The Neuropsychology of Psychopathology

Chad Noggle, PhD, ABN (Editor)
Raymond Dean, PhD, ABPP, ABN, ABPdN (Editor)


Pub. Date: 11/2012

536 pp., Hardcover

ISBN-13: 9780826107008

Series: Contemporary Neuropsychology



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This clinical reference book presents state-of-the-science knowledge about the neurobiology and genetics of the major mental disorders and how this corresponds with their psychiatric features and neuropsychological traits. The text demonstrates how the application of neuropsychology to these disorders provides a more comprehensive foundation for greater accuracy in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. The book focuses on the neuropathological and pathophysiological basis of the various symptoms, emphasizing the biological basis of each disorder. This approach stresses the importance of looking at the other functional impacts of these manifestations (for example, cognitive deficits secondary to depression).

The text compares adult versus child presentation of psychiatric disorders and covers the major forms of psychopathology including ADHD; Learning Disabilities; Pervasive Developmental Disorders; Mood, Anxiety, Personality, and Schizophrenic Disorders; Cortical and Subcortical Dementias; and Delirium. The book is written for clinical professionals to increase diagnostic accuracy and intervention success and to provide a way to approach psychopathologies as disorders of the neurological system.

Key Features:

  • Provides state-of-the-science knowledge about the application of neuropsychological practice to the major forms of psychopathology
  • Examines neurological and neuropsychological features of the major forms of psychopathology
  • Demonstrates how the application of neurobiology and genetics to psychiatric disorders can increase accuracy of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Considers adult versus child presentation of psychiatric disorders