" or at the very least a "touch-up"?

This is the book you have been waiting for:

  • It explains the theory / rationale for changing to an interactive method of teaching
  • It is filled with ideas you can read today, integrate into your existing plans, and implement in your classroom tomorrow
  • It explains specific strategies such as: writing prompts, games, drawing, photographs, "unfolding cases", crsosswords, fishbone, focused questions, and more
  • It includes innovative methods which will ignite your own creativity and put the "spark" back in your teaching
  • It includes ideas you can use in clinical settings as well as in the classroom

Developed by experienced nurse educators, each chapter show how to implement innovative, cooperative group teaching methods that make students active participants in learning rather than passive recipients of information. Based on a Comprehensive Group Learning Model, the experiential learning techniques described in the book are designed to encourage students to think, analyze, problem solve, communicate, and reflect on their own abilities.