Parkinson's Disease

A Guide to Patient Care

Paul Tuite, MD
Cathi Thomas, RN, MS
Laura Ruekert, PharmD, RPh
Hubert Fernandez, MD


Pub. Date: 3/2009

320 pp., Softcover

ISBN-13: 9780826122681



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"As a quick, user-friendly reference, this book covers all aspects of effectively managing patients with Parkinson's disease, with discussions of symptoms, causes, patient evaluation, and home care advice .Nurses, physicians, and associated healthcare professions from rehabilitation specialists to social workers will find this an excellent source of information on the many aspects of care of Parkinson's disease patients."


This book serves as a practical compendium on the management issues related to Parkinson's disease (PD). As a quick, user-friendly reference, the book covers all aspects of effectively managing PD, with discussions of symptoms, causes of PD, patient evaluation, and home care advice.

Conveniently organized in bullet-point, encyclopedic format, Parkinson's Disease is the comprehensive, one-stop reference for health professionals treating patients with PD.

Four key sections:

  • Problems presents guidelines on addressing complications that occur during the disease process, including anxiety, hallucinations, depression, vision problems, and more
  • Evaluation discusses the numerous patient evaluations required throughout the duration of the illness, such as genetic testing, brain imaging, speech and swallowing evaluation, and more
  • Treatment presents both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment approaches for patients with PD
  • Appendices include supplemental reading, medication tools and assessment scales, rating scales, and additional notes

Nurses, primary care doctors, and associated health care professionals--from rehabilitation specialists to social workers--will find Parkinson's Disease the one reference they cannot do without.