Families in Rehabilitation Counseling

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Families in Rehabilitation Counseling

SKU# 9780826198754

A Community-Based Rehabilitation Approach

Author: Michael Millington PhD, CRC, Irmo Marini PhD, DSc, CRC, CLCP


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Presents an innovative family-based approach to rehabilitation counseling that can be put to use immediately!

While the family has traditionally been a secondary consideration in rehabilitation, this graduate text presents an innovative approach to rehabilitation counseling that focuses on the family as the center of a person-centered model, rather than as an adjunct to individual counseling. It advocates counseling in the context of community, requiring the recognition of social transaction as the primary focus of all interventions. The book provides the tools and knowledge base to effectively work with the family and within the community, delivering a new inclusive model of care and establishing best practices in research, practice, training, and management.

The text examines the rationale for embracing family values in rehabilitation counseling and provides a framework that redefines the relationship between counselor and client in the context of family and community. It describes the community-based rehabilitation model in detail according to the International Classification of Function (ICF) and presents a series of illustrative disability profilesódistilled from systematic reviews of the literatureóreflecting this framework. In each case, the impact upon family participation is illustrated and optimal service and support resources are identified. The role and function of the rehabilitation counselor provide the integrative conclusion to each chapter. The book also describes grassroots initiatives, the role of family in community-based rehabilitation in developing countries, family policy across rehabilitation systems, and best practices in research, training, and management. Additionally, the text comes with access to an Instructor's Manual that includes case study discussion questions, classroom activities, and multiple-choice questions.

Key Features:

  • Describes an innovative family-/community-focused approach to rehabilitation counseling, framed in ICF taxonomy

  • Presents a pragmatic model that can be put to use immediately

  • Describes an array of family experiences across disability contexts, providing an opportunity to critique current practice through the lens of community-based constructs

  • Provides plentiful case studies based on family narratives

  • Broadens the scope of practice with service initiatives from around the world

  • Includes an Instructor's Manual with case study discussion questions, classroom activities, and multiple-choice questions

  • Product Details 

    • Publication Date October 24, 2014
    • Page Count 320
    • Product Form Paperback / softback
    • ISBN 13 9780826198754
    • EISBN 9780826198761

    Table of Contents 






    Foreword by Arthur Dell Orto, PhD




      1.  Finding the Family in Rehabilitation Counseling

    Michael J. Millington, Benjamin C. Jenkins, and R. Rocco Cottone

      2.  Counseling in the Context of Family Identity

    Michael J. Millington and Rosamond H. Madden

      3.  Counseling in the Context of Family Empowerment

    Terri Lewis, Michael J. Millington, and Irmo Marini

      4.  Rehabilitation Counseling in the Context of Family Capital

    Sue Lukersmith, Charlotte Scarf, and Michael J. Millington

      5.  Family Care and Support

    Michael J. Millington and Irmo Marini


      6.  Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, Nancy Molfenter, and Kristin Maxwell

      7.  Recovery, Families, and Psychiatric Disabilities

    Lynda R. Matthews, Marianne Farkas, Michelle Medway, and Natalie Taylor

      8.  Brain Injury and the Family: A Guide for Rehabilitation Counselors

    Charles Edmund Degeneffe and Gloria K. Lee

      9.  The Family Role in Progressive Illness

    Michael Frain, Malachy Bishop, Judy Frain, Julianne Frain, Tim Tansey, and Molly K. Tschopp

    10.  Family and Spinal Cord Injury

    Irmo Marini and Alicia D. Brown

    11.  Families of Veterans With Polytrauma Injuries in the United States: A Guide for Rehabilitation Counseling Practice

    Charles Edmund Degeneffe, Mark Tucker, and Joan M. Griffin


    12.  Cultural Perspectives on Family Attitudes Toward Disability

    Michael J. Millington

    13.  Family Assessments in Rehabilitation Service Provision

    Elias Mpofu, Lisa Lopez Levers, Kumbirai Mpofu, Philomena Tanui, and Zakia S. Hossain

    14.  Managing the Rehabilitation Environment Around Families

    Terri Lewis

    15.  Reflection on the Field

    Irmo Marini and Michael J. Millington