Care Management Journals

Journal of Case Management; Journal of Long Term Home Health Care

Joan Quinn, RN, MSN, FAAN
John W. Traphagan, PhD



ISSN: 15210987
eISSN: 19389019






Care Management Journals aims to publish original research, practice-related articles, and book/media reviews on a broad range of topics related to care management, case management, and long term home health care from a multidisciplinary perspective. The journal aims to analyze and describe care management related practices and theories from an international perspective. Research papers may employ either qualitative or quantitative research methods of inquiry including empirical research, naturalistic research, or observational studies. Articles are solicited and reviewed in academic fields and disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, gerontology, nursing, geriatrics, social work, public health, epidemiology, and family health sciences. The journal is strongly committed to multidisciplinary disciplinary research and encourages submissions that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

In addition to publishing original research, the journal also solicits articles that support education about care management for clinicians and researchers. We are particularly interested in program profiles that: 1) introduce readers to new programs and activities that have been implemented in the area of care management, 2) reflections from the field that provide critical reflections on issues in care management (particularly those that explore specific case studies), and 3) explore concepts and ideas for the development of new programs and approaches in care management.