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Home and Identity in Late Life

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Home and Identity in Late Life

SKU# 9780826127150

International Perspectives


  • Graham D. Rowles PhD
  • Habib Chaudhury PhD

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Leading scholars, offering international and multidisciplinary viewpoints, examine the meaning of home to elders and the ways in which this meaning may be sustained, threatened, or modified according to changes associated with growing old.

Organized into four sections--The Essence of Home, Disruptions of Home, Creating and Recreating Home, and Community Perspectives on the Meaning of Home, this volume explores topics including:

  • What makes a house a home?
  • What role does the meaning of home play in the process of relocation to another place of residence?
  • What is the relationship between a person's home life and cherished possessions such as symbolic jewelry or religious items in late life?
  • How does the community/neighborhood environment influence the way that older people feel about the places in which they live?

Contributors include Hans-Werner Wahl, Robert L. Rubinstein, Edmund Sherman, Carolyn Norris-Baker, and Rick Scheidt, among others. As a special feature, this volume concludes with critical commentaries from three eminent scholars, Amos Rapoport, Kim Dovey, and Marie Versperi.

This volume will be of interest to practitioners, researchers, upper-level graduates/graduate-level students in gerontology, environmental psychology, social work, and nursing. It will be valuable to everyone in the helping professions who seek a deeper understanding of the ways in which "being at home" and attachment to place plays a key role in the life experience and well-being of their clients as they grow older.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date September 01, 2005
  • Page Count 416
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826127150
  • EISBN 9780826127167

Table of Contents 

    Part I: Coming Home
  1. Between the Shores of Recollection and Imagination: Self, Aging, and Home, Habib Chaudhury and Graham D. Rowles

  2. Part II: The Essence of Home
  3. Dimensions of the Meaning of Home in Later Life, Frank Oswald and Hans-Werner Wahl
  4. Home, Self, and Identity, Robert L. Rubinstein and Kate de Medeiros
  5. Cherished Objects and the Home: Their Meaning and Roles in Late Life, Eedmund Sherman and Joan Dacher
  6. Home in the Context of Religion for Elderly Hindus in India, Sanjoy Mazumdar and Shampa Mazumdar

  7. Part III: Disruptions of Home
  8. Psychic Homelands and the Imagination of Place: A Literary Perspective, Nora J. Rubinstein
  9. Elderly Migrants and the Concept of Home: A Swedish Perspective, Fereshteh Ahmadi Lewin
  10. Semiotic Use of the Word “Home” Among People with Alzheimer's Disease: A Plea for Selfhood?, Jacquelyn Frank
  11. Conceptualizing Home and Homelessness: A Life Course Perspective, John F. Watkins and Amy F. Hosier

  12. Part IV: Creating and Recreating Home
  13. African Reinventions: Home, Place and Kinship Among Abaluyia of Kenya, Maria G. Cattell
  14. Home, Identity, and Belonging in Later Life: The Perspectives of Disadvantaged Inner City Men, Cherry Russell
  15. The Image of Nursing Homes and its Impact on the Meaning of Home for Elders, Elaine Caouette

  16. Part V: Community Perspective on the Meaning of Home
  17. On Community as Home: Places that Endure in Rural Kansas, Carolyn Norris-Baker and Rick J. Scheidt
  18. The Influence of Neighborhood and Community on Well-Being and Identity in Later Life: An English Perspective, Sheila M. Peace, Caroline Holland, and Leonie Kellaher
  19. Growing Older in Postwar Suburbs: The Meanings and Experiences of Home, Carole Despres and Sebastian Lord

  20. Part VI: Leaving Home: Commentaries
  21. On Using "Home" and "Place," Amos Rapoport
  22. Home as Paradox, Kim Dovey
  23. New Horizons on Home, Maria D. Vesperi
  24. Leaving Home, Graham D. Rowles and Habib Chaudhury