Motivational Interviewing in Schools

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Motivational Interviewing in Schools

SKU# 9780826130723

Strategies for Engaging Parents, Teachers, and Students

Author: Keith C. Herman PhD, Andy J. Frey PhD, Stephanie A. Shepard PhD, Wendy M. Reinke PhD


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One of the greatest challenges for mental health and other professionals in school settings is to get students, families, and staff willing to partake of and engaged in their services. This is the first book on applying motivational interviewing (MI)—a powerful, evidence-based technique for facilitating behavior change—throughout the school environment to help psychologists, counselors and other school-based professionals to improve the effectiveness of their practice.

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  • Publication Date December 19, 2013
  • Page Count 304
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826130723
  • EISBN 9780826130730

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Table of Contents 

<TOC>Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Part I: Overview of Motivational Interviewing 1

1.    Background and Rationale 3

      The Good and Bad News 4

      A Modern View of Motivation 5

      What Is MI ?6

      Check-Ups 7

      Does It Work ?7

      What Is the Purpose of This Book ?8

      For Whom Is This Book Written ?9

      A Caveat 10

      MI Plus What?  10

2.    Getting Your Foot in the Door: The Context of Motivation 13

      A Model for Considering Contextual Barriers to Motivation 13

      Motivational Barriers at School 14

      Unified Theory of Behavior Change 15

      Providing a Context for Parent Engagement in School 19

      Engaging Parents in Support Services at Schools 24

      Role of Leadership in Engaging Parents 30

      Parent-Involvement Activity 31

      Providing a Context for Engaging Teachers and Students 31

      Teacher- and Student-Involvement Activities 32

      Summary 32

      Handouts and Forms 33

3.    Motivational Interviewing Principles and Strategies 39

      Thinking Motivationally 40

      Unified Theory of Behavior Change 44

      MI Spirit 44

      Guiding 45

      Fundamental Processes and Strategies of MI 46

      Suggestions for Getting Started 65

      Summary 69

Part II:Specific Applications of Motivational Interviewing in Schools 71

4.    Motivational Interviewing With Parents 73

      Rationale and Challenges 73

      Engaging 74

      Focusing 84

      Evoking 86

      Planning 95

      Summary 98

      Resources for Supporting Parent Behavior-Management Skills 99

      Handouts and Forms 100

5.    Motivational Interviewing With Teachers 105

      Engaging 106

      Focusing 116

      Evoking 118

      Planning: Goal Setting 126

      The CCU 134

      Summary 135     

Resources to Support Teacher Development of Classroom-Management Skills 135

      Handouts and Forms 136

6.    Motivational Interviewing With Students 139

      Developmental Considerations 139

      Engaging Strategies for Youth 142

      Specific Examples of Focusing, Evoking, and Planning Strategies With Youth 144

      Encouraging Adults to Interact With Youth in the MI Spirit 152

      Summary 153

     Resources: Sample Evidence-Based Interventions for Student Emotional and Behavioral Problems         153

      Handout 155

7.   An Example of a Structured Motivational Intervention for Families, Students, and Schools: The Family Check-Up 157

      Check-Ups: An Overview 158

      School-Enhanced Family Check-Up 159

      Interview and Assessments 161

      Preparing for the Feedback Session 169

      Sample Dialogue for Supporting the Action-Planning Process 187

      Summary 189

      Resources: Sample Brief Measures to Assess Family Functioning 189

      Handouts and Forms 191

8.   Motivational Interviewing With School-Based Problem-Solving Teams 201

      Your Own Experiences on an Academic or Behavior Support Team 202

      Building an Effective Team 203

      Arranging and Leading School Meetings 210

      Case Examples 215

      Summary 226

Part III: Implementation and Dissemination 227

9.   Integrating Motivational Interviewing With Other Evidence-Based Programs and Practices 229

      Using MI to Support Teacher Implementation Practices 230

      Using MI to Support Parent Engagement in Parenting Programs 231

      Using MI to Bolster Engagement and Implementation in Multicomponent Interventions 233

      Principles for Integrating MI With Other Interventions or Practices 234

      Summary 238

      Handouts and Forms 239

10.  Learning Motivational Interviewing and Monitoring Implementation Quality 249

      Learning MI 250

      Monitoring MI Quality 252

      School-Based MI Fidelity Measures 257

      Self-Reflection 258

      Summary 260

      Handouts and Forms 261

11.  The Future of Motivational Interviewing in Schools 265

      How Does MI Fit With Other School Initiatives ?265

      Other Applications 266

      Future Research 267

      A New Dimension 268

Bibliography 271

Index 283


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