Measurement of Nursing Outcomes, 2/e Set (Volumes 1, 2, & 3)

Measurement of Nursing Outcomes, 2/e Set (Volumes 1, 2, & 3)

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  • Carolyn Waltz PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Louise Jenkins PhD, RN
  • Ora Strickland PhD, RN, FAAN

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This thoroughly updated and revised new edition of the award-winning series on measurement presents nearly 80 actual, tested instruments for assessing nursing outcomes in a multitude of settings and situations. Each tool is accompanied by a descriptive essay that includes information on purpose, administration, scoring, and reliability, and validity. Whether you are interested in measuring patient outcomes, evaluating patient learning, or assessing the effectiveness of teaching and learning in a nursing school, this compendium can provide the authoritative tools you need.

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  • Publication Date February 10, 2003
  • Page Count 1056
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826116062

About The Author(s) 

Carolyn F. Waltz, PhD, RN, FAAN , is Professor, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Department of Organizational Systems and Adult Health, where she specializes in research, evaluation, and measurement. An internationally recognized expert in the development of outcomes evaluation in clinical and educational settings, Dr. Waltz has published extensively including the third edition of Measurement in Nursing and Health Research, an AJN Book of the Year award winner, as well as articles on research, measurement, nursing outcomes, program development and evaluation. She has provided numerous outcomes evaluations, consultants, presentations, and workshops to varied health care audiences nationally and internationally and is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in outcomes evaluation and research.

Table of Contents 

Volume 1: Measuring Nursing Performance in Practice, Education, & Research
    Part I: Measuring Clinical Decision Making and Performance in Education and Practice
  1. Diagnostic Reasoning Simulations and Instruments, Jean M. Arnold
  2. Clinical Decision Making in Nursing Scale, Helen M. Jenkins
  3. Creativity in the Application of the Nursing Process Tool, Roberta J. Emerson
  4. Measuring Clinical Judgment in Home Health Nursing, Angeline M. Jacobs and Felicitas A. dela Cruz
  5. Postpartum Caseload Priority-Setting Instrument, Irene M. Bobak
  6. Performance Appraisal Tool (Revised), Margaret R. Kostopoulos
  7. Measuring Clinical Decision Making Using A Clinical Simulation Film, Donna Ketchum Story
  8. Clinical Performance Examination for Critical Care Nurses, Barbara Clark Mims
  9. Clinical Performance Measure, Kathryn S. Hegedus, Eloise M. Balasco, Anne S. Black
  10. Measuring Quality of Nursing Care for DRGs Using HEW - Medicus Nursing Process Methodology, Elizabeth A. Barrett
  11. Clinical Evaluation Tool, Carol L Rossel, Barbara A. Kakta, Gail A.Vitale, Peggy R. Rice, Katherine N. McDannel, and Pamela A. Martyn
  12. Clinical Competence Rating Scale, Linda J. Scheetz
  13. Clinical Evaluation Tool, Elizabeth P. Howard
  14. Measuring RN Students Clinical Skills via Computer, Linda Finke, Patricia Messmer, Marie Spruck, Barbara Gilman, Elizabeth Weiner, and Lou Ann Emerson

  15. Part II: Measuring Educational Outcomes
  16. Influence of Review Course Preparation on NCLEX-RN Scores, Nelda Samarel
  17. Influence of English Language on Ability to Pass the NCLEX-RN, Joan Gittins Johnston
  18. Criterion - Related Validity of the NCLEX-RN, Muriel W. Lessner
  19. Self Assessment Leadership Instrument, Bonnie Ketchum Smola
  20. Evaluation of Learning According to Objectives Tool, Joan M. Johnson
  21. Student Stress and Coping Inventory, Barbara Jaffin Cohen
  22. Faculty Role Preparation Self-Assessment Scale, Janet M. Burge
  23. Assertiveness Behavior Inventory Tools, Paulette Freeman Adams and Linda Holbrook Freeman

  24. Part III: Measuring Professionalism
  25. Nursing Activity Scale, Karen Kelly
  26. Nursing Care Role Orientation Scale, Jacqueline Stemple
  27. Justification of Moral Judgment and Action Tool, Sara T. Fry
  28. Reliability and Validity of the Nursing Role, Conceptions Instrument, Gretchen Reising Cornell
  29. Attitudes Toward Physically Disabled College Students, Patricia Messmer, Alice Conway, Janice Giltinan, Kathy Stroh
  30. Organizational Climate Descriptive Questionnaire (Modified), Q. Kay Branum
  31. Blaney/Hobson Nursing Attitude Scale, Doris R. Blaney, Charles J. Hobson, Anna B. Stepniewski

