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Dual Relationships And Psychotherapy

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Dual Relationships And Psychotherapy

SKU# 9780826148995

Author: Arnold Lazarus PhD, ABPP


  • Ofer Zur PhD

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"The opinions expressed in this publication go directly to the challenges we will collectively face as we enter the 21st century..
-- from the Foreword by Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD, JD, ABPP, Past President, American Psychological Association

"This volume, through a series of diverse approaches and considerations, has dispelled for all time the monolithic notion that dual relationships are always harmful and should be avoided...remarkable and refreshing."
-- Nicholas A. Cummings, PhD, ScD, Former President., American Psychological Association

This book, the first of its kind, covers the clinical, ethical and legal aspects of non-sexual dual relationships. It provides detailed guidelines on how to navigate the complexities of intended and unintended crossings of the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship. Contributors representing various therapeutic approaches and work settings challenge the prevailing interpretations of ethical standards as presented by the American Psychological and the American Counseling Associations' Code of Ethics. Through case examples, they demonstrate how non-sexual dual relationships may result in increased trust, familiarity, and therapeutic effectiveness.

Discussions include concerns of rural, military, church, hearing impaired and other small communities; behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and feminist views on DR; and more. This is a book for all practicing therapists.

Appendices contain guidelines to nonsexual dual relationships in psychotherapy.

Product Details 

  • Publication Date June 21, 2002
  • Page Count 536
  • Product Form Hardback
  • ISBN 13 9780826148995
  • EISBN 9780826148988

Table of Contents 

    Foreword, Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD, JD, ABPP, MPH
    Part 1: Overview and Controversies of Dual Relationships and Psychotherapy
  1. Six Arguments Against Dual Relationships and Their Rebuttals, Ofer Zur, PhD and Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD, ABPP
  2. How Certain Boundaries and Ethics Diminish Therapeutic Effectiveness, Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD, ABPP
  3. The Ethics of Dual Relationships, Karl Tomm, MD
  4. In Celebration of Dual Relationships: How Prohibition of Nonsexual Dual Relationships Increases the Chance of Exploitation and Harm, Ofer Zur, PhD

  5. Part 2: The Ethics of Dual Relationships
  6. The Truth About the Codes of Ethics: Dispelling the Rumors That Dual Relationships Are Unethical, Ofer Zur, PhD
  7. Boundary Violations: Do Some Contended Standards of Care Fail to Encompass Commonplace Procedures of Humanistic, Behavioral, and Eclectic Psychotherapies?, Martin H. Williams, PhD
  8. Out-of-Office Experience: When Crossing Office Boundaries and Engaging in Dual Relationships Are Clinically Beneficial and Ethically Sound, Ofer Zur, PhD
  9. The Multiple Roles and Relationships of Ethical Psychotherapy: Revisiting the Ideal, the Real, and the Unethical, Simon Shimshon Rubin, PhD

  10. Part 3: Boundaries
  11. The Psychotherapist and the Quest for Power: How Boundaries Have Become an Obsession, Tana Dineen, PhD, CPsych, RPsych
  12. How Do You Like These Boundaries?, Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD, ABPP
  13. The Case Against Boundaries in Psychotherapy, Allen Fay, MD

  14. Part 4: Laws, Boards, Ethics, and Other Forensic Matters
  15. Dual-Relationship Prohibitions: A Concept Whose Time Never Should Have Come, Bruce W. Ebert, PhD, JD, ABPP
  16. Can Boards of Examiners Constitute the Ultimate, Harmful Multiple Relationship?, T. Richard Saunders, PhD, ABPP
  17. Multiple Relationships: a Malpractice Plaintiff’s Litigation Strategy, Martin H. Williams, PhD
  18. Psychologists, Licensing Boards, Ethics Committees, and Dehumanizing Attitudes: With Special Reference to Dual Relationships, Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD, ABPP
  19. Dueling Over Dual Relationships, John Fleer, PhD, JD
  20. Are Dual Relationships Antitherapeutic?, Alan W. Scheflin, BA, JD, LLM, MA

  21. Part 5: Dual Relationships in Special Populations
  22. Nonsexual Dual Relationships in Professional Practice, With Special Applications to Rural and Military Communities, Jeffrey E. Barnett, PhD and Barbara A. Yutrzenka, PhD
  23. Dual Relationships in the Deaf Community: When Dual Relationships Are Unavoidable and Essential, Debra Guthmann, EdD and Katherine A. Sandberg, LADC
  24. Sanity and Sanctity: The Counselor and Multiple Relationships in the Church, Russ Llewellyn, ThM, PhD
  25. Multiple Relationships in Military Psychology, Ofer Zur, PhD and Steve Gonzalez, PsyD
  26. Dual Relationships in Psychotherapy in Latin America,Roberto Kertesz, MD, PhD

  27. Part 6: Dual Relationships in University Counseling Centers
  28. Dual Relationships and University Counseling Center Environments, Rafael S. Harris, Jr., PsyD
  29. The Shirtless Jock Therapist and the Bikini-Clad Client: An Exploration of Chance Extratherapeutic Encounters, Scott M. Hyman, MS
  30. College and University Student Counseling Centers: Inevitable Boundary Shifts and Dual Roles, Miriam Iosupovici, MSW and Equilla Luke, PhD

  31. Part 7: Special Dual Relationships
  32. The Therapist as Matchmaker, Clifford N. Lazarus, PhD
  33. Bartering, J. Lawrence Thomas, PhD
  34. Authorization to Continue: A Posttermination Friendship Evolves, Marjorie Goldin, DSW

  35. Part 8: Feminist Perspective on Dual Relationships
  36. Out of Bounds, Miriam Greenspan, MEd, LMHC
  37. Feminist Ethics, Boundary Crossings, Dual Relationships, and Victims of Violence, Lenore E. A. Walker, EdD, ABPP

  38. Part 9: A Final Peek Behind the Scenes
  39. How Consensus Regarding the Prohibition of Dual Relationships Has Been Contrived, Ofer Zur, PhD

  40. The Last Word, Nicholas A. Cummings, PhD, ScD
    Appendix A: Summary of Key Points
    Appendix B: Guidelines to Nonsexual Dual Relationships in Psychotherapy
    Author Index
    Subject Index