Mobility and Transportation in the Elderly

K. Warner Schaie, PhD (Editor)
Martin Pietrucha, PhD (Editor)


Pub. Date: 3/2000

364 pp., Hardcover

ISBN-13: 9780826113092

Series: Springer Series on the Societal Impact on Aging



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This comprehensive volume examines the gradual reduction of mobility in the elderly. The authors first review the physiological and psychological changes that occur as we age, and go on to illustrate how this gradual decrease in adequate mobility can lead to an increase in automotive accidents. They also review the limitations that mass transportation systems and driving individual vehicles present for the elderly, and discuss different assistive devices that have been and should be implemented to help improve mobility. Each chapter ends with insightful commentaries by specialists in the gerontology field. This book is a must read for gerontologists as well as policy makers and educators on courses in organizational structures of social policy.