Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry

An International Journal of Critical Inquiry

Brian Kean, PhD Co-Editor
James A. Tucker, PhD Co-Editor
Leighton Whitaker, PhD, ABPP Co-Editor



ISSN: 15594343
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Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry (EHPP) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research reports, reviews, essays, commentaries, and case reports examining all the ramifications of the idea that emotional distress is due to an underlying organic disease that is best treated with pharmacological therapy. This oversimplified view of human nature permeates virtually every area of our society including medicine, business, law, education, politics, and the media. Thus, we welcome submissions from a broad range of specialties. EHPP is the official publication of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP).

EHPP fills a niche left untouched by other psychiatry and psychology journals. Over the past several years we have published articles about the withdrawal effects of Prozac and Paxil, the ethics of medicating children, deficiencies in the biological theory of mental illness, flaws in the genetic theory of schizophrenia, the marketing tactics of the pharmaceutical companies, common illusions about psychiatric medicine, ethical problems with involuntary treatment, and the benefits of psychotherapy.

The timeliest example of EHPP's foresight concerns the recent FDA acknowledgment that increased suicidality is a potential side effect of the SSRIs. During the past decade, those professionals who pointed out that the efficacy of these medications was being exaggerated and the side effects were being underreported were rarely heard by the mainstream psychiatry profession. The exception to this is the ICSPP and its journal, EHPP. While the mainstream psychiatry profession ignored the problem with the SSRIs and fought the FDA every step of the way in its investigation-and has still not acknowledged the problem-ICSPP took an active role in pressing the FDA to look at the actual data, not simply the published data. EHPP was one of the few medical journals to take seriously the research pointing to problems with the SSRIs.

EHPP will continue its efforts in seeking to raise the level of scientific knowledge and ethical discourse, while empowering professionals who are unsullied by professional and economic interests.

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"An absolutely essential journal for psychology and related fields. Every professional should read it."
- Dorothy Rowe, PhD, United Kingdom

"A godsend for independent-thinking professionals who want to help their clients become self-reliant human beings."
- Clemmont E. Vontress, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Counseling,
George Washington University

"I am incredibly excited about ICSPP's journal which fills a critical gap. Nothing else like this exists. I am honored to be on the board with such esteemed and advanced-thinking individuals."
- Candace Pert, PhD, Research Professor,
Georgetown University Medical Center