Impact of Technology on Successful Aging

Impact of Technology on Successful Aging

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  • Neil Charness PhD
  • K. Warner Schaie PhD

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This volume provides a detailed examination of changes in technology that impact individuals as they age with an emphasis upon cultural contexts and person-environment fit from human factors, psychological, and sociological perspectives.

The editors take into consideration the role of macro-influences in shaping technological changes in industrialized societies that effect successful aging in terms of quality of life. Topics discussed include: human factors and aging; the impact of the internet; and assistive technology. As a special feature, each chapter is followed by two commentaries from experts in the same and neighboring disciplines.

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  • Publication Date September 23, 2003
  • Page Count 352
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826124036
  • EISBN 9780826123978

Table of Contents 

  1. Technology Design, Usability, and Aging: Human Factors Techniques and Considerations, W.A. Rogers and A.D. Fisk

  2. Commentary: Access, Motivation, Ability, Design, and Training: Necessary Conditions Older Adult Success with Technology, N. Charness
    Commentary: Is It All About Aging? Technology and Aging in Social Context, M.A. Hardy and C.L. Baird
  3. Human Factors and Aging: Identifying and Compensating for Age-related Deficits in Sensory and Cognitive Function, F. Scheiber

  4. Commentary: Aging Effects on Vision: Impairment, Variablility, Self-Report and Compensatory Change, D.W. Kline
    Commentary: Using Technology to Lower Age’s Perceptual and Cognitive Hurdles: Schieber Lists some Known and Neglected and New and Needed Ways, J.L. Fozard
  5. The Impact of the Internet on Older Adults, S.J. Czaja and C.C. Lee

  6. Commentary: Applying Research: The Project, R.W. Morrell, S.R. Dailey, and G.K. Rousseau
    Commentary: Social Aspects of Gerontechnology, J.C. Thomas
  7. Assistive Technology, W.C. Mann

  8. Commentary: Next Steps in Home Modification and Assistive Technology Research, L.N. Gitlin
    Commentary: Assistive Technology: Potential and Preconditions of Useful Applications, H. Mollenkopf
  9. Impact of Everyday Technology in the Home Environment on Older Adults’ Quality of Life, H.W. Wahl and H. Mollenkopf

  10. Commentary: The Nested Context of Technology: A Response to Wahl and Mollenkopf, R.J. Scheidt
    Commentary: Gerotechnology and the Home Environment, G. Gutman
  11. Technology and the Promise of Independent Living for Older Adults: A Cognitive Perspective, L.L. Liu and D.C. Park

  12. Commentary: Technology as Environmental Support for Older Adults’ Daily Activities, D. Morrow
    Commentary: Using Technology to Foster Engagement and Improve Health in Elderly Persons, S.H. Gueldner and S.J. Loeb