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Supplemental Materials

Functional Behavioral Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Second Edition comes with several supplemental materials, including a welcome video, PowerPoint slides, and additional readings. To download the supplemental material, please click the links below:

downloadWelcome Video (WAV, 6.5 minutes)

downloadWhy Does He Do That?: Traditional versus Functional Explanations (PPT)

downloadAdditional Chapter 1 Narrations (7 PPT files)

downloadNarrated PowerPoint Presentations with audio (ZIP)

SMA or DA?

Is it ADHD?

MOs & Aggression?

Using Reverse Premack

Discussion Questions

downloadDifferential Reinforcement Procedures for Access & Escape Functions (PDF)
A primer for any students who may need additional readings and basic instruction on the various differential reinforcement strategies.

downloadThe Cipani Get Me Game: Classroom Edition (PDF)
Provides an instructional system for developing compliance in young elementary school-aged children.

YouTube Video: A Functional Behavior-analytic Model for Explaining Child Aggression



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