  32. Part IV: Research and Evaluation
  33. Research Appraisal Checklist, Mary E. Duffy
  34. Knowledge of Research Consumerism Instrument, Cheryl B. Stetler and E. Ann Sheridan
  35. A Program Evaluation Model for Continuing Education Programs, Angeline Jacobs, De Ann M. Young, Felicitas A. dela Cruz
  36. Opinionnaire: Computing in Nursing, Barbara S. Thomas
  37. Software Evaluation Tool, Sandra Millon Underwood

  38. Index

Volume 2: Client Outcomes and Quality of Care
    Part I: Measuring Functional Abilities and Outcomes of Care
  1. Assessment of Functional Abilities and Goal Attainment Scales: A Criterion-Referenced Measure, I.M King
  2. Multidimensional Fucntional Assessment of the Elderly: The Iowa Self-Assessment Inventory, W.W. Morris and K.C. Buckwalter
  3. The Levels of Cognitive Functioning Scale, J. Flannery
  4. Evaluating Older Persons for Cognitive Impairment: The Abilities Assessment Instrument, D.L. Wells, P. Dawson, S. Sidani, et al
  5. The Family Well-Being Assessment Tool, S.M. Caldwell
  6. A Measure of Denial in Coronary Clients: The Robinson Self-Appraisal Inventory, K.R. Robinson
  7. Measuring Stress After Acute Myocardial Infraction: The Stress of Discharge Assessment Tool, Version Two, J.C. Toth
  8. Schwartz Cancer Fatigue Scale, A.L. Schwartz
  9. ADL Self-Care Scale for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, E.E. Gulick
  10. The Touch Instrument, A. Huckstadt
  11. Measuring Attentional Demands in Community-Dwelling Elders, D.A. Jansen and M.L. Keller

  12. Part II: Client's Perceptions of Care
  13. The Distress Checklist, N. Wells
  14. The Child Medical Fear Scale, M.E. Broome and T. Mobley
  15. The Perception of Empathy Inventory, K. Wheeler

  16. Part III: Measuring Care and Quality of Care
  17. The Satisfaction with Nursing Care Questionnaire: English Version, L. Eriksen
  18. The Satisfaction with Nursing Care Questionnaire: Spanish Version, L. Eriksen
  19. Measuring the Caring Process in Nursing: The Caring Behavior Checklist and the Client Perception of Caring Scale, A.M. McDaniel
  20. Measuring Patient Satisfaction Outcomes Across Provider Disciplines, G.W. Marsh
  21. Measuring Putcomes in Home Health Care: The Episode Coding Form, J.I. Feldman and R.J. Richard
  22. The Individualized Care Index, G. van Servellen
  23. Measuring the Ability to Recognize Patient Problems Early: The Manifestations of Early Recognition Scale, P. Minick

Volume 3: Self Care and Coping
    Part I: Self Efficacy and Self Care
  1. Self-Efficacy for Functional Activities Scale, B. Resnick
  2. The Perlow Self-Esteem Scale, M. Perlow
  3. A Measure of Power as Knowing Participation in Change, E.A. Manhart Barrett
  4. The Epilepsy Self-Efficacy Scale, C. DiIorio and K. Yeager
  5. The Insulin Management Diabetes Self-Efficacy Scale, A.C. Hurley

  6. Part II: Coping
  7. The Jalowiec Coping Scale, A. Jalowiec
  8. The Coping Scale of the Chronicity Impact and Coping Instrument, D.P. Hymovich
  9. The Role Inventory, M. Catanzaro
  10. The Women's Role Strain Inventory, C.A. Lengacher
  11. The Demands of Immigration Scale, K.J. Aroian
  12. The Haber Level of Differentiation of Self Scale, J. Haber
  13. The SCMP-G: Measuring Guarding as a Self-Care Management Process in Chronic Illness, L.J. Jones

  14. Part III: Social Support and Quality of Life
  15. Measuring Social Support, C. Weinert
  16. The Social Support in Chronic Illness Inventory, G.A. Hilbert
  17. The Caring Ability Inventory, N.O. Nkongho
  18. The Postpartum Support Questionnaire, M.C. Logsdon
  19. The Long-Term Quality of Life Instrument for Female Cancer Survivors, G. Wyatt and L.L. Friedman

  20. Part IV: Measuring Health Behaviors
  21. The Multidimensional Health Behavior Inventory, P.A. Kulbok, K.F. Carter, J.H. Bladwin, et al
  22. The Compliance Questionnaire, G. Hilbert
  23. The Index of Readiness, J. Fleury and K. Cameron